Rant About Bright Stream’s Death by Wafflepaw

Wafflepaw discusses the themes of Bright Stream’s death.

Artwork by Cold Rising

Hi! Prepare yourself, cos I’m about to rant
I just got the Sun Trail, and have only read until chapter ten. Note that I don’t know much about the arc!
Bright Stream’s death was not Gray Wing’s fault. She is the one who chose to save him, which was heroic, but no one should blame Gray Wing. He could barely move because of the pain in him, and when Bright Stream called for him to save her, he was unable to get up and help her! If anyone, Clear Sky made her join them on the journey, and Shaded Moss is the one who made her go on the patrol to kill those eagles. It was no cat’s fault! And the fact that Gray Wing is blaming himself is sad! If Clear Sky hadn’t convinced her to go on the journey to the forest, Bright Stream would never had been in that situation! And if Shaded Moss hadn’t been a bossy mouse-brain, she would’ve never died! But, she died a hero. She was snatched by the eagle while trying to help Gray Wing, which I assume would’ve been her chosen death.

The saddest part about this death wasn’t Gray Wing or Clear Sky’s reactions, it was of course, the kits Bright Stream had in her belly. All she wanted was to raise kits with the tom that she loved, in a new, safe place with plenty of food and happiness, but she was taken by the eagle, killing her and her kits. I’ve heard Clear Sky turns like… mad, and if Bright Stream and the kits hadn’t died, and they had established a family, maybe Clear Sky would’ve remained the kind cat he was before her death! Now, he is already kinda hostile and doesn’t talk to nor share nests with Gray Wing, which makes sad sadder.

Overall, I think this was a sad death, but like any other death, it was necessary for the plot. What do you think? I have huge anticipations for this arc, and can’t wait for the rest of it to be translated to Norwegian!
Btw, this is my first article, so please be nice in the comments! 🙂
~~Peace out~~

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  • I have to politely disagree with you abou shadedmoss being a bossy mouse-brain. He didn’t force brightstream to go on the attack. He just was just assigning roles, and brightstresm never objected.

  • I have to politely disagree about what you said about shaddedmoss being a bossy mouse-brain. He didn’t force brightstream on going on the attack. He was just assigning roles, and besides, brightstream don’t object, and shaddedmoss was just doing his job. He was supposed to be the ‘leader’ on the journey.

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