If Shrewpaw hadn’t died… by Starlingpaw

Starlingpaw ponders how the Warriors universe would have changed if Shrewpaw had lived. 

Artwork by Darian Yunidi

Hey fellow Blogclanners! Starlingpaw here!
I’ve been reading all these amazing fanfics about what if’s and I decided to make my own but instead of a fanfic its an article because this is going to get complicated. So as the title says I’m going to explore what would happen if Shrewpaw had caught the pheasent and lived. Lets get to it!
Shrewpaw and Squirrelpaw were mooning over each other as apprentices. In Squirrelpaws POV in multiple books of ‘The new prophecy’ she states she had a real connection with Shrewpaw and was devastated when he died. If Shrewpaw had lived they would have become mates instead of her and Brambleclaw. That also would have prevented Ashfury to turn into the psycopath he always was inside. Which would mean Squirrelflight wouldn’t have to confess to her mothering Leafpools kits. Which would mean Hollyleaf wouldn’t have killed Ashfur and gone into the tunnels with fallen leaves. If she didn’t go into the tunnels then Ivypool would have died because there was no cat to take the killing blow for her. If Shrewpaw had caught the pheasent and lived then most of the Clan would have been fed and Larkkit, Hollykit, two ShadowClan elders (I can’t remember there names) wouldn’t have died. Larkkit and Hollykit could’ve become future love intrests for Ashfur and Brambleclaw. To add on to all of this Firestar stated that he thought Shrewpaw was going to be a great warrior, hinting that he could have wanted Shrewpaw to become deputy. This might have tipped Brambleclaw over the edge and he finally gave in to his fathers bloodthirsty greed for power. Also Alderpaw, Sparkpaw, Tulipkit, and Dandilionkit would’ve never been born so Darktail and his rogues couldn’t have followed Alderpaw and Sparkpaw home and ShadowClan wouldn’t have been invaded by rogues. On top of all this Firestar wouldn’t have died in his battle against Tigerstar. This is because if Ashfury didn’t go super crazy and help Hawkfrost get Firestar into that fox trap he would have another life to spare (Granted he could’ve wasted it somewhere else but still!) and that means Sandstorm probably wouldn’t have gone with Alderpaw and Sparkpaw to save SkyClan. And Alderpaw and Sparkpaw could maybe have been succesful and bring back SkyClan.
Now I have to ask myself, is that a bad thing or a good thing that he died? Would the Clans be better off? You decide!

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