The Cats of the New Prophecy Today: ThunderClan Edition by Stoatpaw

Stoatpaw explains the differences in personalities from characters of the new prophecy to now.

Artwork by Re-Squirrelpaw

Hello BlogClan, welcome to an article about the cats of the New Prophecy. I’m Stoatpaw, the author, and I will be exploring the current lives of the cats selected for the Journey to Midnight.
To keep this article short, I’m going to focus on the ThunderClan cats selected for the journey.
I will focus on Brambleclaw to begin. Then a warrior of ThunderClan, he was the original ThunderClan cat chosen for the Journey to Midnight. Later in the series, after a vision Leafpool had of bramble claws protecting the camp, he was chosen for deputy. He broke the warrior code due to not mentoring an apprentice before selection, but he became a mentor shortly after. Currently, he is leader of ThunderClan. Bramblestar is the son of Goldenflower and Tigerstar, the brother of Tawnypelt, the half-brother of Tadpole, Hawkfrost, and Mothwing, the mate of Squirrelflight, the foster father of Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze, and the biological father of Dandelionkit, Juniperkit, Alderheart, and Sparkpelt.
The other ThunderClan cat is Squirrelpaw, then an apprentice of ThunderClan. She was not originally selected for the Journey to Midnight, but tagged along anyways. One major event in her life was becoming the foster mother to the Three. The Three, also known as Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze, are the kits of her sister, Leafpool, but since Leafpool broke the medicine cat code and warrior code when she took on a mate, specifically, a WindClan mate. To help keep the secret a secret, Squirrelflight acted like she was the real mother of the Three. Currently, she is Squirrelflight, the deputy of ThunderClan under Bramblestar’s leadership. She is the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, the sister of Leafpool, the foster mother of Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze, and the biological mother of Dandelionkit, Juniperkit, Alderheart, and Sparkpelt.
What did you think of my article? What Clan should I focus on next for these kinds of articles? I am Stoatpaw, and thanks for reading my article!

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