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Top 5 Differences of Onewhisker to Onestar *SPOILERS* by Willowpaw and Gummypaw

Willowpaw and Gummypaw discuss the changes in Onestar’s character. 

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Hello, and welcome to a comparison of Onewhisker to Onestar! This is an article collaboration so you (might) notice some different writing styles!

Willowpaw: It’s more like analyzing…

Gummypaw: Who cares?

Willowpaw: I care.

We all know Onestar has changed drastically, so today we’ll be taking a look at the differences.

Here is a list of 5 differences between Onewhisker and Onestar.

1. (This one’s quite obvious) Onewhisker became the leader of WindClan. That changed many things in the future.

2. The relationship Firestar and once-Onewhisker died when he became the totally very amazing leader, Onestar. They used to be great friends starting when Firestar and Graystripe brought back WindClan in Fire and Ice, but then Onestar suddenly started closing off to Firestar.

3. Onestar has obviously grown more independent, a bit too independent. Onestar/Onewhisker used to help and get help from other Clans when there was trouble. In Thunder And Shadow, we saw that Onestar was so “independent” he refused to help ShadowClan when they were dying.

4. Once Onestar became leader, he became very suspicious of the other Clans. He was so suspicious after he lost a life to the rogues, he couldn’t bear to help ShadowClan.

5. (This is more opinion based) Now, for the last comparison, we’ll have a few opinions on Onewhisker vs Onestar.
Hate him – Steppy (Foxstep)
Onestar is bad – Birchy (Birchfoot)
I understand him feeling that he needs to prove himself and that he must be independent but later he got unreasonable – Wollow (Willowpaw)
Same with Wollow – Wistep (Also Willowpaw)

Onewhisker was okay – Darkpaw
Loveable – Gummypaw
Great – Willowpaw

When he was Onewhisker, he was very kind, and was always open minded to helping the other Clans in times of need. But when he became Onestar, things started to change. He became more closed up to the world.

And what changed him the most was that Onestar had this extremely strange belief that when he was leader, he had to be strong. He thought that he had to prove himself to his Clan because of his former support for supposedly-weak-kittypet Firestar. In my opinion, all leaders SHOULD look strong, but not to the point where they refuse to help, or refuse the help.

I’m pretty sure there was a reason why Tallstar chose Onewhisker as his successor at the last minute. And I am also pretty sure that reason involved something about his relationships outside WindClan.


Overall, Onestar has really changed a lot. His entire personality changed from the loyal and kind warrior Onewhisker, to the cruel and cold leader we know as Onestar. Of course, many things are still obviously the same, but Onestar really has changed quite a bit over time.

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  • Hey, I get that he’s different. But wasn’t Bluestar different from Bluefur? Can you blame him?? (If her name wasn’t Bluefur I’m in big trouble, but that’s what my mind is telling me it was)

  • Yeah.
    Onewhisker was definitely on more friendly terms with Firestar before Onewhisker became the WindClan leader!

  • Coke on, guys. Onewhisker was good, he was a normal warrior except he had a kittypet mate. Then he became Onestar. All this responsibility came down on him, he broke up with Smoke, then Darktail happened. I don’t blame him.

    • He still made some really bad decisions as leader, and he lied to and then totally abandoned Smoke and was all-around a really bad mate to her. And he was a pretty awful leader.

      • Lying: Don’t we all do that? He wanted attention. He wanted to be a hero.
        And Smoke was pretty bad to him.

        He was an okay leader. I don’t really likeor dislike him. I feel like he did what was best for his Clan.

        • He lied to his mate to make himself seem more important than he was, and then abandoned her and his kits the moment it looked like there would be consequences for that. How was Smoke the one that was bad to him? He abandoned her when she was expecting his kits. There was really no reason he couldn’t bring her back to the Clan to try and have her join, Tallstar isn’t exactly anti-kittypet and would probably see the benefit of new kits to be raised as warriors. The only reason was that Onewhisker didn’t want to face the consequences of his actions, so he turned his back on her instead.

          I mostly just disliked him for turning on Firestar, and for his really unjustified attack on ThunderClan during the eclipse, but I really started to hate him when he blamed ShadowClan for not chasing out Darktail’s rogues, when it’s not their job to chase out cats who aren’t inside their borders, and then refused to let ShadowClan get the herbs they needed as punishment for it. Kits and elders /died/ because of his selfishness. And even after that, he continues to blame Rowanstar. And then he abandoned the other Clans during the battle, resulting in more deaths. He waits until pretty much the last possible second to help the other Clans, and to me, that doesn’t make up for all of the death and suffering that came before his decision to change his mind and finally face Darktail.

  • he was AWESOME before but then when he got leader he had to stand up to the other clan beacuse it says in one of the field guides (can’t remember which one) IT SAID HE KNEW THE OTHER CLANS CALLED HIM FIRESTAR’S KITTYPET READY TO ROLL OVER ON COMMAND TO HAVE HIS BELLY SCRATCHED so maybe he had to prove to the other clans that he wasn’t (acidently pressed cap lock to lazy to go back and fix)

  • Wow. I though the exact same thing.The second Onewhisker became Onestar, you could already see that he changed. Sometimes, I wonder whether or not Mudclaw should have became leader instead. Maybe he wouldn’t go as sphyco as Onestar did. Now, I know it’s a dumb idea, but what if that did happen? It’s just a thought.

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