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The Parallels of Harry Potter and Warriors by Freespirit

Freespirit analyzes the similarities of Harry Potter and Warriors.

Artwork by Snowfalls_art

WARNING: MAJOR spoilers for the Harry Potter books!
Hello! It’s a cat with a Freespirit, here to talk about books about Magical Humans compared to cats. Now lets get the obvious ones out of the way. The books are both set in Great Britain. (and if you don’t believe me, think of the animals the cats encounter most.) they both have and underdog protagonist who never knew about the world. They have to fill a prophecy, and they die fighting evil, but then are resurrected because of dead things, in order to go and fight a final battle with a big threat. Ok, yay. General overview out of the way, let get talking more specific details. Such as characters! Or Clans and Houses. Fine.
Ravenclaw-Riverclan! I mean, they start with the same letter.
Hufflepuff-Windclan! Windclan is loyal. Thats all you need to know.
Slytherin-Shadowclan! Need I say anything?
Grifindor-Thunderclan! See above.

Firestar and Harry Potter have a lot alike. They have someone who hates them the moment they step into the clan/school. An important cast member (Hagrid IS important!) ask/tell them to join up a group. There, they are the underdogs, but already are rumored about. They hate the clan of Slytherin/Shadow Clan, and they have a sidekick.
Graystripe and Ron are soulmates, who love to eat and hardly do any work, leaving it all up to Firestar/Harry. They do end up being lovable!
Sandstorm and Hermione. Obnoxious know-it-alls who end up together with Ron and Firestar. End up being the brains of the group once they join up.
Dustpelt and Snape. The bullies of our cast, who end up being good, but still hate Harrystar. FirePotter? FirePotter sounds nicer.
Scourge and Voldemort evil Evil EVIL!! You might think, wheres Tigerstar? shouldn’t he be Voldemort? Too me, scourge was more Voldemort-e. Tigerstar is his own cat.

Welp, these are all the obvious ones.. I was going to include more, but I was like, first arc is fine. Lazy, Crazy me.

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  • This is good, but I think that the characters in Warriors are more complex. I also think that the plots are more complex.

  • I always thought of RiverClan as Hufflepuff, and WindClan as Ravenclaw.

    Snape and Ashfur seems like a better parallel. They both fell in love, and then took their anger out on other cats. Snape spent his life being awful to his students and tried to ruin Remus’s life because Lily didn’t love him. Ashfur tried to murder multiple cats because Squirrelflight didn’t love him. They both had done some good things (Ashfur was good until then, and Snape was a spy), but that doesn’t excuse their actions, and they are still, to me, bad people/cats.

    Nice article

    • Actually, RiverClan is known for their brains and so is Ravenclaw. WindClan is known to be loyal and so is Hufflepuff. That’s the official description of the Clans.

    • Honestly, as bad as Snape is, Ashfur is worse. Snape was a bad person, I agree, and he was pretty awful to his students – but at least he never specifically tried to murder Harry because of Lily not loving him. He actually did everything in his power to protect Harry, and risked his life by spying on the most dangerous man alive in order to protect Harry and avenge Lily. Again – not a good person, but he did good things and ended up helping save the wizarding world from Voldemort. All Ashfur ever did after Squirrelflight broke up with him was try to murder the cats close to her to punish her. 😛

      • In the official Clan descriptions, RiverClan is witty and WindClan is loyal. Ravenclaw is witty and Hufflepuff is loyal…

        And I agree with Jayie. Ashfur is way worse

        • All the Clans are loyal, but WindClan is also known for thinking creatively and inventing new ways of working (like figuring out tunneling). Creativity is a huge aspect of Ravenclaw.

          RiverClan is also known to not leap into battles unless they are defending something they care about, which is pretty Hufflepuff like.

          • No they’re not. They are known for being loyal to those who they have an allegiance with. RiverClan is knwon to be as quick-minded as the river.

            In the official description, RiverClan is known as the clever and wily and WindClan is known as the loyal. Just go to warriorcats.com

            • All of the Clans are loyal to each other. All of them. I’m sure most cats from any clan would give their lives for their clan. That’s pretty darn loyal.

              Yes, RiverClan can be clever, but in the books I don’t remember many times they thought differently about a problem, which is the definition of RiverClan. Being clever is more a Slytherin trait anyways.

              RiverClan, however, IS shown to be a relatively peaceful and thoughtful Clan. They do not rush into a lot of battles (Sunningrocks would be the exception), and are generally the friendliest of the Clans. That is more Hufflepuff, in my opinion.

              The Clans and the houses don’t fit perfectly with each other, but RiverClan is more like Hufflepuff than Ravenclaw.

              • Cunning is Slytherin. Also, let me give you the official warriors descriptions. If you need evidence, go to warrior’s offiial page. Confirmed by Erins is confirmed!
                ThunderClan: Fierce and Brave
                WindClan: Swift and LOYAL
                RiverClan: CLEVER and Strong
                ShadowClan: Wily and Proud

                • Slytherin is cunning, ambition, being resourceful, clever, etc. To me, it’s about quick thinking and doing what you need to do get to your goal.

                  Ravenclaw is valuing learning and creativity. It’s about creating and sharing art or knowledge with others. They like to learn and think of different ways to get around a problem, as well as generally loving arts and such.

                  I actually did visit the website and I saw that, but I was just commenting that there’s more evidence in the books for RiverClan to be Hufflepuff, instead of WindClan.

              • Overall, though, I’d make SkyClan Hufflepuff. And also, since when did SindClan think of multiple strategies?

  • I agree a bit and disagree too. I feel like warriors and HP are more complex. I agree with the Clan-House thing but for of different reasons. RiverClan is known to be smart.

  • I like this article. I haven’t read many Harry Potter books though so I don’t really have a comment other than, this is a good article. XD

  • Cool article! This even got more comments than the Rainflower defending page! I just wanted to say that not only should Ravenclaw and RiverClan be paired up because they start with an r, but they are also both said to be ‘clever’. Also Ron and Greystripe aren’t really lazy – they are valued friends that do as much as they can to help the main character (mostly 😉 )

  • here is some non-caps since i cba to rewrite that and apparently the algorithm thinks this is spam.


    Also the suggestion that SlytherShadowClan is evil. Just no. I have also written essays on this, analysing Slytherin traits, history, lore, etc. Not evil. You can also fight me on this.

    Otherwise, fair enough comparison. Also, spoilers for both series, the wise leader character (Bluestar/Dumbledore) dies in the penultimate or penpenultimate(? not a word but eh) book of the series (or first series in Bluestar’s case).

    • He was not a good person, but he did very good things and ended up helping save the world through his actions. That’s why I find him interesting. His behavior towards his students is not justified, and his motivations for being on Harry’s side are completely wrong. But he still risks his life by spying on Voldemort and lying to his face, and ends up giving Harry exactly the advantage he needs to beat Voldemort by sacrificing his life.

      That’s why I will always fight to defend Harry naming his son after Snape. He doesn’t say he’s named Albus after two of the best or most noble men he ever knew. He says two of the bravest. Snape is not a good man, and a lot of his actions are inexcusable. But it is undeniable to say that he is a brave man (anyone who lies right to Voldemort’s face while acting as one of his loyal followers has to be brave), or that he did not do good things. I feel like through naming Albus after him, Harry is acknowledging Snape’s bravery and the fact that Snape did die to protect him and helped save the world, without letting him off the hook for his behavior and his actions.

    • I think that Snape made some wrong decisions when he was younger that he regretted. The decision to join Voldemort caused Lily to choose James over him, she was the person he loved and now a thing that he had done had driven her away. Some of this actions were bad , yes, but when it came down to it he did what was right. He saved Harry in that Quidditch game by doing that spell thing, put his own life at risk to save the three from Werewolf Lupin (even though he was a bit useless then) and risked everything by spying of Voldemort, which I think is a bit like Ivypool. He died a brave man and Harry forgave him for the stuff he did before.

    • I think it might be more that Slytherin and ShadowClan are both known for being sneaky and the fact that most- but not all- villains in both series were Slytherin or ShadowClan, respectively. (Peter Pettigrew and Scourge being obvious exceptions.)
      But yes, Slytherin is most definitely not the evil house. I get the feeling that a lot of people forget that Andromeda Tonks was a Slytherin.

  • Snape is quite interesting. In my opinion he does not suck and is a very interesting person to dig deep into. I also love love the actor (Alan Rickman)! He’s awesome! Too bad he died. ☹️ Also I totally agree that Firestar is Harry, Graystripe is Ron, and Sandstorm is totally Hermione! I wonder who is Luna and Ginny? And also who could Ravenpaw be?
    Great article!

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