What is StarClan? by Kindheart

Kindheart shares a theory about the afterlife of the Clans.

Artwork by draconeko

Yeah, weird title I know but just bear with me for a while. This is a Starclan theory! Today I will explore what i think is starclan’s origin. How was it created? what about the dark forest? and the tribe?

Starclan: What we know
– It was named by Moth flight
-The first cats were the ones who followed the sun trail
-It’s the clans good ancestors home

Dark Forest: What we know
-It’s the clan’s bad ancestor’s home

My theory is that starclan is made up of every cat’s good memories who died. So let me explain it more. Let’s take Tall shadow for instance. Her favorite place was the pine forest and I’m guessing some of her best memories were there. every Shadowclan cat there afterlives in the pine forest and most of their good (and bad) memories will be of the pine forest. So that’s why Starclan has the Pine forest for shadowclan. The same can be said about Riverclan, Thunderclan, and Windclan. So every cat that was good goes up there and their memories are added making Starclan lush and vibrant as ever.

Dark Forest
It’s like Starclan however it’s flipped. Let’s elaborate. We know that to some point cats walked alone there. They couldn’t meet other cats or at least some cats couldn’t. Because in a prolog we see that Tigerstar tells Darkstripe “we walk alone here.” Yet mapleshade is able to meet up with other cats. So My guess is it takes their worst fears and turns it against the cats there. We know that something that Darkstripe fears is being left alone. When he was chased out of thunderclan Firestar commented that “he saw a flash of fear in Darkstripe’s eyes” Darkstripe was going to have to go it alone for a bit. and when Tigerstar died he was grieving. Why? because he was now the only one who wanted Firestar dead/loathed him. He was alone. So it would make sense for him to be alone in the dark forest.

What about Loners?
We know that Loners have their own place to walk we see that in Ravenpaw’s farewell. Yet they don’t specify what it is. I think Loners and Kittypets experience the same thing that Starclan cats experience, They take their favorite memory and that becomes their new home. However, most chances are they share that memory alone. Unless they had a littermate/mate/kits/parents/good friend who was such a big part of their life that when they both die they can share a memory together. Kind of like what would happen with Ravenpaw and Barley. their best memories were of the barn together when they both had each other. so my guess is it’s going to be like that again.

I think the same rules apply for evil cats. except you know bad memories.

Whew that took a lot out of me! I really hope you enjoyed this article! Until the next article! Cyo 😉

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