Warriors VS The Lion King by Appledapple

Appledapple discusses similarities between Warriors and the Lion King.

Artwork by AlbinoWolf58

Appledapple will be comparing warriors and the Lion King.
Hey guys, this is my first article, so I hope you like it!
(contains spoiler for various books and Lion King/Guard)
here is a summary of the Lion king:
Simba has a simple life, until one day a his father who is a wise leader tells him about the circle of life. The cub is excited by this lifestyle. Scar has a hatred for him that stems from his past, he is filled with anger and he sets a herd of wildebeest free, in hope to kill his enemy. Simba is chased by the wildebeest, but is saved by the Mufasa. But Mufasa is unable to escape, because of Scar, and sadly dies. heartbroken the cub runs away. After saving pumba from nala they fall in love and not long after that he returns with approval from his ancestors, Scar is leader, and has recruited the help of a group hyenas to control the other lions. With his friends, Timon and Pumbaa (who give up a comfortable lifestyle to help him)he defeats, Scar, and tells him to run. the hyenas kill Scar to get revenge.

Rusty has a simple life, until one day a his Bluestar who is a wise leader tells him about loyalty and honor. The apprentice is excited by this lifestyle and joined the clan. Tigerclaw has a hatred for him, that stems from his hate of kittypets. After saving Sandstorm from RiverClan they fall in love. Tigerclaw is filled with ambition and he sets a pack of dogs free, in hope to kill his enemy. Fireheart is chased by the dogs but is saved by Bluestar. The leader is unable to escape, because of Tigerstar, and sadly dies. Heartbroken Fireheart leaves to get his nine lives. with nine lives from his ancestors he returned, Tigerstar is the leader of both shadowclan and riverclan, and has recruited the help of a group rogues to control the other clans. however Tigerstar is killed by the rogue leader. With his friends, ravenpaw and barley (who give up a comfortable lifestyle to help him) he kills scrooge.
pretty similar right, most of the stuff i just in a different order.

The Lion King Two |Simba’s Pride
(For this one the stories go all over the place, so i’ll be doing bullets instead)
main character who starts out really annoying
the main character is the daughter of the over protective leader
they start out fighting with there to-be mate
after there father yells at them they run away
main character find themselves being saved by there love interest
love interest is a brown tom (I just find this cool)
have a relationship, despite their parents being enemies (for Kovu scar was his adoptive father, so its not insest)
become very close/mates
are not close/mates for a long time (simba and zira separate Kovu and Kiara, brambleclaw breaks up with squirrelflight becauses of hollyleaf, jayfeather and lionblaze)
spend a long time before getting back together
when they do get back together the story doesn’t end with cubs/kits(I found this interesting because in Firestar’s quest the book ends with us meeting squirrelkit and leafkit and in Lion King 1 it ends with us meeting there cub (I think it’s Kion(see the Lion Guard if you have no idea who kion is))

The Lion King 1 & ½
(this is basically a story about ravenpaw leaving thunderclan)
have a main character who doesn’t fit in
has a character who disapproves of the character (Tigerstar/uncle Max)
after feeling rejected leaves the group
have somone help them find their new home (Fireheart and Graystripe/rafiki)
make a new friend in there new home (Barely/Pumba)
provide shelter to the main character during their journey (Firestar/Simba)
when there is a huge battle (Bloodclan/Scar) they assist the hero

The Lion Guard
are kin of the original character
have one lion like character (Lionblaze/kion)
have a group of different powers/
protect more than just their groups (Lion Guard protects the circle of life, the three protects the all the clans)
have an all knowing guardian (Rock/Rafiki)
have a sibling not in the group (Kiara/Hollyleaf)
have enemies banished to a darker place that the group has to fight off
learned about their role when they were young (Jayfeather/Kion)
have a character tempted by the evil characters promises (Lionblaze/Kiara)
fight along with their ancestors (Lion’s roar/Starclan in the great battle)
both have a medicine-cat like character (Rafiki) and Leafpool

Just to make things even more similar, there are Lion King books, that are similar to mangas, and some of them are grouped together like Tale of the Clans and The Untold Stories!

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