Was Tigerstar Really THAT Bad? by Mossfluff

Mossfluff wonders if Tigerstar was really that bad.

Art by Blaukralle

Wait, wait, wait. Before you start thinking ‘oh Tigerstar is totally evil, he was a killer,’ and hit the back button pause for one second and chill. Take a look back at Tigerstar with me. 😼

1. All Tigerstar wanted was a mighty and proud clan
He didn’t murder cats just for the joy of it, he murdered them because he was trying to make his clan mighty again. Bluestar said it herself in the first book, her clan was weak. Tigerstar was a strong warrior, and when he saw an opportunity to make his clan great again, he took it. All he wanted was a pure clan. No kittypets, making things weak, no halfblood cats, with their loyalties divided, just fully Thunderclan cats. You’re probably thinking about Redtail and Tigerstar’s attempted murder of Bluestar. Easy-peasy. He was impatient. It really sounds like a bad, bad case of OCD. He wasn’t a serial killer, folks.

2. He believed that Starclan approved of him
In Tigerclaw’s Fury, you notice a lot. In it he has a vision, and he thinks it’s an omen from StarClan. He must think StarClan must be mad about all the kittypets and half-Clan cats in the Clans, mainly ThunderClan. He really does stick to the warrior code, minus the few occasions. Tigerstar wanted two things: power over all the Clans and for those Clans to be the strongest in the forest.

3. Tigerstar…. and his heart
Of course! You can see how much he cares about Bramblestar when he’s trapped in the fire. At a first glance he comes off stone-hard and bloodthirsty, but that really might not be the case. The reason he later walked in Bramblestar’s dreams was because he knew that Bramblestar was destined to be leader, as Hawkfrost could be too. He knew Tawnypelt had no desire to be a leader whatsoever, and Mothwing was already a medicine cat so she was out of the question, which is why he never walked in their dreams. Even though he invited Tawnypelt into the Dark Forest once, and she refused. Another reason is because he didn’t want ThunderClan to die in a fire. ‘No cat deserves to die like that, surely?’ are his thoughts. I thought that was nice. He also was a perfectly sweet kit until Thistleclaw came along and turned him evil. Remember in Bluestar’s Prophecy when Thistleclaw goaded Tigerstar, then Tigerpaw, into at taking the tiny black kit that later turned out to be Scourge?

Anyway, maybe I’ve changed your mind about Tigerstar, or set you on the path to forgiving him. He did have a heart, it was just eroded by years of evilness. This is then end of my article, I hope you like it. 😺

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  • While I guess it is completely possible that Tigerstar slowly became the evil character we see in the books, I don’t feel like I can “forgive” him anytime soon, mainly because, well, he’s got a LOT of things stacked up against him that really can’t just disappear that quickly for me to start forgiving him 😛

  • Despite how much I have to agree with you here…he was killing cats. And QUEENS. Did I mention that? Even if he did have a heart, he was battle hungry and selfish. Notice how he never felt much for other people not concerning him.

  • Jayies comments the best and also this article just created a whole argument between blogclan

  • The comments are so heated here it’s like the Star Wars/ Star Trek discussion or Marvel/ DC discussion its kind of uncomfortable to watch I think Jayfrost is gonna rip the heads off of everyone who disagrees with her

    • Sorry, I don’t mean to look rude. I just get worried when people try to excuse the actions of villains, and considering that Tigerstar is the most bigoted of the villains, killed the most cats (besides maybe Brokenstar), and committed genocide against those he saw as impure, it really worries me that people would look at his actions and try to make excuses for them, because that sort of thing happens in real life, and it’s not excusable.

      • Actually I’m sorry I made you fell that way you have every right to express your opinion over anything and I totally agree with you things happen like that in life all the time can you believe that some people actually think that hitler was good and it’s amazing to have someone who’s not afraid to stand up and fight for what they think is right and wrong I’m just like you in the same way I don’t back from a conversation like this even when I start to sound borderline ignorant so I commend you Jayfrost for speaking what you believe to be true

        • It’s fine. 🙂 And aw, thanks. ^^ I just think it’s important to distinguish between liking characters as fictional characters, and liking villains just because they’re cool characters, and making excuses for bad behaviors.

          • Are you saying it’s okay to like characters as fictional characters or villians just because they’re cool characters but NOT to excuse them being evil? Because I agree with that! I like Scourge and Hawkfrost because they’re cool and I think Scourge is really interesting because of how he started out as Tiny, ran away because he was tired of his siblings, got hurt by Tigerstar, ran into the city and became a rogue like a bunch of other cats he hung out with, but I don’t think it was actually OKAY that he killed cats! He’s cool (and cute) as a fictional character and me being the weird person I am I like to draw fan art of him with shades and a swag chain, but that’s because he’s FICTIONAL and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s like what you were saying: There’s a difference between liking fictional characters (good and evil) and thinking it was okay for cats like Scourge and Tigerstar to kill cats, since there are people in real life that kill other people. None of the characters in Warriors are 100% evil or 100% good of course. They all have their good sides and bad sides. It just depends on which characters choose to let their good sides show more and try to fight against their bad sides, like Storm in Survivors. I find her really relatable because she always tries to do the right thing but her flaws get in the way of that and she gets frustrated easily, but she always TRYS to be a good dog, which is why I think so many people like her, because she has flaws, but she always tries to do the right thing. So I agree with you! There’s a difference between liking fictional characters (good or bad) for whatever reasons and saying it’s okay that Tigerstar killed cats. Even though Tigerclaw’s Fury was fun to read since in some ways it really DID seem like he was the good one XD the rest of the series and some of Tigerclaw’s Fury makes it pretty clear he’s evil.

            • Yep, that’s what I was saying. ^^ I like Scourge as a villain too, and Tigerstar’s actually one of my favorite villains in the series, though Clear Sky has him beat as the most interesting in my opinion. ^^ It’s just important to distinguish between liking a character and excusing their behavior. 😛

  • I agree with your points but…. How do you explain him wanting to completely destroy the Clans while he was in the Dark Forest?

  • One of the things Tigerstar did was kill Brindleface, and I have a theory about that. The queen sort of adopted Firestar, so seeing his “mother” dead really was devastating to him. Maybe Tigerstar was trying to hurt Firestar by killing his family.

  • I don’t think Tigerstar is evil… clan cats are supposed to learn from their mentors, and if his mentor taught him how to become a villain, that’s most likely what he’s gonna become.

  • I hated Tigerstar even after reading this. He killed cats, not just for fighting and guess what ended Stonefur’s life, yup on Tigerstar’s orders he was killed. He also lured young apprentice’s and warriors into the Dark Forest to prepare to kill and destroy all clans.He also killed Ashfur’s mother which probably caused some mental illness which caused him to go mad. That my friends is why I hate him.

    (Sorry if I was being salty I just love these books.)

  • Tightstar does not fallow the warriors code as often as you imply. He certainly wasn’t fallowing the warriors code when he lied about killing Oakheart himself in relation. He could have just as easily said that he chased him into the rocks that collapsed and killed the leader, but no. He lied just to make himself look good. He tried to kill Firestar a few dozen times. He tried to have the clan turn on kill Ravenpaw. He lied to Darkstripe and Longtail about his intentions. He also tried to kill thunderclan with dogs out of petty vengeance. He trespassed onto Windclan territory to kill/steal their rabbits, to use as bait for his dogs. The list could go on. Tigerstar lies to his clan, murders his clan members, crosses the borders at will, and also killed most of the pray from other clan.

    Tigerstar caring about his kids? Yeah right. He’s been using and manipulating them, their whole lives. He liked Brambleclaw as long as he was easily manipulated. The second Brambleclaw refused to kill his leader, Tigerstar told Hawkfrost to kill him. The reason Tigerstar showed any interest in his children, after death, was so that they could go forth and kill his enemies for him. He hoped they would become leaders so that they would have the power to rule, under Tigerstar’s guidance. Tigerstar’s legend would live on in his powerful sons. It was purely for his own benefit.

    Thistleclaw was NOT a cruel mentor. Tigerpaw WANTED to be the strongest warrior possible, and prove that he wasn’t as pathetic as his kittypet father. Thistleclaw also wanted to train Tigerpaw to be the best fighter and the two kind of feed off of each other’s ambition for strength and power. Also, Thistleclaw didn’t force Tigerpaw to beat the kittypet kitten, within an inch of its life. He encouraged Tigerpaw to do something, and Tigerpaw went a little overboard on his own . Thistleclaw doesn’t control Tigerpaw’s actions. During a gathering, Thistleclaw had to SIT on Tigerpaw, just to stop the apprentice from getting into a fight. Thistleclaw might have trained Tigerstar hard but he was in no way responsible for turning Tigerpaw ‘evil’. He was a good mentor who only encouraged his apprentice’s ambition to be the strongest warrior.

  • Ok… On my scale of Good-Evil(my opinion), he’s slightly slipping towards good again. Worse than Bad, but not fully evil…… of course you can have your own opinions