Happy Clanniversary, Laurelpaw!


(Ice cream fLAUwers! Because fLAUwers are beautiful and so are you)


Happy Clanniversary, Laurelpaw! You’re a LAUvely person who has done so much for the bLAUg.  You’re nice to others, intelligent, and as other bLAUg members would say: ‘a perfect Mary Sue’.


You’re the best friend to everyone on the bLAUg!  I asked some bLAUg members on wiki chat what they thought about you, and here’s what they had to say!

“Lau is really fun and supportive and a little crazy in a good way.”

– Gigglesplash


“Laurel is so wonderful, she’s always so caring and helpful. She stayed up late with me while I was modding chat, even though she didn’t have to. She’s comforted me and dozens of other people, and she’s a kind, amazing person. :D”

– IcefLAUwer


“LAUR IS MEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D”

– Owlwater


The bLAUg has been made so much better by your kindness and gLAUwing personality.  Have a day as marveLAUs as you are!



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