Should they be in the Dark Forest? by Otternose

Otternose shares and explains why they think some cats should be in the Dark Forest

Artist unknown (Source: Warriors Cats Dark Forest Wiki)

Otternose here, again, and today I thought I would talk about some cats who should be in the Dark Forest, but they aren’t. I think i have found good reasoning to all of these cats, and why they should be in the Dark Forest, but if some of the information is incorrect, please, correct me in the comments.

Now, my reasoning for Leopardstar being in the Dark Forest is because she was an all out terrible leader.
During the battle of Bloodclan, she was willing to give up her clan to the evil anarchy of Tigerstar. Why would she do this? Leopardstar knew that Tigerstar will evil, didn’t she?
I believe she did know, but why would she give her clan up to TigerClan? For love. “But a Leopardstar hates half can cats”. She does, but, Tigerstar easily manipulated her into letting him rule her clan, but not only that, but during Bramblestars storm, she took the lake for herself and her clan, which she knew good and well that it wasn’t RiverClans land.

What!? Firestar? Nooooo! Yeah, no. Firestar should not have been allowed in StarClan, he was a prophecy cat, but he also broke the code a record number of times, feeding RiverClam, helping YellowFang, allowing Leafpool to return to her rank as medicine cat, just because she was his daughter, but not to mention (hahaha I already mentioned this but oh well) He broke the code around ten times…. which is insane! Not only did he do the examples above, but he doesn’t know how to mind his own business, always trying to make things better when most the time he makes things worse… disgusting cat he is, disgusting cat he is indeed…

Okay, should I really have to debate over him? He tried to take leadership for himself even after Tallstar removed his deputy name, okay, I admit, I do think it was a bit unfair that Onestar became leader, and Mudclaw started a battle, too. !Almost! nothing good came out of this cat,

Alrighty, same thing does with Mudclaw, do I even have to debate? He attempted murder on four cats, that’s enough to get into the Dark Forest alone, but noooo, StarClan had to give second chances.

Just because Blackstar was a leader, does not mean that he should be welcomed into the land of stars. He wasn’t a follower of Brokenstar, that itself should get you into the Dark Forest, not only that, but the only reason why he got back into ShadowClan was because of Tigerstar, another evil ruler he followed. So yeah… besides, even as a leader he wasn’t the best cat.

Okay, If Brightflower goes to the Dark Forest for neglecting (or something similar) a kit, then why didn’t Rainflower?
She neglected Crookedkit just because of his crooked jaw, pretended that he wasn’t hers… disgraceful of her.

My, my, my. I love Shrewclaw. But this cat deserves to be in the Dark Forest. If Deerfoot was sent to the Dark Forest for teasing a kit, then why didn’t Shrewclaw get sent to the Dark Forest for bullying Tallstar by calling him Wormcat, Wormpaw, and Wormkit all of his life, also known as bullying.


So, I might make a part two to this in the future, but probably not…


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