Why You Shouldn’t hate Millie! by Delta

Delta defends Millie.

Artwork by Vialir

Millie is an overall descent cat. She has a mate and three kits and in the latest books, is an elder. But what people don’t understand is that Millie supplied more than Silverstream. She lasted longer. Graystripe hit up Silver saying “Hey let’s break the warrior code!” While Millie actually gave up slouching with a Twoleg to go live with Gray. That’s more dedication to her mate than Silver ever gave. Did Silver leave to join her mate? No.

Silver and Gray’s kits;

Stone even DIED for their kits. They would just be better off dead because then they’ve would’ve died anyways. Storm left to the tribe and Feather gave her life up for the Tribe. All those two think about are the tribe. They have no contribution to RiverClan or ThunderClan once so ever. They just hit up with those mountain folks all their life until they die.

Millie and Gray’s kits:

These kits lived longer and had a somewhat successful life. Other than Briar messed up her legs, Blossom made a friend and that friend assisted her to a better life after the Dark Forest war. Bumblestripe has a life goal for Dovewing to be his mate and to have kits with her. Briarlight had a luxuriate life. But then when it comes to Millie, people look at her with slim eyes and vows to kill her.


Let me say something. Millie didn’t neglect Blossom. “WHAT?!!?!!” You may scream. Let me explain. Saying “Blossom, you need to grow up!” Isn’t neglect. As stated here ( http://erinhunter.katecary.co.uk/the-case-of-millie-by-kindheart/comment-page-1/] )Bumble and Blossom are warriors. Warriors are old enough to rely on their own than lean on their mother’s shoulders. Who needed their mother more? Briar. Blossom doesn’t need her mother anymore. She doesn’t need Millie for her milk, she doesn’t need to learn to eat or walk. Blossom doesn’t really need Millie anymore.

When Silver died, Gray was heartbroken and sad because his mate is in StarClan. But moons later, he gets a new mate named Millie. The community becomes livid and goes into a rampage because Graystripe moved on. People do this. A wife/husband will move on when their spouse is dead. The cats wouldn’t be any different. Would you A. See Graystripe grow up happy with Millie. Or B. See Graystripe become depressed and be lonely his whole life.

ou can’t just hate Millie because she replaced Silverstream. Silver died and someone can move on in. You can’t just hate Millie for “neglect”. She never neglected her kits. Like I said before, she is a decent character. She is hidden underneath her kits and Silverstream. Millie just made some mistakes with her litter. That’s all.

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  • Graystripe was a better father to Silverstream’s kits. He still affectionately called them his kits even when they were adults. Graystripe also worried about them when they disappeared to go on the journey to the sun drown place. He was concerned about their safety when Tigerstar took over Riverclan. Graystripe didn’t even care when Briarlight’s backbone got broken. He didn’t spend time with her at all. He just stood there, when Millie was mean to Blossomfall. He didn’t try to comfort her or reassure her that she is loved.

    Feathertail and Stormfur achieved more than their younger half-siblings in a shorter period of time. They both went on the journey to the sun drown place, which was important to the clans in order to find a new home. The others would not have made it without them. Feathertail sacrificed her life protecting the tribe, and is well remembered by both the tribe and the clans. She went on to play an important role as a Starclan warrior. She assisted with Willowpaw’s medicine cat training because Mothwing didn’t believe in Starclan. She also warned Leafpool when Riverclan was in danger. Stormfur was a loyal warrior during his time in Thunderclan.

    Bumblestripe’s goal to start a family with Dovewing is just something most characters do at some point. It is hardly spectacular. Stormfur also started a family with Brooke. It is also questionable if Bumblestripe’s goal is a smart one, considering that Dovewing isn’t that into him. He would be better off pursuing a relationship with a she-cat that actually likes him.

    Millie became a terrible mother after Briarlight’s accident. Her relationship with her other kits became toxic. Google adult/parent relationships. She took her grief out on them and wore them down emotionally. She hasn’t had any positive interactions with them since Briarlight became disabled. There was no reason she couldn’t be kind to them. After Omen of the Stars, we don’t see them interacting with her at all. That tells you something.

    Technically, Graystripe broke warrior code when he took Millie as a mate. Warrior code states that Clan cats can only mate with cats from their own clan. The only reason Graystripe did not have any problems when he brought Millie back to Thunderclan is because Thunderclan had become more open to outsiders at that point and Firestar is more relaxed about outsiders in the clan. Imagine if Rowanclaw had been leader of Thunderclan, Millie would have been met with hostility. Or if Thunderclan was the way it was in the first series, Graystripe would have been shunned by half the clan.

    Silverstream had more to loose if she joined Thunderclan to be with Graystripe. For one thing she would have to fight against Riverclan when the clans went to war over sunning rocks which they frequently did. Imagine having to fight people you grew up with. She also would have to leave her poor father, Crookedstar all alone. If you have read Crookedstar’s promise you would know why this would hurt Crookedstar. Silverstream would also have to leave behind her cousin and best friend Mistyfoot. Millie only had her house folk to leave behind. The emotional bond between kin and clanmates is stronger than the emotional bond between kittypet and house folk.

    • I disagree with one thing: Graystripe WAS sad when Briarlight broke her spine. He DID care.
      Graystripe was being rejected by Millie too, so that’s my guess why he didn’t stop her from yelling at Blossomfall: he didn’t know how.
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • I respect your opinion, but I don’t like Millie!
    She fussed over Brairlight TOO MUCH. She acted like Brairlight NEEDED to be watched every moment because of her injury- and probably lowered her self esteem in the process.

    She rejected Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, leading to Blossomfall joining the Dark Forest and Bumblestripe continuing to blindly follow Dovewing around because he loves her!

    Millie should have been there for ALL her kits- not just Brairlight.

    Also, Millie wasn’t even there for GRAYSTRIPE!

    She even ignores HIM when she is all fussing over Brairlight.

    You don’t see Graystripe doing that, do you?

    He treats Brairlight well, but he doesn’t fuss over her unnecessarily like Millie!

    Also, Millie acts like she knows more about how to help Brairlight then Jayfeather!

    Millie is NOT a medicine cat!

    Honestly, by trying to ‘help’ Brairlight, Millie is honestly probably doing more harm to her daughter’s self esteem.

    She treats Brairlight like she can’t do anything with her (without Millie) which makes Brairlight feel bad about herself.

    Millie isn’t a good cat.
    I rest my case.