Books That Might Have Inspired Warriors by Rainpaw

Rainpaw lists some books that might have inspired Warriors.

Cover art by Braldt Bralds (Original Illustrator)

Howdy, Rainpaw here and I am going to look at some possible inspirations for the Warriors series.

I know a couple books that possibly inspired Warriors and I shall talk about them. I will only be featuring 5 books.

1. Tailchaser’s Song- This book is possibly the biggest inspiration for Warriors just because of how the cats were named. Tailchaser’s Song is a book about a housecat named Fritti Tailchaser who goes on a journey to find the love of his life, Hushpad. From the villains to the heroes to the storytelling, this book was the main inspiration for Warriors.
Author: Tad Williams

2. Felidae- I gush over this book (and it’s movie) a lot. Felidae is a book that was made into a movie about a talking cat. This book/movie follows the cat detective, Francis, who tries to uncover the mysterious deaths of the cats in his neighborhood. He is aided by the old but intelligent cat Pascal and Bluebeard. The main inspiration from Warriors was the ending battle. Francis rips open the killer’s stomach and any Warriors fan would have this weird vibe, thinking that this was the inspiration for Tigerstar’s death.
Author: Akif Pirincci

3. Watership Down- Watership Down is a novel about rabbits trying to escape their warren, when one of the rabbits gets a vision that everyone will die. Led by Bigwig and Hazel, the rabbits leave the warren and encounter many obstacles. This book was a loose inspiration for everything on this list and it is one of the first novels about animals.
Author: Richard Adams

4. The Plague Dogs- The Plague Dogs is another novel by Richard Adams about two dogs who leave a laboratory where they were being harmed with ruthless experiments. This book was possibly an inspiration for Warriors because of the animal-human relationship in the book.
Author: Richard Adams

5. Ratha’s Creature (series)- The Ratha’s Creature series is a book series about prehistoric cats. It was possibly an inspiration for Warriors because of the cat behaver and Clan relationship in the book. I got a Warriors vibe as I read through the series.
Author: Clare Bell

Well that is it. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day. I suggest you read these books if you want to. They are really fun reads and it’s cool to see more books that were like Warriors.


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  • I never considered these before! Great article! I love Watership Down – we listened to the audio book while on a road trip… it was 16 hours long! I loved it though! and now looking back, I can definitely feel a warriors type vibe. (you forgot fiver for one of the leaders 😛 )

    I can also see very clearly your argument on Tallchaser’s song. As soon as I saw the title, I thought Tallstar and as soon as I saw the picture I thought different warrior cats cover 😛

    I loved the article! Great job 😀

  • Definitely Watership Down. Vicky said it was the main inspiration for The New Prophecy arc.

  • Cool! I’ve never heard of those books, but I think I would name Redwall as one of those series that might have inspired Warriors. 🙂

  • Definitely Watership Down and Plague Dogs, I haven’t read the others. I watched Plague Dogs recently and I definitely did see the similarity between it and warriors (though I thought it was a lot sadder), and Watership Down is very similar because of the big journey they had to make to get to their new home.

  • Nice article. 🙂 I’d also add Redwall to the list – I’m pretty sure it had been referenced as being inspiration for Warriors in the past.

  • When it comes to The New Prophecy, I would add The Animals Of Farthing Wood to that as well (which is also similar to Watership Down). Because in Farthing Wood, a group of animals have to join together whether they’d be predator or prey (through an oath) to make the journey to their new home and with Warriors: TNP, the rival Clans have to join together despite their differences to journey to the lake. And much like Farthing Wood, they encounter new conflict and problems when they reach their new destination like the badgers, the aggressive housecats and more conflicts between the Clans. Btw, new Warriors fan here! 😀