Why Lionblaze Isn’t a Gary-Stu by Willowpaw

Willowpaw analyzes aspects of Lionblaze’s character. 

Artwork by Lupartea

Hello there. First of all, a warm welcome to future me, who is probably cringing at this article. Secondly, a warm welcome to you guys, who are probably cringing at this article. Apologies to both parties. As you can tell from the title, I’m defending Lionblaze. Specifically, saying why he’s not a Gary-Stu. For those who don’t know, a Gary-Stu/Mary-Sue is a perfect character. They have no flaws.

Here’s a quick list of reasons Lionblaze isn’t a Gary-Stu.

– He’s a bully. He nearly kills Crowfeather, he feels satisfied (at first) seeing Heatherpaw dead on the ground in his dream. He’s arrogant, aggressive, and bloodthirsty, hoping for battles just so he can fight.

– He trained with TIGERSTAR. /TIGERSTAR./ A Stu would immediately go “Tigerstar is BAD!” and reject him. He continued to train with Tigerstar for an entire SERIES. It’s not a quick mistake that he quickly fixes. He trained with Tigerstar and ENJOYED it.

– He refused to collect the catmint until the Clan was really dying. A Gary-Stu would collect it right away and return heroically.

– A Gary-Stu wouldn’t break the warrior code by meeting with Heatherpaw. Sure, he stopped, but a Gary-Stu wouldn’t do that in the first place.

– He accused Heatherpaw of betraying him and continued to believe that and hate her for it. A Gary-Stu would forgive her and move on or not accuse her at all.

– He allies with Sol and frees him. Sol is EVIL. A Gary-Stu wouldn’t free an evil cat.

– His powers don’t make him a Gary-Stu. He’s a little overpowered, seeing as he can’t be beaten in battle, but he doesn’t use his powers for good constantly. As I said, he’s a bully, and he hurt himself just to prove a point, which wastes herbs and stuff. He’s also strong enough to accidentally kill Russetfur, which is not a thing good cats do. This shows he’s not in complete control of his powers.

Okay so yeah that was cringy congrats future me buy your cringe tickets here
Anywho thanks for reading I guess
Please be respectful in the comments and all because woohoo fighting cats we’re not Lionblaze and Heathertail

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