Waterstorm Stands Up For Cats She Likes by Waterstorm

Waterstorm defends their favorite characters. 

Artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

So, Waterstorm, a very new user here, has come to stand up for her warrior loves <3

A lot of you hate her, probably, I’m not trying to be stereotypical or anything, but a lot of people do. She had to go through a lot. The main reason you may hate her is that she gave away her kits, causing the death of Mosskit. She didn’t want to give away her kits.
She didn’t want an evil leader, and she was doing it for the sake of the Clan.
Next, she went insane. Was that her fault?
She took a mate from another Clan. A lot of cats did…
She broke the code. A lot of cats did.
She drove Thistleclaw out of StarClan and turned him evil. It wasn’t her fault he turned evil – those were his actions. I’m teased by my brother and it hasn’t made ME evil, right?

You may think, “this cat hardly has any enemies!” and you are correct. He’s really just here for me to say he’s my mate XD

She doesn’t have much hate, but anyway…
She was an annoying apprentice. Annoying in your opinion. I saw her and Brambleclaw as my brother and I fight. And besides, she grew to be a noble warrior.
She made Ashfur mean. No, she didn’t, that was Ashfur’s actions.
She mated with BRAMBLECLAW! She didn’t HAVE to choose Ashfur.

I’m not saying a lot of people hate her, just my facts against what some people see as ‘problems’. I’m not saying she has no flaws though
She has naming problems. Not with her wild cats. If the kittypets don’t want to give up their name, they don’t have to. Just add a suffix, and it’s still fine. What’s wrong with Ebonyclaw? Rockshade?

Again, just on here to say I like her XD

Same as above XD

Above XD

Some people hate her for her choices, but not really understandable hate.
She hated Firestar, then mated with him!? WHAT!? She didn’t have to hate him her whole life. I don’t get why people hate her for this.
Her attitude. She can’t control that.

She doesn’t have any hate, but she’s just on here to say that I like her!

There is only one problem with her, that isn’t really a problem.
She’s a Mary-Sue!!!!!!!!! No, she’s not. She has flaws: She mated with a cat from another Clan, for example.

You know what I will say.
She was too obsessed with the code! She can’t control that.

So, I’ve said enough. I’m not trying to change an opinion or anything, so please don’t feel that way. Tell me what you think in the comments! I hope you have a good day <3

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    • Me too finally some people who agree with me ( I like almost all of the cats in the series XD)

  • I agree with the defense! I love all these cats and sometimes I don’t get why people hate them. It doesn’t make sense to me. Though I am more of a shipper😏

    (Dove x Tiger forevaa!!!)

  • I agree with all of these except for Silverstream (I find her too bratty), but she definitely isn’t a Mary Sue. Nice article!

  • Yay, I love this list! But unfortunately Feathertail does get hate because she apparently was a ‘Mary-sue’ and ‘became a stalker to Leafpool and her kits after her death’ 🙁 I don’t agree with that because I just believe she is just a caring, selfless character that wants her previous love’s kits to be as happy as they could be.

  • I feel like I’ve commented on this before but oh well idk if I did or not! Anyway, great article and I agree with lots of what you say. I absolutely love Squirrelflight and Cinderpelt and also Hollyleaf! And Bluestar, Tallstar, and Sandstorm are pretty great too (I have not read Firestar’s Quest so I have no opinion yet on Leafstar).