Mary Sue? by Snowyfoot

Snowyfoot discusses some possible Mary-Sues of the series.

Artwork by CatsCat

By the title you can already tell what this warriors fan article will be about. Mary Sues. I have no right to your opinions so if they are not positive or polite please keep them to yourself.

First up we have Dovewing.

Now Dovewing is a bit of a Mary Sue in my opinion not because she whined but for the reasons she did. They always kinda irked me. I get that she would be upset over the loss of her power but she was and adult that should not act that way. Now one reason she whined was because her powers wouldn’t work properly, sounds a little MS to me (MS means Mary Sue) she automatically expects them to work with the twitch of an ear (I can’t say snap if a finger though XD). This pretty much tells me she wants things to work her way. That everything should be prim and perfect. And finally when she looses them which I should note when she first got them she wished she never had them, she whined more because things became harder for her, which I should say her power made a lot of things easier. Many people reading this can say that’s just lazy or that doesn’t make her an MS but getting to my point is that she expected everything to be perfect after the battle affecting her total being.


Now that is the end of dovewings part and now on to. *drum roll*…, Spottedleaf
Now I have recently purchased Spottedleafs Heart and I didn’t like at all the SpottedxThistle ship! At all!!!!! But that’s not my reason. She is not an MS because of this but she is for theee reasons. Now from the time we met her and in StarClan she seemed perfect. Stood up to the bullies, got everything from StarClan right, and I am not saying she was perfect only for that because that what medicine cat should but she completly understood them without confusion, and the fact that she always seemed a bit of a stalker and was the perfect role model still! Now when we first meet her she seemed perfect, already had wounds patched up from the whole battle and received a sign and completly understood it. But it almost made me wanna put the book down when I saw more unexplained love between her and the young apprentice Firepaw. But when she died she completly swarms every dream he has, and to top it off dead vs living romanxe never usually worked just look at Jayfeather and Half Moon. *points to a glaring Jayfeather* Now the fact that she was always was prim in StarClan and was always sought out in dreams and gave prophecies looked like special treatment to me. That’s just my opinion though. Spottedleaf was a good character but some flaws would have made her more interesting and I am not saying she had non but more in text flaws.


Now last but not least we have…, Star Flower
She was always kinda a playa to me… she just went on to Thunder then his FATHER! She was never even questioned about her loyalties by the people who liked her well maybe one person or cat did but when Thunder swears hatred in her, he then begs his father to let her in his group! Come on! Now once there you know how clear sky is you live him and his mate alone for two minutes and bang she’s expecting kits. You all have to agree with that XD. But the fact she was just a free roller and so prim and pretty to all cats made her perfect and flawless ugh! Even when her father turned out to be one eye she was still just a pretty face that was chased after! Te fact she was never questioned by Thunder even though he HATED her was always a problem to me, but she was a briefer character so this ends my case. Now before I go let’s just say something about what I said about clear sky. He is seen wth Bright Stream, two minutes later she is revealed pregnant. Storm comes to his camp and next time we see her she is pregnant. Now we have
star flower, she moved to camp and a chapter or so later she is pregnant, and you know in your heart of hears its true XD XD. Well peace out!

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  • A Mary-Sue doesn’t mean an annoying character. A Mary-Sue means a character who is perfect in every way. Dovewing’s whining, childishness, and her being slightly spoiled because of her powers are FLAWS.

  • IK about Star Flower. It’s like your ex going, “Hey! Your dad’s kids are gonna be born!”
    IDK…I’m nuetral about Spottedleaf…
    Now, Dovewing is okay….she just really irked me. She was a bit of a mary-sue. She literally turned her back on Ivypool until Ivypool began threatening Dovewing’s legacy.

  • Dovewing:
    Dovewing was used to her powers all of her life. She felt blind and deaf because of her loss. Her loss impacted her more than Jayfeather and Lionblaze’s loss of powers did. If Dovewing was all fine about her powers being lost, then she would be a Mary-Sue.


    Star Flower:
    She isn’t the biggest Mary-Sue.

  • My cat whines when I don’t let her outside (She’s really supposed to be an indoor cat, but she runs outside sometimes) and she’s not a “Mary Sue” because she’s a real cat XD and being a perfectionist (like what you said about Dovewing) is also a flaw. A Mary Sue would accept that nothing has to be perfect and just try her (or his if it’s a “Gary Stu”) best.

    I don’t think Spottedleaf is a Mary Sue either. I really just think that before Spottedleaf’s Heart she was kind of underdeveloped, but if she WAS a Mary Sue, I don’t think people would be calling her a “stalker” because stalking could be considered a flaw, and she’s also a medicine cat yet she was in love with Firepaw/heart/star so even before Spottedleaf’s Heart she wasn’t actually a Mary Sue. Spottedleaf’s Heart just helped to give her development 🙂

    I haven’t read Dawn of the Clans so I don’t really know much about Star Flower, but she could be another underdeveloped character and not all characters have obvious flaws, especially if they’re minor characters and we don’t get to see them as often as other characters.

  • Dovewing wasn’t a Mary-Sue because of her whining.

    Spottedleaf did not get enough time to show any flaws other than falling in love.

    I got to admit that Star Flower is kinda a Mary-Sue. I don’t have an argument 😛

  • HOnestly I think the fact that Spottedleaf fell for cats despite what she knew is what makes her a borderline sue. Not being able to move on from a simple crush is one of her flaws *cough*firestar*cough*. I haven’t read Spottedleaf’s Heart yet so I don’t know what happens, but this is just my opinion

  • Well, a Mary-sue is a character of which the world revolves around. They tend not to have a consistent personality.

  • So tell me this if you lost your arm would you whine about losing it or would you be like yeah fine I lost my arm no big deal and of course you’d want everything to be easier so I highly doubt that Dovewing is a Mary-sue

  • It’s honestly perfectly reasonable for Dovewing to complain about losing her powers because her powers were her basic senses. All of a sudden, she felt as if she couldn’t see or hear nearly as well as she could before. The fact that she felt as if she lost 2 of her senses in such a short amount of time is definitely scary, and she had every right to complain.

  • i think spottedleaf was desprit(?) for love so thats why she loved thistleclaw and starflower what if CLEAR SKY was the player and also i never relized that

  • Dovewing wasn’t a Mary Sue, due to her living with her powers for all her life then suddenly losing them, that was the reason for her whining, she ALWAYS had those senses. Imagine if you suddenly lost half of your vision and hearing, how would you feel?

    Spottedleaf was a Mary Sue in my mind, she fell in love with Firepaw (kinda pedophilia) and continued to love him despite him having a mate (and Sand being COMPLETELY FINE WITH IT *like what the heck?!?!). Spotted never left Fire alone and (spoilers) she died protecting Sand so she lives, and there is this touching moment (i hate SpottedxFire) then she disappears forever (when she told him she would wait for him in SC) then Fire died (and it takes over a year for Sand to die), imma leave it here .3.

    And Star Flower was a Mary Sue in a way, like she was pregnant after spending maybe an hour with Skystar (Clear Sky) and she was still loved after she was the daughter of this ugly murderer and had everyone protecting her because she couldn’t do so herself

  • Dovewing is only part Mary Sue, but Spottedleaf? 100%. I can’t think of one negative trait she was ever described with.

    • Ya! Totally. My joke for Spottedleaf is that she’s only there for Firestar to smell.

  • OMG! I hate Starflower. I know people like her (she’s listed in the girl bosses article) but I just can’t stand her. She’s just crazy annoying. Who gets with their ex’s father?