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Why Squirrelflight is Amazing! by Petalheart

Petalheart explains positive aspects of Squirrelflight’s character.

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Howdy, BlogClan! Petalheart here with yet another article!
Today I’ll be talking about Squirrelflight. Spoilers ahead!

Squirrelflight is well known to the series. She’s positive, nice, and very… annoying. That trait hasn’t been with her throughout the whole series, but it certainly was in Midnight. “Don’t tell me what to do! You’re not my mentor!” Squirrelpaw snaps at Brambleclaw. “I don’t need protecting! You’re not my father!” And many, many other lines like that.

The good thing about it is that we all know she would fight to get her own way when she was an apprentice. She thought her ideas were best, and that she knew what she knew was right. This is nice because as an apprentice, most of them listen to their mentor. Squirrelpaw didn’t really care what her mentor thought was right. She was positive about her own idea and that’s what’s special about her. Though she can be a bit too harsh!

Squirrelpaw only goes with what she knows best. She always will have an agreement, but that turns into a better idea. She will always have some disagreements too, and that makes even warriors sometimes realize: “What am I doing with my mind?”

Squirrelpaw’s a fast thinker. Her attitude can get.. snappy, but she’s supportive and nice too. Such as when Purdy led them into the Twoleg nest for food, and a Twoleg kit scooped Feathertail up and started petting her, Squirrelpaw reacted smartly to save Feathertail.

‘No, stupid. You do it like this.” She says to Crowpaw, rubbing herself against the Twoleg kit’s leg while purring.
This manages to save Feathertail and the 7 can continue their journey to find the sun-drown place. Bad things can be packed in good packages, but it always pays off at the end.

Now we move onto Squirrelpaw as Squirrelflight. She welcomed Leafpool’s kits as her own, lying to her loved ones but for the sake of her sister. Later on, though she told the truth and Bramblestar was shocked and heartbroken. Kate confirmed Squirrelflight and Bramblestar are mates again now after the events of The Last Hope according to the Warriors Wiki. But of course, there are no doubts this can be wrong as I and much more never witnessed the tweet or post of any kind. If this case is true, then they are mates by Bramblestar’s Storm. It’s most likely to be true since at the manga she was pregnant with Bramblestar’s kittens.

I honestly do not think Bramblestar being with Jessy is fair. Squirrelflight deserved everything. She tried to make things right and the pain she went through is unbearable. But t0 add on top of her pile Bramblestar confesses love for Jessy? No doubts it was tough for Bramblestar, too, but seriously? If they are mates by Bramblestar’s Storm with kittens yet to come, and Bramblestar turns into a borderline dishonest freak to Jessy? “I could have loved you.” “Yes, but you already love Squirrelflight.” Notice how that proves they have renewed their love for each other. The pain Squirrelflight went through. Ashfur, the three, the death of her own dad, and now this?

I understand that Squirrelflight did do something relatable to what Bramblestar and Jessy had done, but she never had admitted her love to Ashfur and rejected him. Bramblestar, on the other hand, knew Jessy for, like, 20 chapters+ only to say “I love you” and never see her again. That’s pretty much a Firestar and Spottedleaf pairing.

But that didn’t stop her from doing her best. She is a wonderful mother to Sparkpelt and Alderheart, and she is seen trying to make friends again with Bramblestar in the late Power Of Three.

She suffered so much pain but ignored it. That’s something I couldn’t bear. It’s like getting your hand cut off and barely noticing it’s there. I really like how the Erins made her. Bold, strong, and her infinite desire to help others. It just matters that she still has her mate and her kits, well, the last two of them at least. I love her independence and she is by far my most favorite.

Think about a large cube falling right on your back. Squirrelflight forced herself to slide through it and forget all of the sad moments of her life. She moved on, not needing anybody in the world. This also proves how stupid Leafpool is. Sorry, Leafpool fans, but Squirrelflight made a sacrifice that lost almost everything for her. And that sacrifice was made by Leafpool and slightly Yellowfang, except she clearly said: “It’s not me, it’s you”.

This is why I love Squirrelflight so much, as well as Sorreltail featured in my last post.
It’s the energy that provides work, and it’s the work that provides a great Clan.

See you next time!

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