My Top 10 Worst Warriors Characters by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw shares their opinion on the worst cats of the series.

Artwork by OneXWarrior

Here’s my list for the top 10 worst warriors characters. I’m going to list some uncommon opinions so please be nice.

10. Moonflower

In my opinion, Moonflower wasn’t that great. She was a good mother, but that’s about it. She hung out with Stormtail way too much, whines about Goosefeather being an apprentice too much, doesn’t care that her crush almost left her brother to die, and picks fights with apprentices even though she was almost a warrior.

9. Spottedleaf

Sure she was cool in Spottedleaf’s Heart, but that’s about it. She has no character and is placeholder for everything. Placeholder medicine cat, placeholder Starclan cat, placeholder Firestar crush, etc

8. Thistleclaw

He’s the most to blame for Tigerstar being evil. He trains in the Dark Forest and expects everyone to love him. He caused the death of 30+ cats.

7. Raggedstar

Raggedstar is also an overrated cat. Everyone adores him, but he’s annoying. He doesn’t care about Yellowfang at all, and thinks Brokenstar should be leader just because he’s his son.

6. Oakstar

He thinks it’s right to banish a queen and three helpless kits during a strong storm. Sure he may have had a reason to banish Mapleshade, but her kits? Not only that, but during a STORM!

5. Lionblaze (PO3)

He has no character until OOTS.

4. Skystar

Many people like him after The First Battle, but I just find him annoying.

3. Silverstream

I don’t get why Silverstream gets all the love. She’s bratty and selfish. She thinks she can change the warrior code and everything goes her way just because she’s Crookedstar’s daughter.

2. Blossomfall

Almost #1. It’s her own fault she’s in the Dark Forest. Millie just scolds her and she takes it as hate and trains in the Dark Forest. She’s a spoiled brat and expects Ivypool to be her friend even though Blossomfall is a huge jerk to her and Dovewing.

1. Breezepelt.

I have absolute no idea how anyone could relate to him. He has a good mother and expects his father to always pay attention to him. He attacks a disabled medicine cat and a pregnant queen at the Moonpool just because he doesn’t get attention from one cat. If your father didn’t pay attention to you, would you murder? Look at Bluestar and Snowfur, they weren’t evil. Same with Crookedstar.

So that’s my opinion. If you disagree, please say so nicely. Thanks for reading!

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  • What about Hollyleaf. The stupid bossy cat whose fave thing to do is kill a cat so they don’t tell the clans something, and then just tell them anyway. Also Lionblaze, are you sereal. Millie should be on the list as well because she’s a rejecting, overprotective foxheart.

      • Hollyleaf is OKAY!!!! She saved Ivypool and Dovewing!! Don’t forget she saved Cherrypaw and Molepaw from the fox! But…… She did KILL ASHFUR! (Ashfur needed to die by the way) Then went on to tell the Clans what she didn’t want Ashfur to tell them. At first, she is stupid, but she made up for it after she returned to ThunderClan.

  • Great job! I totally agree with the Silverstream being the worst. Here’s a few reasons:
    1.Silverstream fell in love with a ThunderClan cat.
    2.When Leapoardfur told her that it’s agianst the warrior code,Silverstream didn’t listen.
    3.Silverstream mated with Graystripe(From ThunderClan)and died while having his kits.

    There you have it. She is defienetly on my Worst List.😡

  • Im sorry but you are WRONG about Bluestar I’ll tell you what she did 1# She chased ThistleClaw out of StarClan. 2# She Fought WindClan for no reason 3# She had a mate from another clan and kit’s 4# SHE’S THE REASON WHY SWIFTPAW’S DEAD AND WHAT HAPPENED TO BRIGHTHEART!!!!!!!