How Do Warriors Get To StarClan? by Stoatkit

Artwork by Falconstreaker

Stoatkit discusses the logistics of traveling to StarClan.

Hello! I’m Stoatkit, presenting today’s article about a question you might have: “How do cats go to StarClan?”
StarClan plays a huge role in the series. They deliver prophecies, they keep the peace at Gatherings, they picked the original four cats to travel for the Journey to Midnight, and so much more. But how do the dead get there?
—Spoiler Alert!—
One way is being guided by a friend on the journey from the mortal world to StarClan’s domain. As seen in the Tallstar’s Revenge bonus manga, as Tallstar dies, Jake guides him to StarClan. Jake even says, “I can’t stay with you, but I’ll see you safely to StarClan.” To add to that, Dustpelt is greeted by Ferncloud and his deceased children when he is killed by badgers in Bramblestar’s Storm.
Also, in some book, I don’t remember the title of, ancient “sky paths” are mentioned to have been traveled by StarClan as they journeyed to the Lake with their living counterparts. This is just a theory I have, but I believe that perhaps that a cat walks a series of sky paths to reach StarClan.
Finally, another theory I have is that cats close their eyes and wake up in StarClan, like leaders when they lose lives, except that leaders might be able to come back, but not the dead.
However, as seen in Omen of the Stars during the battle against the Dark Forest, StarClan can return to the mortal world and even fade there. And of course, as seen with Cinderpelt and the Three, cats can be reincarnated.
As the Warriors series continues, we’ll probably discover more ways to get to StarClan. Please note, I haven’t read every side story, super edition, novella, manga, and field guide, so if I missed something, feel free to let me know. Also, I’ve read few of the missing characters Facebook projects by Su Susann and Vicky, so if any key information is there, feel free to tell me. Also, I’ve only read up to the Blazing Star in Dawn of the Clans. What are your theories about this? Have any of my theories and your theories been confirmed? Comment away! Thanks for reading! I am Stoatkit, and I’ll see you around BlogClan!

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