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My Top Ten Favourite Warrior cats by Lightningkit

Lightningkit shares their favourite cats.

Art by Vialir

Hello BlogClan! I’m new and this will be my first article! I’m going to talk about my favourite cats and why they are my favourite cats! So, here goes…

Ok, probably the weirdest choice for a top ten ever, but there are some minor characters I just love for some reason. I liked the whole cats training in the Dark Forest thing, and Sunstrike just stood out for some reason. (Some of you probably don’t remember Sunstrike at all;she was a very small character). I think I kind of liked her name too.

Ravenpaw is in my view an interesting character. Fleeing from his bullying mentor, he slowly grows in confidence and returns to fight against Tigerstar’s killer. He was a good character in the way he worked, having minor appearances in every book. And remember when Tigerstar sent him into ShadowClan territory? He returns unharmed with prey. He has a lot more pluck from the beginning than he’s given credit for. He has a kind side too and helps fulfil Bella and Riley’s dreams of being warriors.

Thought by many to be a Gary Stu, I like Whitestorms bravery after his mother dies. He works hard as an apprentice not to be contaminated by his father’s evilness and becomes a good warrior. He is a little too kind, which makes him such a good character, because he isn’t perfect and has his faults.

Born a kittypet, he is practically completely wild from the beginning. I just love his rebellious nature that makes him so much more intriguing than other apprentices. Plus he catches his first prey as a kit. And he loves Brightheart even though she’s missing an eye. And he’s so annoying as a warrior in a likeable way.And…and
I could go on forever.

First of all, SkyClan is my favourite Clan. Second of all, Cherrytail is always so feisty and adventurous. Here I’m talking about the pre Hawkwing’s Journey Cherrytail. She goes really downhill after that and ends up staying with Barley. And I was so looking forward to her meeting the other Clans! Dang it! She better come back.😤😤

He’s just so cool and so generous! He deserves better than whiny old Doveidiot who just complains about having powers and then complains when she loses them! AAAARRRGGGHH!!! She’s so annoying! Oops, getting off topic. Anyway, Bumblestripe just doesn’t complain when his mother ditches him. He just accepts it. ( Unlike Blossomfall, though she does have a right to be annoyed).

4th goes to Stonefur for just that one scene in the Darkest Hour. He lays down his life for Greystripe’s kits. And he is incredible at fighting, because even half starved he beats Darkstripe and he would have beaten Blackstar if he was actually being fed.

Another of my random minor character choices.Spiderstar is the last SkyClan leader before the rats, and though he doesn’t get much action in the books, I liked his story so much I wrote a fanfic about him. ( Mabye I’ll post it someday)
So I just grew to love the character I made up for him.

2.Lightning Tail
The best character in the Dawn of the Clans series by far. He has so much more character than most of them and he’s the only one who sees though Star Faker. I hated her so much, and so did Lightning Tail, so I think he’s my inner spirt or something. And apart from the bit with Star Faker, he is always loyal to Thunder. He should have become leader, but Owl Eyes did.

1st place goes to Ivypool for being the bravest cat ever. I mean, while Doveidiot is wailing about having superpowers and being a cocky tom-magnet, Ivypool is being forced to fight Antpelt to the death and is waking up every morning with terrible scars, and never getting any sleep. And whose decision was it to make a novella about Dovewing instead of Ivypool? And now apparently we’re getting a super edition about Doveidiot choosing which tom she wants as her mate.GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
Ivypool is awesome!!!

So I hope you liked that, thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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  • My favourites:

    1. Squirrelflight
    2. Bristlefrost
    3. Rootspring
    4: Sandstorm
    5. Turtle Tail
    6. Firestar
    7. Gray Wing
    8. Leafpool
    9. Thunder/Thunderstar
    10. Hollyleaf

    (I love Ivypool and I hate dovewing. She’s a whiny spoiled brat who whines about her powers and runs off with a shadowclan cat while her sister is waking up every day with wounds and risking her life spying to help her clan.)

  • Lionheart, Whitestorm, Storm, Gray Wing, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, Sandstorm, Littlecloud, it was going to be Clear Sky till he ended up to be a total jerk, instead it’s Bramblestar.

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