Taking a Look at the Entire Series by Mousepaw

Mousepaw analyzes the different arcs of Warriors. 

Artwork by Owen Richardson

I started the series a few years ago, and absolutely LOVED the books I read. I remember when the “Omen of the Stars” series came out, and I flew through those books. I loved them like my little babies.
When the “Dawn of the Clans” series was released, it took me a while to get used to the COMPLETE change in characters, Clans, names and even rules. Even most herbs were different- this may not matter as much to some of you guys, but I LOVE herbs and it was difficult to memorize these herbs on top of all the rest that are more frequently used.
I was really excited when I heard a new series was coming out, called “A Vision of Shadows.” I read “The Apprentice’s Quest” quickly. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed. (Remember, this is just my opinion)
I felt there wasn’t quite enough action, and it seemed like there was a bit less effort put into it. For example, there’s a time skip to a half-moon ahead, when normally there are only big time skips in the last five chapters or so.
I was even more disappointed in “Thunder and Shadow.” Just reading the title makes you think, “Oh, it’s about ThunderClan and ShadowClan.” Usually, Warriors titles are a bit more mysterious, like “Sign of the Moon” or “Fading Echoes.” It was even pretty predictable. Perhaps it’s just that I’m getting older and noticing more, but I still refuse to believe I’m “growing out” of the books.
Another thing- Violetpaw just kept going back and forth between Clan and rogue, Clan and rogue. It got a wee bit tiring. Also, some possibly unrealistic name(s). Needletail- do cats even know what needles are? That’s just one, but there may be others.
Again, this is just MY OPINION, but I hoped you enjoyed reading.

Mousepaw out.

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