Medicine Cat Elections, Day 2: The First Hustings!

Welcome back, folks! In case you missed it, we’re holding elections to find the new Medicine Cat of BlogClan, the new representative of our community! You have until the 5th July if you want to apply, so click here and sign up!

Today we begin our first day of hustings, a space to discover which candidate you think is best suited for the role.

Answering your questions today, we have Iceflower, Flowerstream, Mossball, and Shockfrost! Please be as welcoming and supportive to them as possible!

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and other members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, for example: why do candidates want this role, what do they hope to get out of it, how have they helped BlogClan, and how do they hope to change BlogClan for the better?

Thank you to all our candidates. You’ve done a fantastic job so far, and I think I can speak for all of BlogClan when I say we’re proud of you.

So now, I hand the floor over to our candidates and to you, BlogClan!


Calm, positive, welcoming

Ever since I joined BlogClan, I thought, “Wow, I really love this place. I want to help out any way I can.” And I still want to help. I love this community so much, it’s become a second home to me. I love each and every member – everyone is so unique and kind and wonderful, and I think being BlogClan’s medicine cat – while not only being an honour – would enable me to help BlogClan further as it grows and changes and evolves. I’m so incredibly grateful for BlogClan and its members, and I don’t know where I would be without them. The chance to apply for this position is amazing on its own, and I’m very glad to have this opportunity. I was hesitant to even apply, but I’m nothing if not willing to try new things, and this is definitely new for me. But BlogClan is so kind and wonderful, so I’ve no reason to be scared. 🙂 I will continue to help BlogClan in any and all ways possible, medicine cat or not. I want to continue serving this community to the best of my abilities for as long as I can, and that’s one thing about me that will never change. 🙂


Supportive, compassionate, intelligent

Hey everyone <3 I’m Flowerstream and I’ve decided to run for medicine cat this year. I’m going to keep this short and sweet so just read on! I joined BlogClan about 4 and a half years ago, and it’s been amazing. I’ve loved to get to know all of you, and I’ve loved spending hours of my day here. I’ve made the greatest friends and I have tons of good memories. Being elected medicine cat would be such an honour, and I’m freaking out and just psyched to be able to run at all, and I promise that I’ll continue to be active, welcoming new members, and posting on the Hug Page regardless of whether I’m elected or not. I’m somewhat responsible, and I’m always here for support. (Always. Come to me anytime <3 ). I’m a member of BlogTeam, moderator of livechat and comments, and I founded our very own BlogClan 2 Wikia (RIP original BlogClan Wiki). I’m a fairly active member and I just want to know I love each and everyone of you and I hope the election is fun for all of you. Anyways, I’m going to end this speech with one message: Go with the Flo 😉 (kudos to josh for the slogan)


Kind, funny, goofy

I have been a member of the blog for 2 years and it has been great, I have met so many amazing people in the blog all of whom would make a great medicine cat. I belive I would be a good person for this postion as I am an active member, when I can be that is, with school and everything. I welcome new members with open arms and treat everyone equally. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community I understand and respect those appart of it also. I try to be active on most pages and try not to leave anyone out. Although due to my Timezone I’m not usually able to make it too the live chat it try to get on whenever I have the chance.


Energetic, kind, different

What I know about BlogClan is enough for me to want to help people find a place they can be happy, a place they can meet people with the same interest. I want to help with that. I know what it is to be lost, I know what it is to not have the ability to find someone with the same interests. I’ve been in situations where people have been put down for what they love. I want people to feel welcome here. I might not be material for a “medicine cat” in the traditional sense, but I am always willing to help people when they’re down, help the new kids. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like. Too many times have I been the new guy left to figure things out for himself. It’s hard. So I’m here to try to help with people’s new entrance. Even though I’ve had hiatuses, that’s due to school, because I do focus. In my free time, I’m ready to help at any time. I know that I’m not incredibly well-known, not anymore. But I intend to show that I’ve always been ready to help anyone who asks. “Through vigilance and strength, we create peace.”


Kate’s child. Quiet agent of BlogTeam, lurking in the shadows.


  • Do you guys have anyone in mind for who you’d pick for medicine cat apprentice? It can be more than one person and you don’t have to have anyone in mind yet. I don’t, I was just wondering ^^

  • I have to say….I’m seeing these comments modded like lightning! Everyone’s so xcited about the election!!!

    Questions about the election in general: How late is Josh’s Late Night Show?
    Who picks the MCA?

    Questions for canidates:
    If someone who was normally kind was shouting and yelling at everyone on BlogClan, what would you do?
    When you’re off on hiatuses, how long are they?
    And finally, most importantly…..
    Tell me what you have to say to your fellow candidates

    • The medicine cat chooses their apprentice.

      I would kindly and politely ask them to take a breath and calm down. It’s hard to say, as there could be many different scenarios for this. But I would calmly ask them to quiet down and take a breath, and I would do my best to figure out the problem and find a solution, while trying to keep feelings from being hurt.

      I have not and very likely will not go on a hiatus for as long as I’m here. I’ve commented and/or been on chat almost, if not every day, and the only times I go inactive are when I’m on vacation or have family over, in which I’m still active, just less than usual, and that usually lasts no more than a week and a half, at most.

      Good luck and be yourselves. You all have my full support, and, even if I don’t vote for you, know that I fully support your decision and will be here if you ever need help. (I would vote for you all if I could!) All of the candidates are wonderful people, and I wish them the best of luck. 🙂

    • As stated by others, the medicine cat chooses their apprentice

      If someone normally kind was shouting and yelling, I’d talk to them. I’d have a suspicion that something is going on, and I’d tell them I’m here to support them and I don’t know what’s going on, but shouting and being rude is never okay. I would stay patient with them and encourage them to be a bit nicer, and say that I understand if something’s going on to make them stressed. I’d make it clear I’m here for their support but I’d also make it clear that they shouldn’t be mean.

      I haven’t gone on a real hiatus, so I can’t say. I wouldn’t want to take a hiatus, and I’d make sure to at least pop on once a day. The only time when I’m not on is when I don’t have access to WiFi, so that’s a day or two at most.

      Good luck to all my candidates! You all do so much and I think all of you will make phenomenal medicine cats and I wish each and every single one of you could win 🙂 You’re all terrific and don’t be disappointed if you don’t win, there are many more opportunities to come 😀

    • If someone normally kind was getting aggressive, I’d have to speak with them. It’s unusual to see such a turn without a reason. I’d pull them aside and ask them what’s going on. Because, hey… something has to be wrong, and I’d do what I can to help.

      When I’m out on hiatus, it really depends on the reason. If it’s travel, it could be just a day or so, but when it was school, it was months. I don’t have school, anymore, however, so the school reason is out. I have the community Discord, and the application for Discord is on both my tablet and my phone, and I can always at the very least check that if I’m starved for WiFi and I’m running on data.

      To all of my fellow candidates, I wish you all good luck in the running! You’re all super qualified, even more than I am, so one of us will have to make it, and I hope to see you all do well!~

    • I would ask them what was wrong, and try to solve the issue

      Maybe a few days to 2 weeks

      Good luck all off you, we all would make an amazing medicine cat, may the best cat win 🙂

    • 1. Make sure to communicate with everyone for their input on the Blog and things we could do to improve it
      2. Hang around on the New Member’s and Hug Pages so that new people feel comfortable here and know everything about the Blog, and try my dang hardest to give advice, support, and love on the Hug Page
      3. Try and spread BlogClan through the Warriors community and allow it to grow more

        • Hmm, I’m not sure. Is the email you registered for Gravtar for the same as the email you use for BlogClan? When you chose your image and uploaded it to Gravatar, did you make sure to rate it as “G”? And when did you create the Gravatar- sometimes it can take up to a few hours to appear 🙂

          • Ah…created it just now. Is it supposed to automatically go onto all my accounts that use that email?

            • Accounts on WordPress, I believe.
              And yeah, if you just created it, hang on a bit- it’ll take time. I can try and help you a bit more if it doesn’t appear by tomorrow though 🙂

    • My top 3 priorities? Hmm.

      1. Keep communication lines between the BlogTeam and BlogClan active and open.
      2. Keep the Tavern on my bookmarks, and make sure that people know it’s free to talk about anything on both it and Hug Page. Also, remain available on the BlogChat and Discord, and on Wikia.
      3. Keep any newcomers comfortable and coming back to us. There’s no reason for them to feel uncomfortable about us! But they don’t know that.

    • In no particular order.

      1) Make sure all new members were feeling safe and welcomed here, and checking in with the older members to make sure they were happy as well. Gather up some of their thoughts and opinions, and try to make some of them a reality.

      2. Continue to make my daily rounds around the Blog, making sure everybody’s happy and giving out any advice on the But Page I can, welcoming new members and making them feel right at home here.

      3. I’d communicate regularly with BlogClanners, to make sure the website is running smoothly, if they’ve had any issues or if there are any features they’d like to see added or changed.

  • I’ve got a question for our candidates. 🙂 Hypothetically if you were in a very dire situation, say, if your dignity and reputation were at stake, to what lengths would you go to protect the image you have created for yourself? I’m definitely not saying anyone on BlogClan would ever pretend to be someone who they weren’t. 🙂 What I mean is, what would be the course of action you would take if you were ever stuck in a sticky situation in real life? If there’s anyone you would confide in about the problems you’re going through, who would it be?

    • If it came to that, I would very likely come clean. If I had to lie to make myself look good, then I didn’t look very good at all, did I? Reputations can be built up again, slowly but surely, and that’s exactly what I would do. Help out in the community, volunteer, things like that to slowly work my reputation back up, and be seen as a good person and friend again. No lies this time. 🙂

      BlogClan, no question about it. 😛 I don’t have any friends, and couldn’t tell my mother or father about anything.

    • In the case that I were in a situation like my dignity and reputation being at stake, I’d just be who I am and explain the situation. I’d have to be honest as I always am, and calm. I can’t lie if my honor is at stake. It’s not right.

      If I needed to confide in someone, I’d probably do what I have done and confide in Shiver or one of my other friends as I have before.

  • Have you ever participated in an election before, whether you were voting or running?

    • I think I could definitely work on my follow-through. I tend to let things slip away as other things pile on, so things like fursona requests and similar things are often forgotten. I’m usually on time with Blog projects, though (birthday and Clanniversary posts, contests, etc), so I’m rather pleased with that, but I could definitely improve. 🙂 Another thing I could work on is my attention span – I can sometimes get caught up in something and completely forget about something until an hour later, but it happens here and in real life. 😛

    • I am unable to concentrate on things for a long period of time. I know this; I am very much ADHD.

      My ADHD is under all three categories; I am very hyperactive, and I can be inattentive and impulsive. It can be pretty bad in some cases, but I know how I can negate some of that. I’ve got activities I do while I’m on BlogClan while in real life that I kind of negate my hyperactivity, and I try my best to remain attentive.

      (I say that, and I’m on the Discord voice chat while I write this.)