Happy Birthday, Goldenfawn!

Happy birthday to one of our new senior warriors and my former apprentice, Goldenfawn! 😀

Do you have any fun plans for today? Getting cake? Or perhaps popsicles? 😉

That cake looks pawsitively purrfect.

(Sorry. Had to.)

And look what we have here! A wonderful gift from Gladepaw! 😀

What a lovely drawing! 🙂

And here we have a gift from Foxshadow!

Isn’t this such a nice gift? 😀

And now we have another gift from our friend Willowlight!

Pizza and popsicles! How perfect! Thank you for this, Willowlight!

And that will end the gift giving for this pos- wait, no. . . I think there might be more!

I found something from me! 😛

Pizza and ice cream and popsicles – All of your favourite things. 😉

And another gift! This fabulous one is from Birchfoot.

What a gorgeous gift! 😀

And would you look at this – more gifts!

From the ever amazing Sundance. 🙂

Beautiful gift, Sunny!

And one from Gummypaw! 😀

I love this one, Gummy! 🙂

And finally, a very interesting one from Flo.

We hope you have a wonderful birthday, Goldi, full of love and fun and sunshine. 🙂

Enjoy your day! Go out there and have fun – it’s your day, so make it great. 😀

Happy birthday, Goldi. 🙂


Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)


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