Otternoses top ten favorite, and least favorite warrior cats! by Otternose

Otternose discusses their favorite and least favorite warriors. 

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Hey guys, Otternose here. Today we’ll be covering my top ten favorite…
And most hated warriors. I’m just sitting in class, bored, typing up an article…

Number ten.
I have always loved Whitestorm since day one. This loyal, brave, calm warrior has always been a charming character in my sight. I cried for 10-20 minutes after his death in the battle versus Bloodclan in the first series. I always thought that he should’ve lived longer than he did.

Number nine
I know not many people like Tornear due to how he treated Firestar/heart. (I may be wrong) This cat also died in the battle versus Bloodclan. But Tornear’s personality was one of the main reasons I really liked him, a cunning tom, but just the name, Tornear, told me that I was going to love this character…

Number eight,
“Holy weasel in a toaster oven, you like Brokentail? I hate you! He was soooooo evil! He killed a lot of cats.”
Yeah, he was murderous, which was one of the reasons why I love his character, and I still love that character today, but pushing the murderous side… aside… let’s do a quick time travel into Brokenstar’s life. As a kit, he was raised by Lizard(I forgot the suffix but I think it was stripe…) yeah, anyways, Lizardstripe treated Brokenkit poorly, since he was the child of a medicine cat and a leader, he was raised without a mother. Just… I love Brokentail.

Number seven
Goosefeather was a very interesting cat, Although I dislike him having powers, in Bluestar’s prophecy he was a perfect fill for the medicine cat, insane, obsessed with prophecies, I mean, come on! Don’t you wish you could have a crazy uncle, too? Like Bluefur did… that sounded better in my head…

Number six
Darkstripe makes up for the perfect villain in my opinion. He is a very charming character to me, just the way he speaks in that sassy tone… it just gives me shivers, those good shivers, I absolutely love this character, everything about him, and the fact that he’s not really a villain, just lonely to the point where he’s evil… I L O V E  I T!

Number five
I don’t know much about this ever-lasting elder, but the main reason why I love him so much is for his name, and the fact that he had ‘died from greencough’ around four times just makes me love him so, so much…

Number four
Shrewpaw was awesome. He died in one of the most loyal ways possible, chasing prey across the thunder path and getting hit by a car… the brother of pathetic Spiderleg, decent friend to Squirrelpaw… a very loyal, kind, and brave cat, wiped out of the series, just like that…

Number three
Littlecloud was my favorite medicine cat ever. All together he was such a kin, happy, sweet cat, even as a warrior when his best friend, Whitethroat died trying to escape the ShadowClan sickness. I felt so bad for him then, and as a medicine cat, I felt so happy whenever he was in a book, even if it was just one scentence from him. He was such good friends with Cinderpelts, that I thought there would be a FBL between the two. But what hurt the most.., is when Littlecloud died. Swept away by a sickness, a slow and peaceful death… this was the only time, besides from Whitestorm, that I cried during a cats death. I cried for at least thirty minutes during this event.

Number two
Runningwind was a very, very minor character in the series. He died in a battle against Tigerclaw right after Whitethroats death. Runningwind was brave, noble, and kind. A very good, and very sweet character that I would absolutely LOVE more of. I may be wrong about this, but I was VERY sad when he did not show up in the battle against StarClan.

Honorable mentions:

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for.., the one I’ve kept you all waiting on…
Number one
There is so much to love about this character! A warrior, ferocious, brave, loyal? I’d say semi-loyal. His story is so deep.
Once he attacked Rusty in ThunderClan camp, I knew I would love this character so, so much… and I do. Being blinded by a rabbit, then being fished by a falling tree, trying to get his denmates lunch… how sweet of him.

Least favorite cats:
Number ten
Greystripe is almost worse than Firestar, being all buddy buddy with him. He has an absolutely terrible personality in my opinion. “Holy overused joke on the internet, she looks like my dead wife. I’m going to marry her.” Yeah, that’s practically what he did to Silverstream with Millie. I absolutely hate this character with all of my rage… and this is only number ten.

Number nine
Hate her, Hate her, HATE HER. She is too over dramatic. We’ve been putting up with her drama since the second series. “Holy sock puppet in a toaster… my sister wants me to raise her babies and pretend they’re-mine even though my crazy ex will want to kill them… OKAY!” She’s just… dramatic… I personally want her dead.

Number Eight
Sol was just… no… you can’t convince a clan to stop believing in StarClan… you just… no… you just don’t do that…
Like, this cat was so snotty. Lying to Leafstar about his past was just… cold. Poor Harrykit.

Number Seven
“Holy pepper sitting in a coffee mug my wife broke up with me… time to kill her whole family!” Yeah, Ashfur wa cool until that happened. Can’t stand it.

Number six
Ivypool and Dovewing
Instead of putting them in separate places, I just put them together. They’re both so… hhhhngh. Dovewing is like “I hate my life. I can’t spy on my boyfriend anymore with my magic powers.” While Ivypool is like “Oh, there are a bunch of evil cats… just keep my mouth shut and keep training, spy on them… maybe they won’t notice.” Well, actually Ivypool isn’t that bad…

Number five
He never should have been allowed back in the clan anyways, he chose to go with Brokenstar even though he knew it was wrong to break the code like he did… golly jeepers I hate every cat on this list so much that I’m actually getting mad…

Number four
Daisy is useless to ThunderClan besides from providing a few kits. She doesn’t hunt, she doesn’t fight, she is pointless besides from being another mouth to feed.

Number three
After the battle with Bloodclan, she should not have been allowed to keep her clan, she let Tigerclaw murder her own deputy, her own deputy! No good leader would’ve done that, especially for ‘love’

Number two
Frecklewish had no business telling the clan that Mapleshades mate was that ThunderClan deputy chic who died with Flowerpaw… yeah. She is the reason why Mapleshade was exiled, why her innocent kittens died. I was so happy when Mapleshad got her revenge.

Honorable mentions
“The three”
Clear Sky / Skystar
River Ripple

Number one
Firestar. You got that, the all mighty leader, I hate this cat to the death… in my opinion, he should be Jon the dark forest due to how many times he broke the Warrior Code, always trying to make things right… gosh… I hate everything about him, his pelt, his personality…
E V E R Y T H I N G.

So, yeah… these are the cats who I hate the most… why I think Firestar should be in the Dark Forest? I’ll explain in a different article.

Time taken: 2 hours 48 minutes and 52 seconds.

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  • Did you just put Squirrelflight and Graystripe on your list of least fav’s? I totally disagree with that. I’m glad that you put side characters on your favorite list. At least someone notices them! 🐱

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