Medicine Cat Elections, Day 4: The Third Hustings!

Welcome back, folks! In case you missed it, we’re holding elections to find the new Medicine Cat of BlogClan, the new representative of our community! You have until tomorrow at midnight if you want to apply, so click here and sign up!

Welcome to today’s hustings! We’ve got a lot of candidates, so today we have 6 people to answer your questions! You’ve probably got the gist of how this works by now, so let’s get cracking!

Answering your questions today, we have Jetclaw, Nightflower, Tacopaw, ShiveringRose, Lionpaw (Lionfire) and Winterpaw! Please be as welcoming and supportive to them as possible!

Just like before, candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and other members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, for example: why do candidates want this role, what do they hope to get out of it, how have they helped BlogClan, and how do they hope to change BlogClan for the better?

As with the last two days, I really want to extend a thank you to all our candidates. You’ve done a fantastic job so far, and I think I can speak for all of BlogClan when I say we’re proud of you.

Putting aside her candidacy, I just want to give a big round of applause to Shiv for making posters for all members (and apologies to Tacopaw, she couldn’t find a fursona to draw you from)!

With that all said, I’m going to hand the floor over to our candidates and to you, BlogClan!

Don’t be afraid to repeat questions from the last two days!


Reliable, honest, thoughtful

Greetings BlogClan, I am Jetclaw, the wanderer of the internet who found BlogClan late in her warriors loving career. I’ve been a fan since I was 10 years old (I’m 21 now) and I found BlogClan when I needed it the most. It was just before my second year of college and joining made my year so much better.
BlogClan has always been a place where I can pop in and enjoy some chatting about warriors. Finding fellow fans of what I love is so hard sometimes, so having a place that is filled to the brim with friendly, kind, cheerful and enthusiastic people is a real treat for me. Like many others it’s a safe haven when things around us get rough, and it’s so important it stays that way.

I haven’t held a high ranking position of BlogClan or been a part of Blogteam, but I’ve always been willing to help out when I can. I helped make suggestions for amendments to the senior warrior requirements and I helped Flo a little during the beginning of her making the new wiki and enjoy RPing over there a great deal. I also enjoy fanfiction writing and stories in general. My main goal is to improve BlogClan any way I can so that others can experience the same wonderful time I always have on BlogClan, but make it even better. I hope I can do that by being your next medicine cat.

Thank you all of you for this opportunity!


Helpful, nice, calm

Hello, my name is Nightflower. I would like to run for medicine cat, because I would like to spend more time on BlogClan, and make new members feel welcome and less awkward. I think that you should vote for me because as you might already know, I already welcomed some of the new members. I think it’s a great thing to welcome others, because I don’t want them to feel like they don’t belong. I would also like to be the medicine cat because I think it would be a great opportunity for me to help others, and work with the BlogTeam. I know that sometimes I am inactive, but that was because I was busy with school. Now that it’s summer, I can do my best and work with BlogClan. When school starts, I know that I can carve out time to go on BlogClan. I hope that you vote for me! And to the other applicants, good luck! I’m happy for you if you win! 🙂 (Btw, I’ve been signed in for about 3/4 of the year, the other 1/4 is me not signed in, and just viewing blogs and stuff.) Thank you


Funny, reliable, smart

Hey guys! It’s Tacopaw, and have always wanted to be a medicine cat! I will make medicine fun by making medicine tacos!!


Mellow, creative, empathetic

hi, i’m shiver, and you’re watching Disney Channel. i’m running for medicine cat for a few reasons! well, not a few. six. i’ve really thought this out 😉 for one, this october marks my five year clanniversary on the blog. tallying it up, it means that i’ve been on blogclan for a third of my life. scary! :P. my extended time on the blog has shown me how blogclan has developed, and is always changing with the times. i’ve taken a few breaks, but i’ve always found myself coming home at the end of each bad spell <3 secondly, i’ve been in charge of the trailing stars graphic novel for a few years. while the first chapter has only just been completed, i’ve been extremely active with figuring out organizational methods regarding how it’s going to play out for everyone. i’ve also done a fair amount of work behind the scenes of blogclan, doing my best to make it even fancier, chiller, and SPOOKIER than ever before! with my last few years of administrative access, i’ve become very accustomed to how the blog actually runs. (i’m a modding machine. MACHINE!) thirdly, some of you long time blogclanners will know that i’ve had many a rough patch in my life. i’m a part of the LGBT community. i’ve been diagnosed with depression, slight anxiety, and have a possible case of borderline personality disorder. i’ve had a lot of cases of bullying in my childhood. needless to say, i ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. if i get this position, it would make me feel over the moon, and boost my self esteem greatly. however, that isn’t why i believe people should vote for me. i’d love to be medicine cat, to prove that people that’ve experienced confusion about themselves, or mental illness, or have had abusive pasts, can still succeed in what they strive to achieve. not to mention that, as these issues are common in kids my age, i can assess these situations calmly and know how not to approach them. i’m hardly a trained therapist, but i know how it feels. empathy is one of the strongest weapons a human has to offer. fourthly, arguably the lamest reason why, is that my self insert Shivering Rose of thunderclan, as of thunderstar’s echo, is a medicine cat apprentice! like, wouldn’t that be rad???? fifthly, even though i’ve had bad happenstances in the past, my main motto is to “stay chill.” as my nickname is shiver, i want to always make sure everyone enters blogclan to a light, drama free, bubbly atmosphere, and that everyone feels included. making sure everyone’s included and avoiding conflict are two main points on the blogteam brief, and i do my best to follow those to an absolute tee. sixth, and finally, i want to use my role to represent the creative side of blogclan. awash in the craze of warriors articles and birthday posts, i feel that some of the extra creative parts of blogclan have become the dying mufasa in the stampede. less and less people are posting fanfiction on the fanfiction page, and though fan art contests are arising again, i would add more oomph to the artistic, creative side of blogclan. as of this form, i’m hard at work making sure EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE has an election poster for their campaign. if i was medicine cat, i’d absolutely work as dedicatedly and hard as i could to make sure everyone had their chance to fly. (josh i’m so sorry this is so long i just kept typing and typing) thank you, and i hope you consider me to be your next medicine cat! ^_^

Lionpaw (Lionfire)

Reliable, friendly, diligent

Hello, my name is Lionpaw. I have been a member of BlogClan for about 1 and a half years now. I would like to be medicine cat because I enjoy making people happy, and would welcome all the new members to the blog and also reply to people’s posts on the Hug Page. BlogClan has always been a place I can retreat too if things aren’t going smoothly with friends and so on, so I would be honoured to be medicine cat and then be able to give more back to the blog as thanks for being so supportive and kind.

Even if I don’t get the position, I would still like to thanks BlogClan. Thank you for bring so kind and supportive, and a place we can all go to for comfort and help. 🙂


Determined, random, adaptable

I love BlogClan. This is the start and the end of my post, because it’s the whole reason I am doing this. 😀 I have been here for 2 years now, and haven’t disliked a minute of it. This is a community that became my home, and I owe so much to it. BlogClan has made me a better person — and it’s true. I have learned to control my anger, to understand others, to think about everyone equally, and to generally see the world in a better way. I feel better on all ways. I have found so many perfect friends here. They never stop caring, understanding, and thinking. All of these different backgrounds and ideas come together in a beautiful presentation. And I want give back to that presentation through my efforts. BlogClan was so foreign to me when I first joined. Who were these people? Why was everyone so…happy? I realized it, how it was such a tight-knit group of friends, and now I couldn’t live without it. And I don’t want to go into detail about why I deserve this, how much I should get this, because I know every other candidate deserves it as much as I do and would just as amazing. I don’t think I should tell you the reasons I deserve this, as I want to earn it. But Kat chose me as her Medicine Cat Apprentice because she believed I could have the potential to serve this place well, and I intend to do that even more now. I am a content, discussions, and chat mod on our wonderful wiki, and all the mods there trusted me even when they shouldn’t have, in times when I wasn’t the best. I do not have a perfect past. But who really does? I try to make up for it every day you let me comment here. They are amazing. I can’t express how much gratitude I have for their patience and care towards me. I will have an introduction on the new members page at some point, and I can’t wait to back that up by greeting all the new members! I wan todo so much here that sometimes I forget about real life – but I’ll always keep myself grounded. 😀 I also love the Warriors Wiki, where I edit; I love all the ways we talk to each other, the apps; I love each and every one of your personalities. Who I am now goes out to all of you, and I’d specifically like to thank Sundance, Maplesky, Flowerstream, Gladepaw, Kat and Iceflower. You all have been unwaveringly kind to me, and I love you. And the rest of you haven’t done one thing wrong to me either! You are all so great to me, and I hope I can be great to you too. I’d basically like this position because I want to continue to be a good member, to continue to repay all the debt for who I am. Everyone is so welcoming and interested and I can’t even believe it. I have so much to say but I can’t becuase I’m just so overwhelmed with pleasure to be here. If I am the new Medicine Cat, I will do everything I can to make this home an even better place, if possible. Some may doubt me, and I do not blame them at all. I understand, but let me prove it to you. Let me give back. Thank you all so much, congratulations to the future Medicine Cat, and good luck. You all have immeasurable worth. I am rambling on but I do not apologize – everything I say is true. 🙂 I love BlogClan. <3


Kate’s child. Quiet agent of BlogTeam, lurking in the shadows.