My Eleven Favorite Warriors Characters by Mistleheart

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Mistleheart talks about their favorite characters. 


Hey there, it’s Mistleheart from BlogClan (duh, what else?). I’m here to discuss my top 11 favorite characters in the Warriors universe. I bet a lot of people wouldn’t agree with me on my choices – especially the first character to be announced.

11. Hollyleaf

Hollyleaf wasn’t even close to one of my favorite characters when she was first introduced. Her extreme obsession with the warrior code was what held her back from my top 11’s. Hollyleaf’s life became much more interesting after she killed Ashfur and fled the Clan. She decided to return, only to be killed a book later. To be clear, she’s my top eleventh only because of her story. I still don’t like her characteristics.

What keeps her as my eleventh favorite character is the fact that she killed Ashfur to keep him from revealing she was half-Clan, but later, she announced it herself in the middle of a Gathering, where all four Clans were present.

10. Leafpool

To me, Leafpool is one of the best medicine cats, even though she broke the medicine cat code by having kits with Crowfeather. She’s calm, gentle, and kind.

Many people hate Leafpool for letting Honeyfern die in Sunrise. That’s not true – she didn’t LET Honeyfern die, she realized she couldn’t do anything to stop the snake’s poison, as it had already gone too far. Leafpool is loyal and dedicated to her Clan. She wouldn’t stand by and watch if there was still hope.

9. Russetfur

Where to begin? Well, Russetfur used to be a rogue named Red, until she made the choice to join ShadowClan. Although she wasn’t born in the Clan, she grew to be a respected warrior, and Blackstar eventually made her his deputy.

Russetfur was strict and sharp-tongued, but she was loyal to ShadowClan. She died because she charged into a battle at such an old age.

8. Whitestorm

Whitestorm was a wise, brave, and calm character, and he was certainly humble. He wasn’t jealous of Fireheart when the former kittypet was made deputy of ThunderClan instead of him, the obvious choice. When he made a deputy, he didn’t act all snobby and smug.

As a sidenote, his death was also one of the most emotional in Warriors.

7. Ivypool

Here, we go into the characters that I actually enjoy reading about. For some background, I didn’t expect Ivypool to make it to my top 11’s, much less my seventh favorite character, when we first saw her as an apprentice, jealous of Dovepaw and her powers. But the truth is, she’s developed a lot. Her role in Omen of the Stars was more dangerous than any of the Three. While Dovewing and Tigerheart flounced around doing nothing important enough to be mentioned whatsoever. She risked her life every night for her Clanmates, and that’s enough to be said.

6. Jingo

I know Jingo was around for only a few chapters in Sunrise. I know that she’s a minor character in the series. But Jingo went to kittypet from leader, much like Firestar. She didn’t leave the loner community like most cats would have done – instead, she became their leader.

Then there’s her quote: “Because the other cats need me. Every cat needs a leader—someone to follow, someone to make the hard decisions. That’s why we listened to Sol. But it’s my job now. I can’t leave them.” explaining her decision to remain with the others.

5. Mapleshade

Mapleshade is my favorite villain in the series. I know she wasn’t responsible for the deaths of as many cats as, say, Tigerstar or Brokenstar. But she killed Ravenwing, Appledusk, and possibly Frecklewish to avenge her dead litter. Speaking of Mapleshade’s kits, Oakstar decided not only to banish her, but Patchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit. Helpless 2-moon old kits.

What holds her back from any higher place on this list is the fact that she began to enjoy killing in the Dark Forest, while during her life, she murdered cats because she was driven insane by grief.

4. Tall Shadow (Shadowstar)

This is a fairly new favorite, since Dawn of the Clans is still pretty new. I was expecting Tall Shadow to be the calm, cool, collected leader she is. She was the leader who helped build the warrior code and spent the rest of her life complaining about it. She was the first of the four founders to lose her ninth life. I’d expected her to be as cruel and savage as she sounded like, but in Dawn of the Clans, she seemed completely different.

Tall Shadow is certainly a cautious, stern leader, but she’s also compassionate and well-tempered. I respect this character and she’ll probably stay fourth on this list unless some other awesome character comes along. 😛

3. Squirrelflight

My top three characters are the cats I like the most. Squirrelflight is that fiery, stubborn she-cat who doesn’t put up with some other cat’s nonsense: my favorite type. I do think she should have told Bramblestar about her “kits”, but I do understand that she was only being loyal to Leafpool.

I’m glad that she’s the new deputy of ThunderClan, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her as second-in-command in Shattered Sky.

2. Yellowfang

Yellowfang’s choices may not have been the best, but was always doing what she thought WAS best. She killed her own son to protect ThunderClan from him. Yellowfang is once again sarcastic and stubborn. She was the grouchy old she-cat who met Firestar one day while he still was an apprentice and grew impressed by his courage, despite the fact that he was a former kittypet.

She grew up loyal to ShadowClan, but when Brokenstar betrayed her, she because one of ThunderClan’s own. She was loyal and dedicated to the Clan until her death, and that’s why I admire and respect her.

1. Jayfeather

This should go without any explanation, but I’ll do it anyway.

Jayfeather is my favorite character in the series (duh). He’s snarky and grumpy, like Yellowfang and Squirrelflight. To me, his powers are the best of the Three – Lionblaze’s and Dovewing’s are interesting as well, but I feel like Jayfeather’s is the most useful.

I don’t really have an explanation to why Jayfeather’s my definite favorite, but he really is awesome.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading this article (dunno whether it’s long or not, think for yourself) and be sure to comment with your own ideas. Yay.

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