My Top 5 Saddest Moments in All of Warriors by Flamepaw

Flamepaw explians the saddest moments in the books and what makes them that way. 

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WARNING: This list contains spoilers for Warriors books – Mostly the first arc but also the sixth and a super edition. You have been WARNED.

I will now try to count off my top five saddest moments in Warriors. This does not mean they’re my favorite I just cried a lot at them because they are really sad moments. No, I am not a cry baby.

5. Twigpaw and Violetpaw’s separation.
This got me crying. This scene was in A Vision of Shadows: The Apprentices Quest (I’m pretty sure) and it’s really sad and to hear how Shadowclan just carried Violetpaw off… It makes me mad.

4. Bluestar’s death.
This scene was in The Prophecies Begin: A Dangerous Path and is really sad for me. Sure, she was crazy for a little while but it makes me even sadder because her last words were spent telling her kits how much she loves them but that also makes it happier? I don’t know.

3. Yellowfang’s death.
This was from… I don’t even remember there are so many books. Any way… Yellowfang was a really loved character and died because of FIRE… Fire… You would really think she’d die of old age. This was a sad moment. That’s all I can say.

2. Firestar’s death.
I know this is mostly deaths and stuff and some people might ask why this is number 2. Maybe not. Anyway, this scene is from Omen of The Stars: The Last Hope. Firestar was and still is one of my favorite cats from the entire series and it was really sad to see him die. Though I still wonder… Was he squished by a tree or killed by lightning from some Dark Forest cat who in their last power struck him?

1. Moth Flights death.
You may be asking “What? Moth Flight isn’t dead!” I mean she is but not in her Super Edition. This is from the so-called “manga” at the end of Moth Flights Vision where she sees one of her kits giving birth and is reunited with the rest of her kits then tells them goodbye and follows a moth to where she will rest and join her mate Micah. I’m almost crying writing this that’s how sad it was.

That’s the end of this top 5 list. Hopefully, you enjoyed it.

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  • I don’t remember being too sad when Yellowfang died or when Twigpaw and Violetpaw were separated, though I do agree with your points. And I agree that Bluestar’s should be on there.


    But personally, I would have included Gray Wing’s death, Moth Flight giving away her kits – Micah dying was pretty sad as well – and Ravenpaw’s death. Gray Wing’s and Ravenpaw’s deaths were done perfectly, and I thought about Gray Wing’s death for days after. Possibly, Hollyleaf’s death also.

  • I agree with this list, though I would’ve added Hawkwing’s Journey as a whole, Gray Wing’s death, Needletail’s death, and Ferncloud’s death.
    As for Firestar, his wounds killed him.

  • I completely agree with #5! Stupid Rowanstar…
    Yellowfang died in Rising Storm I think
    Remember in the Apprentices’ Quest, when Furzepelt died? It said she seemed fine but then there was this groan and she fell over, dead. She was exhausted by her wounds, which is probably how Firestar died.

  • I would have put in Grey Wing’s death, Duskpaw’s death and Greystripe leaving Thunderclan to Riverclan.

  • I cried when.Needletail died, also when Tallstar died, and I cried when Sandstorm died. And I cried when Blackstar died. Blackstar was my favorite leader. Tallstar is #2.

  • I cried when Sandstorm died. It was kinda funny though… the great, awesome, powerful sandstorm… killed by a cut. AND there was a medicine cat with her?!!!?!?? (I didn’t know barbed wire fences could attack cats though!) 😹

  • I’ll be honest, the top saddest moment for me wasn’t any death 😛 It was the scene where *SPOILER ALERT* Quiet Rain basically disowns Clear Sky even as he tries to apologize. I have absolutely no idea why I found it so depressingly sad, but I did and I teared up. Just a bit.

  • I never thought about the fact that maybe Firestar was struck down by lightning from the Dark Forest. Interesting theory.

    • i thought the tree was set on fire and it fell down squishing him and killing him when the lightning struck ( it has been a long time since i read it and i forget)

    • I think it was revealed that (the death was in dovewing’s POV so) that firestar was dead when he struck his final blow (it was his spirit fighting) and the lightning brought her back to reality seeing his body on the ground.

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