Silverstream VS Millie and who will he pick for a mate in StarClan by Bluebellkit

Bluebellkit debates the pros and cons of Graystripe’s mates.

Artwork by DrakynWyrm

First I both like the two she-cats but I love Silverstream more than Millie though. Here is the article for who is the better mate for Graystripe lets begin.

First up Millie lets do the good things first and the bad things last.

Good things about Millie,
She helped Graystripe find true love again and have kits too
She helped support kittypets to join the clans than being treated like some pile of dirt
She made Graystripe not too sad about his former mate’s death
She is very respectful when she is not worrying about Briarlight

Bad things about Millie

She neglected her kits and was WAY to over protective for Briarlight
She snapped at other cats if she was angry and stressed about Briarlight ( some cats she snapped at Jayfeather and Blossomfall)
She said to Bramblestar if Briarlight was not saved in time enough and drown in the flood she said he never forgive him.


Good things about Sliverstream
Graystripe’s true first love
Help him not drown to death in the river
Always cared for him and always looked out for him even when she was a StarClan warrior
Gave Firestar and Mistystar a life

bad things about Silverstream
Did break the warrior code

Who will Graystripe when he will go to StarClan I think it is Silverstream because Kate did say he will maybe surely pick Silverstream and first love always wins

I do like Millie I understand why Millie cared for Briarlight more but did it a little too far I don’t hate her I think she is a good cat and that she does still love Bumblestripe and Blossomfall but is worry about Briarlight. And if she had a Clan name I think it would be Sliverstorm or Silverwing something like that so don’t hate Millie every warrior is unique in their own way so don’t but all your hate on her.

I like Sliverstream she did break the Warrior Code but out of true love. So don’t hate Silverstream because she was bossy or she was from a different Clan like that. So don’t put all her hate on Silverstream Graystripe loved her so just like her a tiny bit Sliverstream haters.

Hope you liked this article post a comment what you think.


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  • Mint and Feathers Scattered Amid Autumn Leaves/Mint in Cranberry Sauce/Mintpaw(feather) says:

    Nice article! Millie was a good mate-but-not-mother, I liked her before she was a mother, when she had kits I feel like she became a worse cat. We don’t know what would have happened if Silverstream was a mother, but I think she would have been a good one. I like Silverstream more in general, though. I like Millie as well!

  • Nice article, Blue!!! I love all the details you included. 😀

    (Graystripe was with Silverstream when he was a young warrior, and wasn’t in a relationship with her for too long, whereas he’s spent the majority of his life, years and years, by Millie’s side. For that reason, I think he’ll pick her. 😛 Or, better yet, he’ll show mutual affection for both of them, and neither she-cat will get jealous!)

    • To be honest, I feel genuinely bad for Millie, mostly because the only reason Graystripe was Millie’s mate in the first place was because she looked like Silverstream. This makes me suspect that he’ll always choose Silverstream over Millie. The sour truth.

  • I would rather Graystripe choose Millie because he spent more of his life with her than he did with Silverstream. Honestly, the SilverxGray thing was pretty much an infatuation and nothing actually serious…and then they suddenly had kits. I like Millie from the mangas and especially for what she did for the kittypets, as was mentioned. I do not hate her for Briarlight. Who wouldn’t be heartbroken if one of their children could NEVER walk again, NEVER experience many joys of life, miss out on all the things her siblings are doing. I get that Blossomfall would be upset and I would too but at least Blossomfall understands her mother for her actions and doesn’t hate her. And actually, Blossomfall and Bumblestripe are literally adults now and Blossomfall had kits only a few moons after Briarlight’s incident. She should be able to take care of herself now.

    Sorry for the long thing, I just want to show my support for Millie.

      • Sorry, but Briarlight is luckier than most. Millie should just be happy her daughter is still alive and on top of that a warrior. Even Briarlight admits she doesn’t need the over bearing love her mother is giving her. This just shows that Millie has no consideration for the people around her and is just doing it for her own comfort, not her daughter’s.

  • “Go drown on your own territory!” -I love Silverstreams humor! But I also really love Millie, and it wouldn’t seem right for Greystripe and Millie to die together, and then Greystripe goes off to spend all his time with Silverstream again, after such a long time.

  • Also, without Millie, Graystripe would be dead, and he would’ve never gotten back to ThunderClan.

    • Sure, but becoming mates? And Millie became a not-so-good cat after that. I feel like she was faking personality until she got Graystripe’s kits

      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

    • #GrayXSilverForever
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • I sorta feel like MillieXGray kinda broke up after Millie began treating their kits so badly.
    I love SilverXGray, and I just know he’ll pick Silverstream.
    Millie was a good mate at first, then they had kits, and everything sort of…broke up…between them.
    Silverstream was always a good mate. She never had a chance to be a mother, but I think she would’ve been a great mother.

    • I agree with you, Sky. I really like Silverstream too 😀
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

    • Same.
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • I’d say Millie is the better mate.

    Silverstream was bratty, and all she did was save Graystripe from a river (It wasn’t even that special, she’s Riverclan).
    Millie gave up her peaceful life to be loyal to Thunderclan. She says she doesn’t regret anything aside from Briarlight’s injury.

    Also if Graystripe really did love Silverstream, then why fall in love with Millie?

    IMO, Millie is the better mate.

    • Because after someone you’re in love with dies, it’s entirely possible to fall in love again? Someone whose husband or wife dies isn’t betraying their spouse if they fall in love again later. They shouldn’t have to be stuck being in love with a corpse the rest of their lives, with no chance of moving on with their lives.

      • Exactly what the point is Graystripe moved on he still cares a little for Silverstream but he moved on with his life and his mate is now Millie which means he should choose Millie and if the Erin deside that he would be mates with Silverstream again I’d probably be disappointed and even if you disagree you must realize that everyone makes mistakes I’d think if it was your child that had become crippled you would be angry and look to blame someone even if it was no ones fault and remember we have no idea what Silverstream personality was in the books all she was,was just a plot points to push the plot forward heck the only reason she was in the book was to be Graystripes love interest

    • ………
      I have to disagree with you.
      For starters, why is it “not that special” that Silverstream saved Graystripe’s LIFE?
      Second of all, Silverstream was loyal to Graystripe too!
      Third of all, Silverstream wasn’t bratty. We never really saw her and Graystripe one on one, so how do we know that being “bratty” was her true personality?
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

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