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Firestar is Related to Everyone by Nightwhisker

Nightwhisker connects Firestar to 18 different cats.

Artist unknown (Source: Pinterest)

Alright! So today I am going to connect Firestar to eighteen other popular/hated cats! Alright? Let’s see if we can connect them!
1. Bluestar- Bluestar is the second most loved cat in the series. But is she related to the first, Firestar? Yeah! Let’s see- Firestar’s mate was Sandstorm, whose mother was Brindleface, whose mate (besides Redtail) was Whitestorm, whose mother was Snowfur, whose sister was… Bluestar! So Bluestar is Firestar’s great, great aunt in law? Right? I’m probably wrong…
2. Graystripe- Third most popular cat, and loved for being caring and cute… according to the thetoptens.com at least. Let’s connect!
Yes! They are related through Goldenflower… Graystripe’s father was Patchpelt, whose mate was Goldenflower, whose mate was Tigerstar, whose son was Brambleclaw, whose mate was Squirrelflight, whose father was Firestar! Woo!
3. Brambleclaw- Next on the list is Brambleclaw, loved because of the complexity of his character. Now this one is easy. He’s Firestar’s son-in-law. ‘Nuff said.
4. Cinderpelt- An AMAZING character, and one of my favorites. Obviously, everyone else agrees. Now let’s see how they’re connected! So, Cinderpelt’s mother was Frostfur, whose mother was Robinwing, whose mate was Patchpelt, whose mate was Goldenflower, whose son is Brambleclaw, whose mate is Squirrelflight, whose father was Firestar. Wow! So far related to everyone! But who’s next…?
5. Yellowfang- Is this possible? The stubborn and loyal she-cat related to the peaceful and smart Firestar? Let’s see! What makes this hard is Yellowfang was born in ShadowClan and had no mates in ThunderClan, so we have to find a ThunderClan/ShadowClan half-clan thing somewhere in her bloodline and connect it. Or… Tawnypelt? You left ThunderClan, right? And you’re in ShadowClan now, right? Okay, so Yellowfang’s mate was Raggedstar, whose brother was Scorchwind, whose mate was Darkflower, whose son is Rowanstar, whose mate is Tawnypelt, whose brother is Brambleclaw, whose mate is Squirrelflight, whose father was Firestar! Yeah! Go Firestar? For infecting all of our favorite cats with kittypet blood?
6. Jayfeather- I’m not even going to do this. Jayfeather’s mother is Leafpool, whose father was Firestar. Why did I even do this?
7. Whitestorm- Wise. Loyal. Strong. Partly Kittypet? If you look at Bluestar’s one, you’ll see he’s the one that connects Bluestar with Firestar, making them related! ^-^
8. Spottedleaf- If she had lived, would she be able to have kits with Firestar? Assuming she would break the warrior code, and one more thing: are they related? They’re actually quite closely related in that Spottedleaf is Redtail’s sister, whose kit was Sandstorm, whose mate was Firestar! I know they are connected AFTER Into the Wild, but still, this may upset some shippers.
9. Squirrelflight- Why am I doing this? She’s literally Firestar’s daughter.

Firestar is the most beloved cat, but what about the most hated? I’m going to see if Firestar is connected to these hated characters.
10- Tigerstar- Easy. Firestar’s daughter is Squirrelflight, whose mate is Bramblestar, whose father was Tigerstar.
11- Ashfur- Remember this guy? The one that half the fandom hates because he killed one of Firestar’s lives and attempted to kill three cats, and the other half loves because “he didn’t actually kill the Three, he only TRIED?” Well, he’s related through Sandstorm. His half-sister was Sandstorm, whose mate was Firestar. Simple? Yeah.
12. Millie- I hate Millie, but not because she “stole” Graystripe from SIlverstream, no. I just hate her. For kind of no real reason. She’s related because she’s Graystripe’s mate, and we established earlier that Graystripe is related to Firestar, so… yeah.
13. Rainflower- Graystripe, as we’ve figured, is related to Firestar, and Graystripe’s mate was Silverstream, whose father was Crookedstar, whose mother was Rainflower. Simple.
14. Thistleclaw- I don’t know why Thistleclaw is in the Dark Forest. I mean, he did “create” Tigerstar and Scourge, but he couldn’t have fortold that. He taught Tigerpaw the way he thought he should be taught, and Scourge was a side effect. I don’t like him, but he probably shouldn’t be in the Dark Forest. Wait… scratch that, I remembered he taught Tigerpaw to kill, and trained in the DF. Sorry, we’re getting off track. Bluestar is related to Firestar, right? And Bluestar’s sister was Snowfur, whose mate was Thistleclaw. Easy.
15. Scourge- Half brothers. That’s it. Through Jake.
16. Brokenstar- I HATE Brokenstar. But finding his relation is easy since we know that Yellowfang is related to Firestar. Brokenstar is Yellowfang’s son. Simple.
17- Hollyleaf- You should know this. SHE’S LITERALLY FIRESTAR’S GRANDAUGHTER!
18- Goosefeather- Bluestar’s (whose related to Firestar) mother was Moonflower, whose brother was Goosefeather.

Wow! I haven’t found a single loved/hated cat that wasn’t related to Firestar! Comment below and I’ll use your suggestions and try to find a way to connect them in a part 2! And try to make them difficult! Give me Cody or something hard, alright? Try!

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