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The Parallels of Harry Potter and Warriors by Freespirit

Freespirit analyzes the similarities of Harry Potter and Warriors.

Artwork by Snowfalls_art

WARNING: MAJOR spoilers for the Harry Potter books!
Hello! It’s a cat with a Freespirit, here to talk about books about Magical Humans compared to cats. Now lets get the obvious ones out of the way. The books are both set in Great Britain. (and if you don’t believe me, think of the animals the cats encounter most.) they both have and underdog protagonist who never knew about the world. They have to fill a prophecy, and they die fighting evil, but then are resurrected because of dead things, in order to go and fight a final battle with a big threat. Ok, yay. General overview out of the way, let get talking more specific details. Such as characters! Or Clans and Houses. Fine.
Ravenclaw-Riverclan! I mean, they start with the same letter.
Hufflepuff-Windclan! Windclan is loyal. Thats all you need to know.
Slytherin-Shadowclan! Need I say anything?
Grifindor-Thunderclan! See above.

Firestar and Harry Potter have a lot alike. They have someone who hates them the moment they step into the clan/school. An important cast member (Hagrid IS important!) ask/tell them to join up a group. There, they are the underdogs, but already are rumored about. They hate the clan of Slytherin/Shadow Clan, and they have a sidekick.
Graystripe and Ron are soulmates, who love to eat and hardly do any work, leaving it all up to Firestar/Harry. They do end up being lovable!
Sandstorm and Hermione. Obnoxious know-it-alls who end up together with Ron and Firestar. End up being the brains of the group once they join up.
Dustpelt and Snape. The bullies of our cast, who end up being good, but still hate Harrystar. FirePotter? FirePotter sounds nicer.
Scourge and Voldemort evil Evil EVIL!! You might think, wheres Tigerstar? shouldn’t he be Voldemort? Too me, scourge was more Voldemort-e. Tigerstar is his own cat.

Welp, these are all the obvious ones.. I was going to include more, but I was like, first arc is fine. Lazy, Crazy me.

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