The real MVPs of the warrior cats (AKA cats that deserve more recognition and a super edition) by Moonshine

Moonshine discusses underrated and why they deserve more love. 

Artwork by fluffythegoldfish

5. Crowfeather
I had to put one of everyone’s least favorite cats in this list, I don’t think that there is a lot wrong with him, he’s more of a deserves-a-super-edition cat. Let’s list all the things wrong with Crowfeather’s life, his Windclan son is delusional, his Thunderclan sons hate him, he fell in love with a cat who died to save him so he took on her name as a constant reminder, then he fell in love with a medicine cat from another clan, then he “fell in love” with a cat from Windclan only to prove his loyalty, nobody really trusts him, nobody likes him. Do you have sympathy for him? Yet, the Erins do such a great job writing emotions and feelings so I think he deserves a super edition, just saying. Crowfeather is selective about who he shares his feelings with and even that isn’t very often, I don’t think he is a real MVP of the warriors series, but I admire him for following his heart so he gets a space here anyways.

Whitestorm is involved in one of the saddest moments ever in warrior cat history, Bluefur having to tell him as a young kit that his mother has died (if you don’t agree with me, stick your comments in the comments). He grew up with a ruthless father and a loving, caring aunt. His loving side was far more powerful than his ruthless side so he became popular with all apprentices in every clan. His kindness was repaid when apprentices from RiverClan and ThunderClan teamed up to kill Bone, his killer from the battle with Bloodclan. Whitestorm was a close advisor to Firestar and his first deputy, always a noble, trustworthy, and kind to any cat, regardless of the clan they were born in.

There isn’t much that wouldn’t have happened, except for things in Starclan that he was there to voice his opinions on.

3. Cloudtail
Cloudtail is Firestar’s only biological kin in Thunderclan (minus his kits) and that is a huge name to live up to, Despite almost getting captured and taken forever by twolegs and not believing in Starclan, Cloudtail has extreme determination and patience and that makes him one of the best teachers of the clan. He taught Brightheart how to fight with one eye and always loved her no matter what. When the dark forest warriors came to the lake to kill all the clans the clans knew they were fighting for Starclan, but Cloudtail didn’t believe in StarClan so he fought for what he did know his clan.Cloudtail is the best tracker in Thunderclan and one of the best climbers and he always has a comeback to every insult thrown his way.

Things that would have not have happened had Cloudtail not have been there:
1. Brightheart would have probably retired to the elder’s den
2. Dovewing and Ivypool would not exist
3. Firestar would not have had an apprentice to make him Deputy (Cinderpelt doesn’t count, she never made it to warrior)

2. Purdy
That old sack of bones called Purdy is my top favorite cat in all of the stories, although he doesn’t hunt he is more than your typical elder. Purdy once was a kittypet, then a rogue, and then a clan cat, a combination that is pretty rare to come by. He is usually making sure the kits and apprentices don’t get into trouble by telling them completely irrelevant stories and is always taking on responsibilities that he doesn’t need to do so the warriors can do the heavy lifting.

Things that would not have happened had purdy not have been there:
1. finding the mountains through the Twolegplace would have taken longer
2. Breezepelt or Hollyleaf would be dead (Lionblaze is invulnerable)
3. Mousefur would have died sooner due to grief over Longtail (maybe)

1. Jake

Jake is the most influential non-Clan cat, directly affecting all of the clans all the while not even being there. He is only told of as an important friend to Talltail in Talltail’s revenge and briefly mentioned in Bluestar’s Prophecy in his short time being written, he is described as being kind, advising, loyal, respectful, and loving the forest, qualities that are great for clan cats, but he decided to stay with twolegs. There is not much else that is known about him, but it was once stated that he was killed by a meteorite while he was sitting on a fence (this was false). Other than that, here is a list of the plethora of events that he influenced.

Things the would not have happened had Jake not have been there:

1. Firestar would not have been born
2. Anything involving the “only fire will save the clan” prophecy would not have happened
3. Anything with the “there will be three, kin of your kin, with the power of the stars in their paws” prophecy would have never happened
4. Talltail/star would probably be a rouge
5. Pinestar would have never left
6. Scourge would have never been born
7. Cloudtail would have never been born
8. Princess would have never been born
9. More cats that wouldn’t have been born Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Ivypool (all of them are narrators in the second and third series)
10. Tigerstar would have killed Bluestar and probably destroyed Thunderclan

Thank you for reading, if you think I left anything out please comment below, if you think that another cat should have been on this list you can also put that below, who knows…. I might make a part 2.

Thanks for reading and look for me in the future,


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  • Purdy needs a super edition, or at least a novella. Crowfeather and Whitestorm should DEFINITELY get super editions! Great article!

  • This is a great article! Keep writing!
    (Although I probably wouldn’t call Cloudtail patient. :P)

  • I definitely agree with Cloudtail because I’d love to see about his time while he was being tempted into being a kittypet and his life in the two-leg den. It wouldn’t be a long story as it would repeat what we already know about events after he was rescued by Firestar which we wouldn’t need to read, so I reckon just a novella would be fine for him.

  • Does anyone else want a Cinderpelt Super Edition or even a Half-Moon one. I wasn’t satisfied with Long Shadows and how Jay and Half really didn’t spend a lot of time together. I would also like to know more about her journey to the mountains and how she became Stoneteller(I know it was because of Jayfeather but I want more details. Am I alone in this?

  • Tbh i think Mousefur deserved more recognition she went through a lot and it would be cool to see through her view when longtail died. ik she is mention but she has been through a lot more then most cats. also i really wished they kept Honeyfern in the books longer she deserves some fame ( apart from dieing fame) and a novella of her would be awesome. :3 i <3 Honeyfern & Mousefur ( Honeyfern is my favorite)

  • Yes Crowfeather super edition! He’s my favorite cat in the series, and I don’t know why…
    Whitestorm was also one of my favorites, and all the cats on this list definitely deserve one as well.

  • I think Hawkfrost needs a novella or something. It would be cool to see how he reacts with Tigerstar and when he trained Ivypaw/pool.