Who are the best half-siblings? by Bluebellkit

Bluebellkit decides who are the best half-siblings in Warriors.

Art by Vialir

WARING SPOILERS. I’m making a article about both kits of Graystripe but different mothers. First Millie’s kits Bumblestripe, Brairlight and Blossemfall lets dive in each of these first Blossomfall I don’t have that much info sorry I just feel like she doesn’t appear that much I know she does some action but sorry again, Brairlight poor Brairlight she had to get squashed be a tree but she is very brave she did not want to give up on her warrior dreams and was able to become one but what doesn’t make sense is that Cinderpelt got hit by a monster and got injured in her back leg and became a medicine cat instead but Brairlight was both legs but she is a good cat. Bumblestripe he is a very nice cat but I knew he and Dovewing wouldn’t turn out to be good mates and they broke up but any way he is a good cat in general I like him but his name is very uncool sorry. With these three are all good cats and they both all start their name with b’s. Now to Sliverstream’s kits Stormfur and Feathertail. First Stormfur I love him and Brook and I love how much of a caring brother he can be but I hope soon he turns up again and rejoins RiverClan like If Reedwhisker dies or is forced retire early I hope he becomes new deputy and maybe leader cause like all the time the first chosen deputy of the new leader will soon die or retire like Tawnyspots, Redtail, Whitestorm, Graystripe, Stonefur, Lionheart, Russetfur and etc. Now Feathertail she is one of my top ten cats she is brave to sacrifice herself to save the Tribe and I just love her so much for some reason I wish she came back to life or appear more in the books. Now who is my favorite it is Stormfur and Feathertail the reason is that 1. there Sliverstream’s and she is better than Millie who I hate. 2. there names are better than the others and finally 3. I just love how one looks like he other parent like Stormfur looks like Graystripe and Feathertail looks like Sliverstream. You may comment who you like better thank you

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  • I think Briarlight is betta 😀

    1. Briarlight
    2. Blossomfall
    3. Stormfur
    4. Bumblestripe/Feathertail

    But this ur opinion.

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