Warriors CATastrophes! by Moonpaw

Moonpaw writes a skit about embarrassing moments in our favourite warriors’ lives.

Artist unknown (Source: Family of Warrior Cats Wiki)

Welcome one and all to Warriors CATastrophes, where we look back on embarrassing moments in warriors’ lives and score them from funniest to least funny.

Moonpaw: Hello! This is your host Moonpaw here on Warriors CATastrophes! Today on Warrior CATastrophes, our five judges are… *drumroll* Hollyleaf, Leafpool, Berrynose, Jayfeather and Ashfur!
Moonpaw: *calls backstage* Come on out judges!
Hollyleaf: *grumbles* Why is Ashfur here? I thought only good cats could be on this show!
Moonpaw: Didn’t he go to Starclan-
Yellowfang: *pops onto stage* He only loved too much!
Hollyleaf: Seriously? He tried to kill us!
Yellowfang: You killed him! And you got into Starclan!
Hollyleaf: But-
Moonpaw: WHOA WHOA LADIES. Calm down, we all KNOW that Ashfur should have gone to the Dark Forest.
Ashfur: *growls* EXCUSE ME!?
Moonpaw: *starts to sweat* GO TO COMMERCIAL BREAK!
~Commercial Break~
Narrator: Hey you kittypets! Looking for a new monster to ride in? Well, then convince your twolegs to buy this!
~Off TV~
Wavey: What kind off commercial was that?
Dewpaw: Sshhh! It’s coming back on!
~Back on TV~
Moonpaw: Sorry about the break folks! We had some communication issues that had to be settled. *glaces at Hollyleaf Yellowfang, and Ashfur*
Yellowfang: *growls*
Moonpaw: Let’s see the first-
Jayfeather: I can’t see. I’m blind.
Moonpaw: Ahem. Let’s TALK about the first funny moment! Starring Hollyleaf!
Hollyleaf: Wha-
Moonpaw: FUNNY MOMENT COMMENCE! *reads moment* So, Hollyleaf had seen Crowfeather and Breezepelt together and she said, “Crowfeather doesn’t even like Breezepaw. I’m glad he’s not my father!”
Audience: Hahahahahaha!!!
Berrynose: *confused silence*
~A few seconds later~
Berrynose: Oooohhhhh. I get it now! Because Crowfeather actually IS you father! Ha!
Hollyleaf: *gives a Berrynose menacing look* This isn’t funny!
Jayfeather: *chuckles*
Hollyleaf: Come on! You of all cats should be siding with me Jayfeather!
Leafpool: Jayfeather can have his own opininons.
Jayfeather: *hisses at Leafpool* You have no right to speak for me!
Moonpaw: Ugh…
Yellowfang: I’ve had enough of this nonsense! I’m leaving!
Moonpaw: You weren’t invited to be a judge anyway.
Jayfeather: I’m leaving too!
Moonpaw: What?! Why?
Jayfeather: I can’t stand being with next to this liar any longer! *flicks tail towards Leafpool*
Moonpaw: Please don’t leave!!!
Jayfeather: *stalks out of room*
Leafpool: I’m clearly not wanted either, so I’m going home.
Moonpaw: No!!!
Leafpool: *leaves*

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    dies laughing
    that is so jayfeather too
    btw in case ppl are confused bluefire and bluefire of stormclan are the same cat

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