Predictions For AVOS and Some Random Ideas by Brightstorm

Brightstorm gives some pre-Shattered Sky predictions for the sixth series.

Artwork by Tarot Opossum

Hello Clanmates! I’m Brightstorm (Bright Flash In Storm Cloud) and this is my first article just on my predictions for the main plot in the rest of the A Vision of Shadows arc and a few little things I’d like to see happen. So then, let’s get started!


ALDERHEART OF SKYCLAN: I think it’s undoubtedly certain that Alderheart will become SkyClan’s new medicine cat after they rejoin the Clans at the lake. With Echosong, Frecklewish, and Fidgetpaw all deceased or missing in action, it only makes sense that a medicine cat from another Clan would step into the role and since ThunderClan has such a surplus of medicine cats it only makes sense. Alderheart is also the only one of the current medicine cats that are aware of SkyClan’s existence and has dedicated so much of his heart into trying to help them already. Also let’s not forget that he himself has SkyClan blood (Tigerstar is descendant from Cloudstar) and that ThunderClan has always been closely connected to SkyClan not just because of the events of Firestar’s Quest but also because as we discovered in Dawn Of The Clans, THUNDERSTAR WAS SKYSTAR’S SON! With all these close connections, Alderheart will join SkyClan. It also would be the easiest way for the Erins to keep the SkyClan cats as characters in the books since they won’t have Hawkwing or Leafstar as point-of-view characters (most likely anyway) and Twigpaw will probably follow him as well, reuniting with her father (though no one will know it).

CROWSTAR: Oh great StarClan, here I go talking about Crowfeather. Though he is definitely flawed, I find him to be one of the most fleshed out characters without a point-of-view in the series. Yes yes yes, I know he’s been a not so great mate or parent to either his ThunderClan or WindClan families, but I think he’s been destined to be WindClan’s leader for awhile now. In the 2nd one of the Ravenpaw’s Path mangas there’s a brief subplot where Crowfeather, Crowkit at the time, is missing and WindClan is being hostile frantically trying to find him. Ravenpaw and Barley join the search and find him playing by himself at Fourtrees and he says he was “seeing what it was like to be leader” before they take him back to WindClan. Other than this little hint, he’s more than qualified for the role, having had three apprentices, both of his parents served as deputies at times in their lives, and he’s descendant from Windstar and Gorsestar. He’s had wavering loyalty and briefly left the clan sure, but so did Tallstar. Harespring will either die before Onestar does, Onestar will pull a switcheroo on deputies like Tallstar did on his deathbed, or Harespring will become leader but die quickly. (Remember leader turnover is sometimes very fast, just look at ShadowClan in the Prophecies Begin arc).

GET OUT OF MY CLAN: With Tigerheart’s Shadow being about the rekindled relationship of Dovewing and Tigerheart and the search for SkyClan (or we can assume anyway), I think they’re finally going to stop all the hot and cold nonsense, become mates, and have kits. And let’s face it, Rowanstar is not going to be happy about this. He’s already lost control of his Clan, so he’s not going to take kindly to any other breaking of the warrior code, especially from his son who has already been quite a bit of trouble already (trained in the Dark Forest, tsk tsk Tigerheart). On Dovewing’s side, she’s going to stick to him like glue after they finally sort out their feelings for each other and especially if she has kits. If he gets banished from ShadowClan, she’s going to follow him wherever he goes, and boy is Ivypool going to be MAD. And where would they even go? Hmm…SkyClan could use to swell their ranks…you know, since they’ve lost so many cats. Plus Leafstar is going to struggle with the idea of banishing cats for having mates in other Clans since she’s never had to deal with the issue and had a mate who was a daylight-warrior, so she’d willingly take them in.

KESTRELFLIGHT’S APPRENTICE: Since Kestrelflight has been the solo medicine cat of WindClan for a long time now, it only makes sense that he would take an apprentice sooner rather than later, especially with the Clans being in such turmoil. Who will this cat be? My money is on it being either of Breezepelt and Heathertail’s daughters, Smokepaw and Brindlepaw. We’ve only seen them briefly so far at a Gathering, but both seem to be fairly friendly cats, not hesitating to mingle with other apprentices from other Clans. It would be a redeeming sort of factor for Breezepelt since he’s had such a dark past that his child would grow into such an important role. Also, the last female medicine cat of WindClan was Larkwing, who was around at the time of SkyClan’s exile, so it seems time for another she-cat to step up to the plate.

SCOURGE’S REVENGE?: One of the fan favorite things to speculate about at the moment is why exactly Darktail is so against the Clans. Hawkwing’s Journey tells how he took over the gorge, but nothing about why he set out with his rouges to destroy SkyClan. It was a pretty elaborate plot, he set up pitfalls and false leads all along the way to try and get more and more of the Clan killed to thin their ranks to make the takeover easier. Darktail and his rogues seem to have knowledge beyond their reach. It’s possible some of them are old enough to remember seeing the Clans making the Great Journey to the lake, but (if memory serves) the Clan cats didn’t stop to talk to any rogues or loners along the way until they got to the lake. My theory is that they are the descendants of BloodClan, which I believe may have been inspired by not just Scourge but leftover remnants of Slash’s group as well, and that Darktail is being guided by the spirits of Scourge, Slash, and possibly Bone. While none of these evil cats believed in StarClan, it has been revealed that cats outside the Clans have an afterlife, as seen with Jake coming to Tallstar when he’s dying and Leafstar’s mother coming to give her one of her nine lives. In life, they were toxic, manipulative, and vengeful, and without a doubt haven’t forgotten being defeated by the Clans. While some say that they’re far too in the past to have any connection to the current plot, so was Brokenstar. Brokenstar died in the third book of the first arc and then like 3 series later he launched a full-scale attack on the Clans! Half Moon was the first Stoneteller and Jayfeather is still in love with her! Cloudstar had no connection to Firestar and just suddenly started sending him dream visions! Rock was apparently an even older leader of a cat group before The Ancients at the lake and StarClan knows when that occurred but he still took Jayfeather back in time! It isn’t as far-fetched as it seems.

Alright so to end this here are a few little predictions in regards to ships and StarClan:

– Cherryfall and Stormcloud become mates and have kits in Shattered Sky or Darkest Night.
– Thornclaw and Blossomfall become official and have kits in Shattered Sky or Darkest Night.
– Juniperkit and Dandelionkit (Bramblestar and Squirrelflight’s other two kits) are looked after in StarClan by Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves.
– Mapleshade gets to see her kits on the border between StarClan and the Dark Forest on occasion.
– Bumblestripe and Rosepetal become mates and (hopefully) have kits before the end of AVOS.
– Graystripe and Millie enjoy a nice, long retirement.
– Mosskit plays with Mistystar’s kits and Crookedstar’s kits regularly in StarClan.
– Sharpclaw and Duskpaw are together all the time in StarClan.
– Sandstorm, Firestar, Dustpelt, and Ravenpaw all sit around reminiscing about the past in StarClan.
– Littlecloud and Cinderpelt spend most of their time together in StarClan.
– Darkstripe never shows his ugly face again 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this!


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