Top 5 moments in Prophecy’s Begin by Sapphireheart

Sapphireheart points out 5 moments important to her in the original arc.

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Hello everyone Sapphie here! This may be my first or second article because I submitted a different article. OK back to the point. Today I will talk about my Top 5 moments in the Original Series otherwise as known as Prophecy’s Begin. Now these are not in order of favorites because that would be a tough decision. If you somehow did not finish this series stop now otherwise, here we go!

Moment #1 Rusty meet’s the Thunderclan cats and his decision
Yes, it appears to be two moments but they are so close together I made it count as one. Rusty journey’s out of the safety of his twoleg home even with Smudges warning and he is attacked by Greypaw (Greystripe). They fight for a bit and then Rusty breaks free then runs. Then he decides to not run and face the threat and Greypaw is surprised. Greypaw then stops fighting and gets friendly. Then suddenly Bluestar and Greypaw’s mentor Lionheart appears from the undergrowth. They talk to Rusty a bit and Bluestar offers him to join Thunderclan. She gives him till tomorrow at sundown to decide. Rusty decides he want to join them and spends his remaining kittypet time with Smudge. (I admit I cried the first time I read this.) He then meets Lionheart and Tigerclaw. He went with them to the Thunderclan camp and so began his life as a Warrior cat.

Moment #2 Rusty and Longtail
Now this was a very important moment that proved he could be a warrior cat. Longtail continues to complain about Rusty and that he’s a kittypet. Rusty jumps on him and they tussle very roughly. Longtail catches Rusty’s collar and tries to choke him but then Rusty pulls away and his collar snaps off. Bluestar then declares that it’s a sign from Starclan that his collar snapped off. Rusty then covers his collar. Bluestar renames him Firepaw.

Moment #3 Thunderclan vs Shadowclan
In the battle against Shadowclan, Firepaw got the help of Yellowfang and the banished elders of Shadowclan to free Shadowclan from their vile leader Brokenstar and to save the kidnapped or should I say kitnapped kits. (p.s. I think one of those kits was Ashfur. *Readers gasp*) In the battle Firepaw encounters Clawface the one that killed Spottedleaf. *Dodges flying objects thrown by Spottedleaf haters* He tries to fill Clawface but is stopped by Whitestorm reminding him that the code says you don’t need to kill to win. They drive out Brokenstar and his other loyal members and win the day.

Moment #4 Firestar’s Leader ceremony
After Bluestar’s death Fireheart goes to recieve his 9 lives. He receives virtues that he will need to use in his leader ship and he received them in this order; Lionheart (courage),Redtail (Justice),Silverstream (loyalty for what is right), Runningwind (energy), Brindleface (protection), Swiftpaw (mentoring), Yellowfang (compassion) and Spottedleaf (love). He used these virtues well in his life.

Moment #5 Firestar and his Charge with Starclan cats in the battle with Bloodclan.
Now to tell you the Starclan cats didn’t fight but this really got me hyped. So Firestar revives from being killed by Scourge and charges with Starclan cats which included but not limited to Redtail,Lionheart, Bluestar, Yellowfang and others which I can’t remember. (Let me know who else was in this charge.)

Well that’s all of them. Please comment below what you would have put and what mistakes I made. This is Sapphie signing off.

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