Silverstream VS Millie and who will he pick for a mate in StarClan by Bluebellkit

Bluebellkit debates the pros and cons of Graystripe’s mates.

Artwork by DrakynWyrm

First I both like the two she-cats but I love Silverstream more than Millie though. Here is the article for who is the better mate for Graystripe lets begin.

First up Millie lets do the good things first and the bad things last.

Good things about Millie,
She helped Graystripe find true love again and have kits too
She helped support kittypets to join the clans than being treated like some pile of dirt
She made Graystripe not too sad about his former mate’s death
She is very respectful when she is not worrying about Briarlight

Bad things about Millie

She neglected her kits and was WAY to over protective for Briarlight
She snapped at other cats if she was angry and stressed about Briarlight ( some cats she snapped at Jayfeather and Blossomfall)
She said to Bramblestar if Briarlight was not saved in time enough and drown in the flood she said he never forgive him.


Good things about Sliverstream
Graystripe’s true first love
Help him not drown to death in the river
Always cared for him and always looked out for him even when she was a StarClan warrior
Gave Firestar and Mistystar a life

bad things about Silverstream
Did break the warrior code

Who will Graystripe when he will go to StarClan I think it is Silverstream because Kate did say he will maybe surely pick Silverstream and first love always wins

I do like Millie I understand why Millie cared for Briarlight more but did it a little too far I don’t hate her I think she is a good cat and that she does still love Bumblestripe and Blossomfall but is worry about Briarlight. And if she had a Clan name I think it would be Sliverstorm or Silverwing something like that so don’t hate Millie every warrior is unique in their own way so don’t but all your hate on her.

I like Sliverstream she did break the Warrior Code but out of true love. So don’t hate Silverstream because she was bossy or she was from a different Clan like that. So don’t put all her hate on Silverstream Graystripe loved her so just like her a tiny bit Sliverstream haters.

Hope you liked this article post a comment what you think.


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  • I vote for Millie, because Silverstream was such a long time ago. It would be kind of awkward for Graystripe to end up with Silverstream in StarClan. Graystripe has a happy life with Millie now and it just doesn’t make sense for Gray to immediately flock back to his ex-wife once he dies, and abandon Millie. Plus, he was in love with Silver back when he was still a very young warrior in Forest of Secrets, even though he probably still cares a lot for Silverstream, that doesn’t me he still is in love with her and will choose her over Millie. GrayxSilver, to me, is pretty stale by now.

    • No he won’t. MillieXGray didn’t have the same chemistry as SilverXGray. They were more of friends emotionally.

      • Yeah.
        You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

        • I think that this “Millie” is most likly brave and tough and stuff but she didn’t REALLY save his life but she did bring him home. Silverstream on the other hand saved his life from drowning in a river. And StarClan’s reward for her was DEATH. Imagine you were Silverstream! My character Pineheart and his mate Ambertail were having kits but Ambertail while giving birth to her only kit: Cloverkit. And after she died Pineheart didn’t go lookin’ for a new mate! (I’m not a lovy dovy kinda girl…I hate pink, I hate unicorns, I hate princesses, and I truely hate BOYS the ones in my class are annoying. And I don’t have a side but I’m just saying Millie is better off friends. If your against this and you think Millie is the best…honestly I think Firestar or Snowkit is the best. (don’t judge me pls)

    • Yes I so agree all she did was fall in love with greystripe. Bluestar did that, and so did Reedfeather and Fallowtail. It is common. But Millie broke the last and what I believe to be the important tied with the kits must never be left to die, she in a way accepted kittypet life. Here is why, she did not change her name. Firestar changed his name and so did Pinestar wow. When they did this they kinda gained respect and the trust of their leader that they won’t go back. If a cat keeps their kittypet name it is to me like they are want to be thought of as a kittypet and a warrior. They have a kittypet name from twolegs that is terrible. SKYCLAN CATS changed their name in some way but Millie was straight up like, “NOPE. Not doing that I am a kittypet that will be known as a warrior.” She just annoys me with her choices but like saving greystripe to was the *ONE* good thing in my mind. She didn’t even ask if Blossomfall was okay she just straight up yelled at her for getting hurt. UGH.

      • What’s so wrong with her wanting to keep her name? She’s hardly the only cat to have done that. Boulder kept his name, so did Daisy, and Brook, and Stormfur when he joined the Tribe. It’s not disrespectful or rejecting any part of being a warrior. What’s important is her actions and her loyalty to the Clan. She said herself that she saw no shame in keeping her kittypet name. That, to me, seems more like an act of respect towards the twolegs that had named her and cared for her, even though she ultimately chose to leave them, than an act of disrespect towards her new Clan. Honestly, what does her name matter in the end?

      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • i think that its Graystritps choose he loves silverstreem but loves millie I’m not on a side but i do like millie till i saw a vidio

  • I hate Millie. The Erin’s just felt bad about killing Silverstream and made a replacement for her. Silverstream is an awesome character, and she deserves true love. Silverstream never left Graystripe when she joined StarClan. She was totally cool with Graystripe having a new mate. She never wishes any harm to anyone. If Graystripe doesn’t choose Silverstream, I’m gonna stop reading warriors.

      • ???????
        You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

    • I love Silverstream! I agree she’s a great character 🙂
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

    • she didn’t replace silverstream, graystripe really needs someone to have his back and millie helped him find true love again, mended his broken heart, they loved eachother too thats the only thing that matters besides the fact that silverstream bled to death *cries*

    • yeah, i hate millie to! she gave too much attention to brairlight and she didn’t gave attention to Bumblestripe and Blossomfall. Its actually all millie’s fault that blossomfall trained in the dark forest. Abd when blossomfall was sick she didn’t even care! Millie just sucks.

  • I love warrior cats I think it’s Graystipe choice Millie and SilverStream are both really good .I hate to be gray stripe its graystipe decision I wished he can choose both 🐱 🐭 🍕

  • Although I love Silverstream, I have to take Millie’s side on this. I think Graystripe will choose Millie in StarClan. He was with her much longer than Silverstream, and he not only had kits with her, but raised them and watched them grow and evolve into warriors. They watched their own daughter crush her spine, suffer through depression, feeling like her life didn’t have a purpose, and wanting to die. And although Millie didn’t handle the situation very well, neglecting Blossomfall, Graystripe stuck to her side, and was devoted to her for life. Millie was also willing to change her entire life and start living in a whole new way, just to be with Graystripe and have a family with him. Silverstream was more like a childhood crush that took a grave turn, and although Graystripe tried to change his ways for the sake of their kits, he couldn’t and lived his life separated from his family. With Millie, he didn’t have to live separated from his family, because he had a family in his own Clan!

    • It’s been said he will choose Silverstream **jumps around happily wishing he would die so he can get back to his better mate**

    • I wholeheartedly agree.
      I love Millie SO much more than Silverstream, and I think that since Graystripe was with her longer and made her a proper warrior, and was an elder with her, he will (hopefully)pick Millie.
      BESIDES Silverstream was SO rude to Crookedstar and Fireheart when she was with Graystripe!

  • I hate Graystripe and Millie SO MUCH . I know that Millie gave him a chance to love a plain, but still! How would you feel if your mom died while giving birth to you and your brother, then your dad got taken to “jail” for about a year, then came back and had another wife and had kids with her?!

    • Yo?like seriously!Millie deserves to have a chance if you doubt that read :The lost Warrior, Warriors refuge,and/or Warriors return.Thats all I’m gonna say. Cause I don’t judge and I love both Silverstream AND . . . Millie.

    • So you think that greystripe can’t be happy? If he hadn’t met Millie then he’d be sad about silverstream for the rest of his life.

  • Well, this is a duh… Being honest with all of you, I think Millie was just not the greatest cat for Graystripe. Gray x Silver Fur Sure

    • Same, I can NEVER imagine her as a beautiful silver like the AMAZING Silverstream

      • Shes not millie is an ugly cat who thinks Graystripe likes her I mean come on Silverstream is WAY better. She would be a good role model for millie but millie will never be as great in a MILLION years(millie’s name doesn’t deserve to be capitialized)

    • Actually, the reason you feel like she’s a brown tabby is because of the comic about Greystripe and Millie. She is drawn as a brown tabby and displayed only with brown colors.

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