My Top Five Favorite Hamilton Songs That Relate To Warriors by Lily That Shines Like Dawn

Lily That Shines Like Dawn shares 5 Hamilton songs that relate to Warriors.

Art by Zandkit

Warning: Some of the songs do contain mature content or references it from earlier songs. If you feel uncomfortable with this, please choose another article to read.


Hallo, BlogClan!! Dawnlily here, and lately I have become OBSESSED with Hamilton! (I listen to the soundtrack everyday bro)
So I decided to make an article about Hamilton songs that relate to some of the warrior cats’ lifes. Here we go!!

1) Burn

In my eyes, this song relates to Moonflower and Stormtail. Moonflower fell hard for Stormtail even as an apprentice, and they became mates and had Bluestar and Snowfur. After their two kits became apprentices, Stormtail spent more and more time with Dappletail and practically ignored Moonflower. “Burn” is about Eliza’s pain after she learns Alexander has betrayed him by committing to an affair with Maria. I thought this song expressed how Moonflower silently dealt with her pain of Stormtail moving on to Dappletail.

2) Non-Stop

I really think this song expresses Firestar’s commitment to ThunderClan after All the tragedies the clan edured. The fire, the dog pack, Tigerstar’s betrayal and Bluestar’s death. Firestar worked SUPER hard.
This also relates to how Firestar brought forth a new era of leadership to the clans. He made changes and really just kinda brought color to the clans.
And when Angelica sings, it remided me of how Spottedleaf guides Firestar and helps him to have courage, and when Eliza sings, it reminds me of how Sandstorm wanted to be closer to Firestar, but he needed to focus on his leadership at that point.

3) History Has It’s Eyes On You

Basically every action any warrior of the entire series. o_o No need to explain this one bro.

4) Wait For It

There’s actually a MAP about this, and what I’m talking about. I feel this song relates to how Oakheart watches his brother get everything he dreams of, while everyone Crookedstar loves is taken away. In this case, Oakheart would be Burr, and Crookedstar would be Alexander.

5) The World Was Wide Enough

I feel like this song relates to how Firestar stopped Tigerstar from fulfilling his political pursuits, and it made Tigerstar angry, like how it made Burr angry how Fireheart got to be leader, after being a kittypet! Like what!? And then, Hamilton shoots to the sky, but Burr shoots Hamilton. I found this to be how Tigerstar faced Firestar in the final battle with hunger and power in his greed, but Firestar faced him honorably, and on his last life.

Thanks everyone for reading all this, and even if you don’t know anything about Hamilton, you do now! And maybe even got some new favorite songs!! Bye!

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  • I like that you referenced the map of Oakheart, whenever I hear wait for it that’s all I can think of. Similarly for Burn, an animatic had been done for Goldenflower, but I do agree that it works for Moonflower as well.
    Non stop I do think of Firestar for this one, but again a MAP I heard for this one went over Firestar helping lead the clans to the lake, him and Onestar’s relationship falling apart all leading up to the ending… well if you haven’t seen the MAP I won’t spoil it for you, but the ending of the song lines up well with the part of the books they chose to showcase
    Another one could be Satisfied with Leafpool and Squirrelflight, one that has a MAP in production but the still pics they chose to represent the parts is great
    I haven’t heard history has it’s eyes on you or the the world was wide so i can’t say whether i agree or disagree but your reasoning seems solid.

  • I agree with all of these. But I think that there are a lot of possibilities.

    I’d do The Schuyler Sisters with Sorreltail and Brackenfur’s first litter(they’re basically the only three sisters in the series)


    i absolutely l o v e the Oakheart Wait for It MAP!

  • Why are we all Hammy trash here?

    Have you seen the Firestar/Onestar Nonstop Map?

  • I agree when you talked about number 5, the world was wide enough. I also think that the Hamilton song, that would be enough, would be better than non-stop, in my opinion.