5 underrated characters by Starlingpaw

Starlingpaw shares 5 underrated characters who should get more attention.

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Alright fellow BlogClanners! It is time to (finally) talk about some underrated characters-and why they shouldn’t be. This is my second article on BlogClan so I hope you enjoy! Lets get on to the list…


1. Longtail
Longtail is just so forgotten after he loses his sight. We don’t hear about him a lot and that is really a shame. No cat could say he wasn’t loyal or brave. He was given a chance of power by Tigerclaw/star but rejected it to stay loyal to his clan. He spent is last time as a warrior providing for his clan, and he was so brave when he was losing his sight. He also plays a really big role in Firestar’s life. He was the one who took off Rusty’s collar and fought him, making Bluestar believe Rusty was going to be a loyal apprentice. Unlike Darkstripe, he was always loyal to Firestar after Firestar was made leader, and in my opinion he deserves a lot more attention.
2. Ferncloud/Sorreltail
Sadly many people don’t like Ferncloud because she had 7 kits. To me, that is ridiculous. I can get why you wouldn’t like Daisy (because she won’t do anything but have kits,) but Ferncloud trained as a warrior and was ready to fight for her clan and her kits when asked too. She was a great mother, and her love and devotion to Dustpelt definitely proves the cat she is and the more attention she needs she also died fighting for her clan and protecting her kits against the single hadedly that most dangerous threat the clan cats had ever seen. And now to Sorreltail… where to begin, she was a lively bubbly apprentice and her presence always made me smile. She was loyal and brave and sadly not talked about. Her devotion to her clan and the warrior code was always refreshing and honestly I really want to know more about her.
3. Mistyfoot
Maybe I just wrote this because shes my fav character, but I still had to add her. She has always been living under Leopardstar’s shadow which I do not think is fair. She will and is a way better leader that Leopardstar and still doesn’t get enough credit. Seriously, the Erins can’t even think of a proper mate for her. There is so many questions I have about her that I really want to be answered.
4. Whitestorm
Whitestorm was Firestars first choice of deputy and (sadly) didn’t live long enough to be a great leader. In my opinion Whitestorm should have been Bluestars deputy instead of Fireheart. He fought bravely in the battle against BloodClan and his legacy is sadly seems to not be in the memory of his living Clanmates. He had a difficult life even at birth with his parents both dead. He proves himself a loyal and brave warrior and should have been a little bit more important.
5. ivypool
ivypool like Mistyfoot lived in the shadow of another cat, Dovewing. Ivypool trained in the dark forest but proved her loyalty by turning around and spying on the dark forest. She risked her life for her clan, but her sister is till more discussed and more important which drives me crazy. She really is a great loyal cat and deserves more attention plus I totally ship her and Fernsong!
Hope you liked my article, hopefully more will come!-Starlingpaw

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  • Interesting article! I’m pretty sure Ivypool isn’t underrated, but Dovewing is just a bit more talked about because of all the debates she causes and the strong opinions many have of her.
    But I agree, a lot of these cats are underrated, but the problem is; as the series moves on we can’t always pay attention to all the cats in the background (which is sad because they’re pretty interesting) or reminisce over old characters or else the plot wouldn’t get anywhere!
    But these characters do deserve it bit more spotlight. Great article!

  • When was this published? A friend of mine published some articles during February/March and wanted to know when they’ll be posted.

  • Mint and Feathers Scattered Amid Autumn Leaves/Mint in Cranberry Sauce/Mintpaw(feather) says:

    Yay Starlingpaw! I think that Mistystar and Ivypool aren’t underrated, but Sorrel and Fern definitely are. I love SorrelxBracken! My favorite couple.

  • Wow, I totally agree with nearly all of what you said, Starlingpaw! I’m glad that these cats can still be appreciated in places like these. <3

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