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Here is a link to the Personality Profiles, where you can fill out a form so the writers know a little bit about you!

Aug. 11, 2019: Page has been updated with a new cover upon Moonbreeze’s request 🙂

Embers of an Autumn Dawn (Emberdawn)

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  • The Writer’s Jar page is still accessible through the top menu tab and I am still able to submit a form for it, even though Blogteam are writing and editing the last two chapters if I remember correctly.

  • I may or may not have put the whole chapters in one book on Wattpad. I should have asked. I am sorry. I could not help it and I did not publish it yet. So I need more chapters to complete the whole set. I hope you guys would accept me for copying the whole story in one big chapter series. I worked very hard on fixing the story here and there.

    • Hi Badgerflight. We’re denying your request to repost Trailing Stars on Wattpad. We kindly request you to not publish your copy on Wattpad or any other site.

      If you know that you should have asked for permission and that you’re sorry that you didn’t do so, then you should also know that what you’ve done is plagiarize Trailing Stars. If you are unsure what plagiarism is, it is essentially theft of another person’s work without crediting the original creator(s) and making at most minimal changes to the content of that work; in other words, it means that you are claiming other people’s work as your own. You asked neither BlogTeam’s permission nor the permission of any of the writers, editors, or artists who have worked on Trailing Stars in the past for their permission to not only repost what they have created but also modify it to “fix” the story, as you put it.

      In addition to this, we would prefer that Trailing Stars be kept on the blog only. It is a story written by BlogClanners about BlogClanners for BlogClanners; it seems fitting that it’s only posted on the site made for BlogClanners as well.

  • Um,I d really like to appear in a chapter of trailing stars.Ive only joined 2 months ago so I understand if I don’t appear but I really want to.Except I’m kinda confused exactly when the current chapter takes place.For example,in the most recent trailing stars chapter,Copperclaw is still a deputy while Dawnmist and Silverwimd and medicine cats,however all three of them are currently elders,so I’m really confused.

    • Obviously I’m not a mod but #1 I recommend going to the Personality profiles page and fill a form out! And #2, Copperclaw and Dawnmist and Silverwind were BlogClanners a long time ago (2013?) But they are definitely elders by now! They were kept in these positions because it would be confusing if positions changed all the time. 😀

  • List of people who appeared in Trailing Stars but then left Blogclan.Plz tell me if I forgot anyone.

    Winterpaw/whisper,Rainsong(they might be back now tho),Snakefang,Whorlpelt,Flowerstream,Geckopaw,Sundance,Spiritheart,Whitetiger,Minnie,Sandykit,Stoatpaw,Sparktooth(not TS but still),Lionfire,Jadekit,Jadeclaw,(those 2 might be the same cat),Thornpelt,Rosesong,Shadowmoon,Snowystorm,Skytail,Fawnleg,Wollow(I think),and Pantherleaf.I forgot a lot of theirs but dang that’s a lot.

  • I took inspiration from Snowwy’s list of trailing stars characters who now have left blogclan :)). This is by appearance. Sun-For-Two, later Sundance, Dawnmist, Copperclaw, Wolfpaw, Hawksky, Rainpaw, Owlpaw, Brightshadow, and maybe Hazelburrow because he hasn’t visited in a long time, Dappleleaf, Echowing, Leafpaw, Swiftpaw, Silverwind, Mintshade, possibly Rainsong?, Thistlepaw, Emberpaw, Lilyshadow, and Flowerpaw. Since Ive run out of time I’ll pick up on Chapter six on part two of my list!

  • Trying to make the list more detailed now.

    This is blogclanners that have left the blog(that I know of,anyways)

    Winterpaw/whisper,Rainsong,Shadefrost,Lionfire,Wavesplash,Cypresswind,Whorlpelt,Snakefang,Flowerstream,Iceshard,Minktail,Mintshade,Hobbitheart,Elkheart,Brightshadow,Brightwing,Rosefur,Flowerpetal,Hawksky,Shatteredpaw/mask,Shadowpaw/moon,Shadowpaw/cloud,Snowypaw/storm,Pantherleaf,Sandykit,Stoatpaw/bramble(I haven’t seen them around and they’re not on the allegiances),Asterstorm,Nighthawk,Owlwater,Jaysnow,Thornpelt,Rosesong,Geckopaw/flower,Ebonyrain,Sparksong(I think),Cedarstripe,Sparktooth,Cheetahpaw/flight,Spidersong,Snowfern(I haven’t seen her around.I miss you Snowi twin😰),Fawnspots,Shiveringrose,Swiftfire,Angelkit/wing,and plz remind me of any others that I forgot to include.Btw,if they’re still active on discord idk since I’m underage and I got most of these from stalking the wiki.

    • you did a great job Snowwy, I know Ebonyrain and Shadowcloud still come here and Asterstorm, Wavesplash, and Rosesong still visit sometimes

    • Also Winterwhisper is a) active on discord i believe? and b) left in March(?) as Winterwhisper, being a warrior for 2(?) years. Spidersong is still active on discord. Shatteredpaw (Ttera?) is still here just not very active.

      • Oh thanks.I know he was a warrior but since he was WinterPAW in some of his trailing stars appearances,I just decided to put both on the list.

    • there will be a post announcing it! though the writers for the last couple chapters have already been picked 😀 and yeah the authors can add as many new characters as they want!

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