Is Pebbleshine alive? Spoilers! by Bluebellpaw

Bluebllpaw shares their hopes about Pebbleshine.

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Is Pebblehine still alive?

If You Read Hawkwing’s Journey you know that Pebbleshine was Hawkwing’s mate and ended up being pregnant with Violetkit and Twigkit but while hunting she got in the back of a monster while still pregnant and caught a chicken but the monster turned on and drove off with Pebbleshine and never to be seen again. In Shattered Sky we learned that when Twigpaw went off to find SkyClan and was successful them and learned Hawkwing was their father and he is afraid she might be dead cause he said she would never abandoned her own kits but what could have killed her or she is still alive. If you read Thunder and Shadow Twigpaw thought she heard her mother call out but it could be her spirit or just Twigpaw hearing things. Pebbleshine could be wondering about her kits but if she is dead would could’ve killed her a monster, animals or maybe Darktail’s Group or she could of been caught by a twoleg let’s just hope she is safe. I think she might be alive and got caught by a twoleg and could now be a kittypet. What do you think alive or dead let’s hope to StarClan she is still alive. I hope this will be answered in Darkest Night or Tigerheart’s Shadow or in River of Fire but I don’t want to wait very, very long but Erins don’t rush yourself take your time. Anyway back to Pebbleshine I also think she is dead when she appeared to Twigpaw but only her voice I know I said early it might just be Twigpaw hearing things but it could be Pebbleshine in StarClan. I hope if she is alive and comes back in Darkest Night she and Hawkwing will be reunited and she can see her kits Violetpaw and Twigpaw. But only StarClan knows if she was killed, captured by a Twoleg or just wondering around looking for SkyClan but let’s hope she will be all right. I hope you all liked my article it is my first one I did bye know love y’all Blogclanners 🙂

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  • I finally finished Hawkwings Journey and I loved it but it was so sad when Sharptooth died and when Pebbleshine was taken away.

  • I hope she’s alive. Remember what happened to Twigpaw when she was trying to find Skyclan and got hit by a monster… there is a possibility that the same thing happened and she wasn’t able to escape before Alderpaw found Twigkit and Violetkit. I hope she makes an appearance in the final book of AVOS. Be it in StarClan or alive.

  • I hope she’s alive and she can somehow find her way back to the clans(whether she has to be an escapee kittypet , or simply she is a rouge) but if not I would still love for her to have some sort of an appearance as a starclan cat.

    • No, Pebbleshine is a SkyClan cat and got taken away from the monsters, then she gave birth to Twigkit and Violetkit. We don’t know what happened to her after that. Pebbleshines’ brother is Parsleyseed and he decided to be a kittypet as well as Hawkwing’s app, Curlypaw, beside the lake SkyClan was staying after they got kicked out by Darktail and his rogues.

    • no. she was a skyclan warrior. if you haven’t read hawkwing’s journey yet, I suggest you do it. it will explain alot.

  • Hi FYI I’m sorry to say but Pebbleshine IS dead 😭 I forget for sure what book but I think it was book #6. Anyway a cat named tree joins the clans and he can see ghost cats and makes Pebbleshine appear to every other cat and Pebbleshine gets to talk with her kits and hawking before going to StarClan.

  • What books besides hawkwings journey talk about Pebbleshine and the kits? I’m looking for them.

  • I just realized something 0.o If Sparrowpelt is Pebbleshine’s father, and Cherrytail is Hawkwing’s mother, that means that Pebbleshine and Hawkwing are cousins :/