Sol: The Most Underrated Villain Ever by Lakeshimmer

Lakeshimmer shares why Sol is their favourite villain.

Art by Doublehellhound

Sol is by far my favorite villain. He is probably the most unique villain the Warriors series has ever offered, and the most mysterious. He is the reason Eclipse was one of my favorite warriors books. But I’ve noticed that not a lot of people really appreciate him. There isn’t even a lot of super good fan art of him despite Eclipse being published back in 2008. It’s been nine years! Let’s take a look at why he is a fantastic villain.

When he was introduced in Eclipse, you knew he wasn’t just some random side character. When Hollyleaf first saw him, she thought that he was a lion. Why, I’m not sure, but that kind of description would certainly pique a reader’s attention. Eventually, he barges into ThunderClan camp after Jayfeather receives a prophecy. He then proceeds to repeat the prophecy that Jayfeather had just received.

According to the Ultimate Guide, that was just luck but that’s still really cool. And honestly, I don’t think it was luck. He had to know somehow, but we don’t know how. If it was luck, dang, that’s one lucky cat. I’m getting off topic. Anyway, he repeats that prophecy, and stays in ThunderClan for a little bit. However, StarClan didn’t tell the other clans of the eclipse, because they probably assumed ThunderClan would tell the other clans or something. Of course, they didn’t. So when the Eclipse happens, Sol claims to have known this, and that StarClan didn’t. With this claim, he gets ShadowClan to abandon their normal way of life. He pretty much takes over an entire clan, not with an army of rogues, not with brute force, but with words. That’s kind of awesome. Evil, but awesome. That’s why I love Sol. His reign lasts for like, a book but it’s still very fascinating how he just did that. He barely even tried!

Then Sunrise comes around. Ashfur is murdered, and ThunderClan thinks that Sol did it for some reason. They find him, and then he’s like “I didn’t do that silly,” but they need evidence, so they take him back to the forest. He then proves that he didn’t kill Ashfur. After that, I didn’t expect him to ever come back. Nobody trusted him anymore, so there’s no way any of his plans could work ever again, right?

WRONG. Skipping to The Lost Warrior, he makes a return. Hollyleaf saves some apprentices from a fox, and then Sol swoops in and is like “lol yeah that was me.” Nobody has a reason to really disprove this, so they just roll with it. No other suspicious cats are lurking on ThunderClan territory right? Anyway, he gains the trust of some of the younger warriors in ThunderClan… And WindClan. And then proceeds to cause one of my favorite scenes in warriors: the tunnel battle. Of course ThunderClan won because Hollyleaf taught them how to fight in the tunnels, and at the end, Hollyleaf had the chance to kill Sol, but didn’t. She said she didn’t because of the Warrior Code I believe, but ironically, she actually could’ve killed him without breaking the code, because the code states that you can kill cats “outside of the warrior code.” Clearly, Sol is outside of the warrior code. But I’m glad he didn’t die, because he has a chance to return in the VoS arc. Given his backstory on how SkyClan refused to make him a warrior, it would make sense for him to somehow be involved at some point in the VoS arc. If he doesn’t return, I’ll be sad, but at least I’ll know that he’s still out there somewhere, plotting something.

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  • Very nice article! 😀
    I love Sol, and I really hope he returns in VoS.

  • I actually like Hollyleaf a lot because of how she spared Sol! “Love your enemy” and Hollyleaf did just that! Maybe Sol will return one day to be in a Clan. Maybe since SkyClan doesn’t have much cats right now they’ll let him join and he’ll prove himself to be a good Warrior!

  • sorry to be a party pooper but sol probably dies. i’m guessing he goes back to twoleg place meets some cats convinses(?) them to follow him (like before) he makes mistake they get made chase him into thunderpath he gets hit by monster or he stays with twoleg again or tribe !!!!!!!!!!!!! and also about him being lucky in the manga he is seen running away saying why do these things happen to me so maybe he overheard something

  • Sol is my personal favorite villain as well, mostly because he’s actually creative with his plots to destroy the Clans instead of resorting to violence like pretty much every other Warriors villain 😛

  • If you read SkyClan and the stranger Sol’s backstory is explained, and I agree he is a very interesting villain. He wanted so badly to be a clan cat, but his arrogance got in the way. He couldn’t jump like SkyClan cats, and he often took shortcuts rather than put in any actual work.
    While admittedly Sol is portrayed as being very childish especially when he demands to be made a warrior at the end of SkyClan and the Stranger, he’s an interesting character we haven’t seen before. Sol is very crafty but he often used it to make shortcuts to get instant respect with his clanmates so he could try and force Leafstar to make him a warrior sooner and be respected by his clanmates.
    I’m pretty sure Sol learned the prophecy from overhearing Midnight because he either happened upon her and she asked him to pass on the message, or some other way he overheard.
    But yeah there hasn’t been a cat like him since who was able to cause quite as much trouble for the clans despite being arguably the weakest fighter.

  • Great article! Sol is definitely the most complex villain of the series and I think he will show up again with Darktail out of the picture (or is he!).

  • He is a very interesting villain. I have a theory he met Darktail and formed a group with Darktail as his right hand man but Darktail turned on him. Darktail has similar tactics to Sol like being very charismatic in getting once again Shadowclan to fall apart. But this is a theory, a cool one but a theory.

  • Nice article! 😀

    He’s probably one of my favourite Warriors characters, if not my favourite Warriors villain, for similar reasons. Unlike the bulk of the villains who rely primarily on force, he’s a fantastic thinker and manipulator, coercing others to do his dirty work for him, and The Forgotten Warrior was one of my more favourite books, especially in the OotS arc.

    I’m not sure he will, as I dunno know how it’ll fit into AVoS, but I hope, I really hope he’ll return at some point. If not, I’d love a novella on him, though that’ll probably work better if he returns and they cover the narrative gap of what happened after The Forgotten Warrior. He’s such a great villain, though, it’ll be a real shame if he’s never featured again.