Happy (belated) Clanniversary, Cypresswind!

A wild Emberdawn appears!

Hi, guys 😀 just woke up (jk)
(Picture from iHeartCats.com)

I know, I know, a (first) public announcement from me must mean some shocking and very very important thing is going on.

Well, you’d be right about the important part and you probably know what this is all about anyway!


Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s right~ It’s a clanniversary! But, it is no ordinary clanniversary because it’s one of our very own tsars!

Totally doesn’t have any clue how you imagine your fursona. Toooootally.
(Picture from Pinterest)

Alas, Cypresswind’s clanniversary was yesterday (by the time you guys see it, it might be two days!)…but that doesn’t mean we still can’t appreciate it! Two whole years on BlogClan and you’re still, if not even more, wonderful to be around and to talk to!

So keep on tsaring and writing and living (and breathing!)!

Have some party kitties in hats, Cyp!
(Picture/GIF from tackyraccoons.com)

And now that we’ve heard from one tsar, let’s hear from the others!


-An elusive Icy rolls in from stage right-

Now we can celebrate 731 days of Cypresswind! 😉 (I think that’s right. No idea, honestly. We all know I don’t do math.)

Cypresswind is an asset to BlogClan – I don’t know what we’d do without her! From her wonderful Clanniversary posts, to her spot-on advice, to her fantastic writing, she’s a big, big part of BlogClan, and I’m honoured to be called her friend. 🙂

She’s so wonderful and caring, and she’s always there for you when you need her. She always knows just what to say.

Stay fabulous, Cyp. 😉


*smoke rolls from stage left* *a caped figure appears* *the caped figure trips on their cape* *Russet struggles through the cloak*

Anyway, Happy Clanniversary Cyp! You are such a positive force on this blog and we appreciate everything you do. From your awesome posts to your kind and caring demeanor. We all love you and this Blog wouldn’t be the same without you!

Keep being your awesome unicorn self Cyp.


With love,

BlogClan (and cake. Always cake. Did you know the first U.K. Tim Hortons opened today? It was in Scotland!)

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