Hamilton in Warriors (First Act) by Softrose

Softrose puts a twist on the musical phenomenon called Hamilton by putting our favourite cats in.

Artwork by IrishNosey

Hello friends! I’m Softrose, and new to BlogClan. My goal here is to spread my opinions about the lovely Warriors series and educate people about cats… But for my first one I’m doing my most recent obsession: Hamilton (the musical) <333

There will be two posts, both made by me. This is for the Act I, the second part will be for Act II. I also don’t imagine them being all about the same situation, but rather different cats. Let’s get started!

Song #1 – Alexander Hamilton
I believe this song would actually be suited to Thunder from Dawn of the Clans!
Burr – Clear Sky; they have a very iffy relationship
Laurens – Lightning Tail… You may or may not understand why *wink wonk*
Jefferson – Sassy boi. I have no idea, probably one of Clear Sky’s cats
Madison – No idea either tbh, but I thought Leaf because… he came to mind!
Hamilton – Thunder
Eliza – Violet Dawn
Washington – Grey Wing
It would be singing about Thunder’s early life. And how he came to be.

Song #2 – Aaron Burr, Sir
Not DotC, but after a bit of thinking… Firepaw! Note the ‘paw’. As an apprentice, this kid’s got spunk and he’s enthusiastic about this new world and wants to know everything about it.
Hamilton – Firepaw
Burr – Bluestar
Laurens – Greypaw
Mulligan – Dustpaw??? (I can imagine him saying “BRAAH BRAAH”)
Lafayette – Ravenpaw, but more shy and pushover-ish
Also, in that part where it says “I got out of sorts with a buddy of yours, I may have punched him, it’s a blur, sir.” That could be Firepaw talking about how he defended himself against Greypaw lol

Song #3 – My Shot
This is an unpopular opinion, but Tigerpaw/claw. Like a young warrior. Why? Fireheart wasn’t super ambitious or determined like Hamilton in this song. Just my opinion.
Hamilton – Tigerclaw (Young warrior)
Laurens – Darkstripe
Mulligan – Dustpelt again, but he’d probably be Dustkit so idk
Lafayette – Longtail
This would be about Tigerstar’s ambitions to become leader.

Song #4 – The Story of Tonight
I can’t say much about this one. This would be our gang with Firepaw, Greypaw, and Ravenpaw. Guess there won’t be a fourth?

Song #5 – The Schuyler Sisters
They aren’t sisters, but totally Sandstorm, Spottedleaf, and Cinderpelt.
Angelica – Sandstorm. Their personalities are more suited to each other; strong feminists!
Eliza – Cinderpelt. The sweet, pure cinnamon bun roll whom I love dearly.
Peggy – … and Peggy. Anyway, I’m sorry (not sorry) but Spottedleaf. I hate Spottedleaf but that’s not related to this.
Burr – Dustpelt; the flirt gone wrong…

Song #6 – Farmer Refuted
Hmm… I spent a long time thinking about this one. This probably isn’t the best I can do, but pretty much every kittypet would be Samuel Seabury.
“Chaos and bloodshed are nooot a solution!”
And the Clans would just be mocking them in the background.

Song #7 – You’ll Be Back
I love King George’s songs! And the choice is a little obvious for this one… Ashfur. Don’t kill me, but I love Ashfur. I might make a post explaining why in the future. Anyway, seriously.
“I’ll kill your friends and family to remind you of my love.”
“Da da da da da dat da da da yaaaaa da da da da dat da da yaaaa” that was random I probably got it wrong

Song #8 – Right Hand Man
Hmm… This may sound odd, but Tigerstar and his sons.
Tigerstar would be Washington – he needs one of his sons to do what he failed to do.
Brambleclaw would probably be Burr – calm, and quietly interested. But then Hawkfrost, who would be Hamilton, would swoop in and be all like: “ME! ME! MEMEMEMEMEME! MEEEEE!” and Tigerstar’s like “Hawkfrost, you be Mini Me.”
Okay, that was weird. I sincerely apologise.

Song #9 – A Winter’s Ball
A Gathering! Of some sort. I don’t know which Gathering, but one that starts a forbidden love? Maybe Greystripe and Silverstream. Why? Picture this.
A random cat teases Greystripe and talks about the beautiful and somewhat popular Silverstream of RiverClan. This random cat then jokes, “If you can marry a sister, you’re rich son” or in Warriors version, “If you can become mates with her, you’re lucky son” and what started out as a joke inspires rebellious Greystripe…

Song #10 – Helpless
This could honestly be about every single romance in Warriors. I’m not even kidding. I’m sorry but no characters for this one, simply because it’s suited to like, all the romances in the series lol

Song #11 – Satisfied
I actually thought of two situations.
One, Sandstorm has fallen head over heels for Fireheart. He would be Hamilton and she would be Eliza. Meanwhile, Cinderpelt decides to take one for the team and is the Angelica this time.
Situation two, Berrynose is Hamilton, and Poppyfrost is Eliza. Honeyfern is Angelica, leaving Berrynose for her sister. This would work much better, since Honey and Poppy are actually sisters.
What are your opinions on this one? BerryHoneyPoppy or FireSandCinder?

Song #12 – The Story of Tonight (Reprise)
THE GANG. As adults. For obvious reasons. Which you might understand if you heard the song and listened to their tone of their voices… suspiciously too happy.
By the way, ‘The Gang’ would be Fireheart, Greystripe, and Ravenpaw. Heck, maybe even Barley????

Song #13 – Wait For It
Ahem. Anyway.
If any of you guys have seen the PMV, you’ll know it’ll be… Oakheart.
Burr – Oakheart
Hamilton (not in the song) – Crookedstar
Theodosia (not in the song) – Bluefur
Theodosia’s Said Husband (not in the song) – Thrushpelt

Song #14 – Stay Alive
A battle. Maybe the Darkest Hour Battle?
Firestar would be Washington. And Charles Lee would be basically all the stupid cats wanting to retreat.
“Lee, what are you doing?! Get back on your feet!”

Song #15 – Ten Duel Commandments
Tigerstar and Scourge.
Tigerstar would be Lee, who dies, “shot right in the side”, or in his case: “ripped down the middle”.
Scourge would be Laurens, the winner of the duel!

Song #16 – Meet Me Inside
On a different situation, Bluestar is piiiiiiiiissssseeeedddd because she wants to attack WindClan badly, and Fireheart wants her to stop. So he has a plan. But Bluestar is so intent on her plan.
Washington – Bluestar
Hamilton – Fireheart

Song #17 – That Would Be Enough
Literally any romance that ended up with the she-cat becoming pregnant.
CrowLeaf? Sure.
GreySilver? Sure.
FireSand? Sure.
Literally any romance that ended with kits! Maybe except for MapleApple.,, but you saw how Eliza’s and Ham’s relationship went down in Act II so maybe.

Song #18 – Guns and Ships
A BATTLE. And damn I love this song. Anyway, this would be a battle of some sort. The Darkest Hour Battle?
Hamilton would be Firestar, and Lafayette would be Tallstar. They agree to be allies in the battle. And Tallstar is a sick rapper.

Song #19 – History Has Its Eyes On You
Tallstar (Washington) singing to Firestar (Hamilton, why is he always him?). There. I love this song too, dammit, I love all the songs in this musical!

Song #20 – Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
YAAAY this song is great. The Dark Forest battle? They’re all united and it’s friggin hype. At the end it’s like, “We won! We won!” StarClan and the living Clans celebrating.

Song #21 – What Comes Next?
Honestly, this was really hard for me to choose. Basically, for me, all the Clans are confused after the battle; what comes next?
Especially the Three. They’ve lost their powers and haven’t quite adjusted to them yet, so they’re understandably perplexed.
“What comes next?”
“Awesome, wow!”

Song #22 – Dear Theodosia
<3 <3 <3 I love this song so much omg
Greystripe and Firestar. Singing about their two kits. Hell yes.
Greystripe would be Burr, singing about Stormkit and Featherkit. Firestar would be Hamilton, singing about Squirrelkit and Leafkit. Enough said.

Song #23 – Non Stop
Anyway, this would be like the MAP – Firestar and Onestar!
Hamilton is Firestar, again. And Burr is Onestar. Such close friends drifted so far apart.
Angelica is either Squirrelflight or Leafpool and Eliza is Sandstorm.
I live and breathe this song

AAAND DONE! At least with Act I. Ya’ll can leave down suggestions for cats in Act II, and tell me your opinions about this list! Do you agree? Disagree? Tell me all about it!

Thanks for reading!

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  • For me, the world turned upside down would be the battle with BloodClan, and Barley would be Hercules Mulligan. Also, I think “out of sorts with a buddy of yours” in Aaron Burr, Sir would be Firepaw getting into the fight with Longtail, a buddy of Tigerclaw.

  • I literally have an ENTIRE map in my head of cinderpelt as Angelica and the then fire and sand for satisfied also Greystripe IS John laurens


    Awesome article! 🤩
    Aaron Burr, Sir