The True sadness about Badgerfang By Kindheart

Kindheart analyzes a heartbreaking theory about Badgerfang.

Artwork by FantasiaKitty

Okay so this is another theory article and I’m actually quite proud of this one. Also once I realized this theory it just made Badgerfang’s story that much sadder.
Let’s refresh your memory. Badgerfang i.e Badgerpaw was an apprentice in the time of Brokenstar meaning he should still have been a kit at his mothers side. Before he died his mentor Flintfang gave him his warrior name Badgerfang. Got that? Good. Now all Badgerfang wanted was to have his mentor be proud of him. That much is obvious, however, the sad part? He saw his mentor Flintfang more of a family as his real mom and dad. Lets look at the proof.

1.At a very young age, he was ripped away from his mother’s side and made an apprentice. Before he could fully bond with his parents he was assigned to someone else. Which means that Flintfang became more than just a mentor, he bonded with the young cat in a way that Badgerfang saw him as more family than anything else.

2. he named himself after Flintfang. Not after his mother or his father but after Flintfang. Flintfang would have spent a lot of time with the young kit, more time than his parents would, and remember Badgerfang was only 3 moons old which means that most of his life that he could REMEMBER was spent with Flintfang.

3.In his last moments he asked if he made Flintfang proud, that’s all this little kit ever wanted…

Lets take a look back on what we have as Badgerfang’s story

His life was horrible, he was ripped away from his mother’s belly, his whole life was taken, he was still such a HAPPY little kit. In the book, he’s not sad, he only wants Flintfang to be proud of him because Flintfang was more than a mentor. Badgerfang was taken from his mother so early, that he bonded to Flintfang, he just wanted to make him proud, and that is the true sadness of his story In all his life all the love he knew or remembered was from his mentor not his mom or dad. And I think that’s the beauty of these books there are such hidden details well-crafted words. and once you think about it some stories are actually pretty heartbreaking.

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this article and until the next article! Cyo 😉

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