My Opinion on Jayfeather and Hollyleaf by Hailkit

Hailkit discusses her opinion on Jayfeather and Hollyleaf

Art by mementomoRIN


Ah, my opinion on Jayfeather! Well, for starters, the blindness. Why the blindness?? I just think it would be cool if he could add an awesome face to all of his “grumpness”. Haha, I think the Erins are very determined to make Jayfeather the grumpiest cat in the series. I think he hurt Brightheart’s feelings when he was JAYPAW, and I think he could have avoided that, I love how he is grumpy, and then with Lionblaze and Hollyleaf/Dovewing he is all serious and wise. When he is a medicine cat, he finds out his mother is Leafpool and his father is Crowfeather. He doesn’t seem to bothered by that compared to Hollyleaf. Maybe I’ll put my opinion on her later. Anyway… Jayfeather handled that. Then he gets an apprentice, Alderpaw. “Wrong herb, Alderpaw”, “You chewed it too much, Alderpaw”, “No, Alderpaw! That is tansy, not horsetail!” Jayfeather does his best to make Alderpaw great. The we get Alderheart. Oh, the article is too short. Change in plans! Here is my opinion on Hollyleaf. Well, the “follow the code” kind of girl. Gee, it broke her heart when she found out her birth broke the code itself. Then the incident with Ashfur and Squirrelflight. Hollyleaf kills Ashfur, which I personally don’t think she should have done. Think about it, you mom isn’t your mom, your real mom is a medicine cat, your father is Windclan, your “mom’s” would-have-been mate wants to kill you and your brothers, so you kill him? Really? Anyway… I think she felt left out because she wasn’t in the prophecy. She ran into the tunnels and the tunnel collapsed on top of her. Poor thing…then she found Fallen Leaves. Saved a few lives, then she came back with Dovepaw, Ivypaw, and Lionblaze. Big reunion. Then the truth spills. Forgiveness and shock. Poor thing… Well, she teaches tunnel fighting moves and they beat Windclan. Then in the battle of the Dark Forest, Hollyleaf takes her last breath saving Ivypool from Hawkfrost.
Maybe I’ll do Lionblaze later.
P.S. It is May 5th, let’s see how long it takes to be published? (Article tsar answer: June 21st :))

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  • Nice article! My favorite Warriors character is actually Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf is wandering around on my top-eleven list of favorite characters. (I actually published that list with reasons in an article, but I’m not sure if it ever showed up.)

    I agree that Jayfeather can be a little harsh. He was always grumpy, but he seemed uncharacteristically mean to Alderpaw in The Apprentice’s Quest. But his snarkiness and sarcasm is why he’s my favorite Warriors character. I doubt Jayfeather wasn’t bothered about Leafpool and Crowfeather illegally being his parents, though. He held that grudge against Leafpool for most of the fourth series.

    Hollyleaf is a very complicated character, I think. I do think it was pointless for her to kill Ashfur, then reveal the (nearly) exact same secret he would have announced at a Gathering. But she was difficult to figure out, and fascinating. I’m thinking that at least she died a heroic death. *sigh*

    • Jayfeather held a grudge against Squirrelflight too! I’m pretty sure Sauirrelflight told him that at least he was loved. It’s not like Beokenstar’s story. He was loved by Yellowfang until he became evil, but she could never show it because she was a medicine cat. Of course I’m not excusing Brokenstar! He did horrible things! But compared to him, Jayfeather actually had loving foster parents: Brambleclaw/star and Squirrelflight. I’m glad he made up with Leafpool and Squirrelflight in the end though! And Bramblestar made up with Squirrelflight too! Now I just want Crowfeather to make up with Nightcloud, Breezepelt, Leafpool, Lionblaze and Jayfeather, and Breezepelt to make up with Crowfeather, Leafpool, Lionblaze and Jayfeather too, as well as maybe Poppyfrost too since he did attack/try to kill her when she was pregnant which is really messed up, but I think he’s more mature now too so he could probably make up with them sometime. It’s just that right now the series is focusing more on ThunderClan, ShadowClan and SkyClan so we might not see too much of Crowfeather, Breezepelt and Nightcloud…

      • Crowfeather kind of did make up with Leafpool. In the battle with the Dark Forest, he told Leafpool that he didn’t regret anything.

        • Yeah. I liked that so maybe just Nightcloud, Breezepelt, Jayfeather and Lionblaze. He did save Lionblaze from Breezepelt though, so that’s a start! 😀

  • I was actually glad she killed Ashfur, sorry! I LOVE Hollyleaf so much! I was so sad when she “died” in the tunnels and then actually died in the Dark Forest. Stupid Hawkfrost!
    And Jayfeather’s lit