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Robinpaw discusses her favorite characters and why she likes them.

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Hello, Clanmates! Robinpaw here with my first post on this page. Today I will be discussing my top ten favorite warrior cats. Shall we begin? We shall!

My tenth favorite cat is Hollyleaf. She always follows the rules, and if she doesn’t it surprises me. She is also short tempered like me. The fact that she helped in the fight in the tunnels, this makes me want to like her more!!!

My ninth favorite character is Ivypool. She is also short tempered, but she killed a cat, and that’s why I put her here instead of fifth.

My eighth favorite cat is Egg. I don’t have a reason to like them, I just like the name egg.

My seventh favorite cat is Mosskit. She died young, and I feel pity for her. Of course, she was half clan. But she was still a kit! Her littermates would be proud if she had lived. Also I wanted to see her warrior name.

My sixth favorite warrior cat is Jayfeather. He is a cat who should be respected by more cats, but he has too short a temper to earn it.

My fifth favorite cat is Bluefur. She gave up a lot, and earned a lot in the long run. She lost her mom, her sister, and Mosskit. She earned her clan, Firestar, and respect from her Clanmates.

My fourth favorite cat is Sandstorm because she was the only cat who lived the whole series. Or only in ThunderClan. Ex. Mistyfoot, Onewhisker, etc…

My third favorite cat is Dovewing. I am not saying she is a Mary Sue, but she is definitely one of my favorite cats. Her superior hearing and sight bewilders me.

My second favorite cat is Graystipe. He survived so long and didn’t move to the elders den despite being fifteen moons older than Spiderleg who is ‘Ready to go to the leaders den’.

My FAVORITE cat of all of the cat universe is…Mistystar! She is very nice, wouldn’t go into battle for no reason, and is just… COOL in general.

Well there you go, my top ten favorite warrior cats. This is Robinpaw, signing out!

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  • All of these cats are very nice 🙂 I especially like Ivypool, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather.

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