Happy Birthday, Willowlight!

(It took a lot to not call you Wollow up there. 😛 )

Happy birthday to one of our newest senior warriors! 😀 (You and my father share the same birthday, but I bet you’re much younger than him 😛 )

Any plans for the day? 🙂 Are you going to have a party? Eat cake? If so, what kind? Save some for me? 😉

That cake looks pretty darn good too. But really, is any cake truly unappetizing? I think not.

And look what we have here! A birthday present from Goldenfawn! 🙂

Happy, happy birthday, Wollow! 😀 You really bring the party to any room (or page! 😉 ), and we hope you have a most fantastic birthday. 🙂

Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)