Is Brokenstar StarClan’s Punishment? By Beepaw

Is Brokenstar a punishment from StarClan?

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I was rereading Yellowfang’s Secret earlier when I came across a phrase that struck me as odd.

“Was my kit a punishment from StarClan?”

We all know StarClan doles out punishment with impunity. Mudclaw’s death, Cinderpelt’s reincarnation (which is in a sense, is a reward for Cinderpelt but a punishment for Cinderheart, as it left her feeling like a shadow of a crippled medicine cat destined to follow her pawprints and serve as a wound-healer and hole-filler for the rest of her days. Nice going StarClan! You totally didn’t ruin Cinderheart’s relationships with her father, mother, and mate, not to mention her sense of purpose!), and much more.

But on those occasions, they only served to punish one. (Although they had no reason at all for doing that to Cinderheart, there’s StarClan logic- Sacrifice one cat for another!) Brokenstar’s birth destroyed many. In a way, you could possibly see this as a punishing for them all, but did Badgerpaw deserve to die? Raggedstar? Did Brightflower and Brackenfoot deserve to lose their kits, and did Marigoldkit and Mintkit deserve to lose their life? Did every mother deserve to lose her kits? Did every kit deserve to die? No, of course not. That notion is ridiculous- But then again, Cinderheart did nothing to deserve her punishment either.

So, were they all punished to serve a “greater good,” like Cinderheart, instead of being punished for actually doing something wrong, like Mudclaw? And what greater good would that be?)

It could be that the greater good would to teach medicine cats that they cannot have kits, or inform Raggedstar of his son’s cruelty. But so many deaths, so many hearts broken, just to teach this one lesson- I believe that that’s a ridiculously high cost. So, in conclusion, I believe that the birth of Brokenstar was an accident, not a punishment. Remember, some of StarClan are cats who have died very recently, and they could empathize with ShadowClan. They would believe in protecting as many lives as possible and probably have a greater say in things than the fading cats who now believe in serving “the greater good” instead of protecting life.

And as for Cinderheart?
Well, it wasn’t right, but it was only a small sacrifice, and Cinderpelt left her body eventually. Cinderpelt deserved a second chance, and, apparently, StarClan thought that outweighed Cinderheart’s happiness for a large portion of her life. I don’t know if I agree, but I understand why they did so.

Feel free to post other opinions of your own- I’m quite interested to see what other Bloggers have to say about this!

Do you think Brokenstar is a punishment from StarClan, or simply an accident?

(P.S: I’ve noticed something. When cats break the warrior code, they’re supposed to go to the Place of No Stars, aka the Dark Forest. But only cats who have killed another cat have gone there- Yellowfang didn’t go there, and Leafpool sure as heck won’t. [No matter how much I want her to..] I think that’s ridiculous, honestly. Why only enforce that for one kind of rule breaking? Perhaps the lovers are too sweet to share a home with murderers. Ah well- Grow up.)

Anyways, what do you think?

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  • I agree with all the things you said!!! I think you’re right, Brokenstar was an accident and not a punishment.

  • I think it is unfair to YellowFang that her daughters died at birth and her son became one of the most successful villains of the forest while LeafPool’s kits got a chance to live and they became saviors of the four clans.Yes of course LeafPool did suffer but she got the respect of her clan again and her kits forgave her.YellowFang never got a chance to talk to her son like a mother and she felt like she didn’t deserve StarClan’s mercy.

      • I wouldn’t say it is becuase of that.Because it would be kind of stupid.YellowFang was a medicine cat,which means she was StarClan’s server but FireStar was one of the saviors of the forest while YellowFang never did anything to save the forest.It sort of makes sense that LeafPool got more mercy but it don’t think that is why.Maybe YellowFang didn’t want LeafPool to go through the same hell that she did so StarClan let LeafPool get more mercy.

  • Hollyleaf killed a cat, but believed that she was following the warrior code.

  • You can’t help falling in love. Besides, the in-group/out-group mentality of Clans leads to some serious incest… I mean, Greystripe’s parents were SIBLINGS! They were BROTHER AND SISTER!

    Anyway, my point is, that part of the Warrior code ought to be removed. I get the whole thing about loyalty and the like, but it can really screw up some innocent cats’ lives.

  • I think Brokenstar was an accident too. StarClan cares enough about the Clans to not destroy so many innocent lives. And I think the lovers went to StarClan and not the Place of No Stars because the murderers were the cats who took lives. I think Yellowfang sympathized with Ashfur because they had both been in love, and Hollyleaf was forgiven because she sacrificed her life for Ivypool and thought she was following the code in killing Ashfur.