Top 15 Warriors (CONTAINS SPOILERS, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!) by Petalfrost

Petalfrost discusses their favorite warriors.

Artwork by Appleleaf

Hey everyone!!!!!!! I’m Petalfrost and these are my top 15 characters from “Warriors”

15. Twigpaw – I adore her!!!! She’s so cute and she’s all around awesome. Yes, I do like her more than her sister. That is all for this one….
14, Windstar – She’s an awesome leader!!!! She’s brash but kind. What drags her down for me is the stupid decisions she made in “Moth Flight’s Vision”.
13. Shadowstar – She’s an amazing leader! She’s also all around awesome. She’s kind, yet stern. So, I’m running out things to say about her so I’m just going to move on….
12. Brambleberry – She’s just awesome! She basically became Crookedstar’s (Who’s not on this list) mother after Rainflower disowned him. I just love her!
11. Riverstar – He’s amazing!!!! He was so wise and kind. He only fought when he had to, so when the forest cats fought with the moor cats in “The First Battle” he didn’t get involved because he knew it wouldn’t solve much. He still let it happen because he knew these cats had felt like there was no other way.
10. Leafpool – (COME AT ME BRO!!!!) Yeah, I know this might be a bit of an odd choice, but I love her!!!! She’s completely selfless in my eyes. Yes, she ran away with Crowfeather but she realized her mistake and went back to her Clan. If she was as Selfish as some claim, I guarantee she would have not only kept her kits but also would have stayed with Crowfeather and left her Clan without a Medicine Cat, most likely forcing Brightheart into a position she never wanted. She also owned up to her mistakes (she never regretted having her kits) and willingly stepped down from her position. She’s also an amazing Medicine Cat!
8. Goosefeather – Another odd choice, but I love him!! He had such a sad life… With his “gift” he basically alienated everyone around him except his mentor and leader. Also, it’s not his fault that Crookedstar broke his jaw, Goosefeather is a Medicine Cat and is allowed to cross boarders to look for herbs (though to be fair Crookedstar was a kit at the time, so he likely wouldn’t know this).
7. Cloudstar – I consider him incredibly underrated. He lead SkyClan through an incredibly difficult time and had to leave his mate and kits. He’s just an amazing leader!!
6. Mapleshde – She’s my favorite villain! Her backstory is so sad… I think the reason why she went insane is because she was never given the proper time to grieve for her kits….
5. Moth Flight – She is awesome!!! She’s an amazing Medicine Cat. When she had give up her kits, it was so sad!!!!
4. Turtle Tail – I adore her!!! She’s an amazing mother and mate… Her death was one of the saddest in the series…..
3. Alderheart – He’s just awesome!!! I love the relationship he has with Twigpaw…. That is all.
2. Thunder- Just awesome!!!! Not much else here…..
1. Gray Wing – He’s (clearly) my all time favorite cat!!!!!!!!!! He had the saddest death ever!!!!! He never gave up on Clear Sky even when everyone told him otherwise…. He’s just an amazing cat!!!

Well, that’s it!!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!

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