Happy Birthday, Snowbreeze!

Happy birthday, Snowbreeze! 💛

I think it’s a wonderful day for birthdays. 🙂 Any day is better if it’s a birthday! 😉

Any fun plans for today? Are you going to get cake? What kind? 😀 Do you prefer homemade or store-bought cake? 🙂

 And now we move onto gift giving! Hurray!

You received a wonderful gift from Gladepaw, but I wasn’t able to get it inserted into the post. Apologies. 🙁

A gift from me. 🙂 Not sure who the cat is, but she’s wishing you a happy birthday! 😛

Happy birthday, Snowy. Enjoy your day! 😀

Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)


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  • Ahhhhh oh my goodness thank you!! <3 <3 Where to start?? Thank you for the lovely comments!Thank you Icy for making this!! AND OH MY GOSH LUPINE YOU – I – WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD? Why –

    This is the best birthday gift ever! I'm sorry for not responding sooner. <3 Yes I enjoyed my birthday. I don't know what to say . . . except that I might be acting overly sappy. 😛 Again, thank you all so much!! <3

  • HOW DID I MISS THIS???!!!!! Oh wait, duh I joined on the 28th way after your birthday 😛☹️ Oh well I’ll get it next time! Happy very very very belated Birthday, Snowy! 😜🙂 (so you are born on the 10th [that’s what it says]?! Me too! Haha random fact)

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