3 Warrior Cat Heroines by Streamblossom

Streamblossom shares three amazing she-cats from the series.

Art by Xishka

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post on BlogClan, so don’t expect it to be the best! I will be talking about three warrior heroines, and please don’t read on if you haven’t read many of the books(unless you want spoilers). Enjoy!😘
1. Ivypool
Ivypool is one example of a true heroine, she is brave, smart, sly, and many more qualities! She is personally my favorite cat, and I believe that she is a heroine because she went to the Place of no Stars because she was jealous of her sister, Dovewing, but then she decided to remain loyal to the clans. This is really hard to accomplish, because she was spying on the Dark Forest, and later in the Great Battle, Hawk Frost had tried to kill her. It was a really risky move to spy on the Dark Forest, but she accomplished her goal and helped to save the clans from destruction.
2. Hollyleaf
Hollyleaf was really brave, and was always sure to follow the warrior code. She always tried to stay strong and followed her heart to do what she thought was right. Even after Leafpool’s secret was revealed, she still stood strong, trying to make everything right again. She killed Ashfur only because she knew if she didn’t, he would try to take revenge on Squirrelflight. Later in The Last Hope, she saved Ivypool, even with the cost of her own life. That was an example of true loyalty toward her clan.
3. Spottedleaf
Spottedleaf was a patient, loving, and kind cat. She had many tough decisions in her life, but she knew what was right, and did what was right. In Spottedleaf’s Heart, when Thistleclaw took her to the Dark Forest to battle train, she saw the horrors of battle and saw how Thistleclaw was in love with battle. She decided to never set foot in the Dark Forest again, and took the path of a medicine cat. She knew she had to become a medicine cat to help her clan in the future. In The Last Hope, she gave her final life saving the life of Firestar’s mate, Sandstorm, and she was killed by Mapleshade. She gave her life as a final gift to the cat she loved. This was a true act of love, she was willing to die to save another cat.She died a hero, and will not be forgotten.

Okay guys and gals, hope you liked it! Thank you for reading!!!😘

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